Do Bathroom Faucets Come With Drains?

If you are shopping for faucets to upgrade your bathroom's look and feel, you may question whether they come with drains included. Luckily, most bathroom faucets come with their own drains and assembly. Manufacturers understand the need for continuity in design, color, and function, so they are included. We researched quality brands of faucets and drains to illustrate this point. Read on to learn more.

Most manufacturers retail bathroom faucets come with drains.  If a bathroom faucet does not come with a drain, you will have to find the necessary parts in a matching color and material. The following brands are an excellent place to start when seeking out quality bathroom faucets with drains.

  • Delta Faucet
  • Glacier Bay
  • Grohe
  • Kohler
  • Moen

No matter your personal aesthetic taste and budget, there are many wonderful faucets you can install in your bathroom. Explore your decor options and learn more about how various drains work in this article.

An expensive looking faucet inside a modern bathroom, Do Bathroom Faucets Come With Drains?

Drains Are A Finishing Touch

The bathroom faucet is not the only major fixture in a bathroom that comes with a drain included. Some of the most trusted brands where you can find high-quality, beautiful faucets, tubs, and showers with drains include Moen, Kohler, and Glacier Bay. Of course, if you decide to purchase a bathroom faucet that lacks a drain, you can purchase one online or at a local hardware store.

Upon closer inspection, you may discover the following qualities about your bathroom faucet. The pipes used for drain setups are often PVC, brass, or ABS plastic. Sink drains are often a pop-up style, lift and turn, come with a pull-out plug with a chain, or have a pop-up rod that can be easily lifted out of the basin. Bathtub drains are usually operated by a lever, toe-touch, spring-loaded, or a pull/push type. Shower drains are either point or linear style, with the floor drain having a single-piece, three-piece, or multi-piece setup.

If you select a bathroom faucet without a drain or desire to replace the existing drain and install a pop-up style one, it is possible to do this yourself or call a professional. Some bathroom faucets are available without an included drain, but most manufacturers provide all of the assembly and parts needed.

How Does A Bathroom Pop Up Drain Work?

A pop-up drain is a common type of drain in most bathroom sinks that opens and closes with a rod. The lever that lifts or lowers the pop-up drain is located at the back of the tap or the top. When you pull the lever up, it pulls up the attached pivot rod, which pulls the sink stopper down to stop water from escaping down the drain. If you notice a problem with your sink draining or a clog, it is necessary to examine the assembly for problems. Over time, the pivot rod can become damaged, rusted, or disconnected from the clevis strap and sink stopper.

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Do You Need An Overflow In A Bathroom Sink?

Although an overflow is a helpful feature in a bathroom sink, it isn't necessary. An overflow is helpful because it improves drainage speed and prevents water from quickly flooding and spilling over onto the bathroom floor. Of course, even if your bathroom sink has an overflow, you shouldn't turn your back on a sink that has the water running. An overflow sends water back to the main pipe and encourages airflow, so the sink components can quickly remove any excess water, reducing the chance of a mess to clean.

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How Do You Close A Shower Drain (To Take A Bath)?

If you have a combination tub and shower, you may need to close the drain off so you can take a bath. Depending on the style of the shower drain, you have to close it accordingly.

  • Flip-It - Use your toes or fingers to flip the lever, so it closes off the drain or opens it
  • Lift-and-Turn - Turn the knob at the top of the drain clockwise or counterclockwise to seal it off or drain water
  • Push-and-Pull - Hold onto the knob at the top and pull it up to drain or push it in to close off the tub.
  • Toe-Touch - Use a toe to push this drain down or to reopen it and let water drain

If you have a different shower drain style, you can cover it with plastic, a found object, or duct tape to keep water from escaping.

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What Are The Different Types Of Bathtub Drain Stoppers?

There are more than a few different styles of bathtub drain stoppers included with most fixtures and hardware.

  • Lift-and-Turn - Turn the knob atop the drain clockwise or counterclockwise to open or seal off the tub
  • Push-and-Pull - Take hold of the knob atop the drain to stop up the tub and open it to allow water to exit
  • Pop-Up - A slightly complex assembly with a trip lever on an overflowing plate that makes the stopper rise and fall
  • Toe-Touch - Apply a bit of pressure with your toe to open or close this stopper.
  • Flip-It - Interact with a toggle lever and push it in to close off the drain and reopen it.
  • Trip Lever - Switch the position of a lever on the top of the drain or on a plate to control the stopper
  • Plug with Chain - A classic form of stopper consisting of a rubber stopper with a pull chain to remove

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Drains are a necessary component for any functional bathroom faucet, bathtub, and shower in a bathroom. In addition to allowing users to control how much water flows into a basin or exits into the plumbing system, drains serve an aesthetic purpose. Typically, the hardware to install a drain and the stopper is included when purchasing a bathroom faucet. If a drain is not included, it is an inexpensive DIY project to install or replace depending on the construction material and style.

Many trusted retailers like Kohler and Moen offer artful and beautifully crafted bathroom faucets, bathtubs, and showers for an elegant bathroom. Older bathrooms may have faucets that no longer have a matching drain or can be outfitted with a rubber stopper with a pull chain. Pop-up drains are among the most common types of stoppers found in sink faucets and combination tub and showers. Walk-in showers may be outfitted with a flat floor drain, a toe-touch drain, or have a simple point cover.

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