Where Should You Put a Bed In a Room With Windows

Knowing where to place your bed in a room with more than one window can get tricky and overwhelming. Since you spend most of your time at home in your bedroom, you will definitely want to make it as comfortable and relaxing for your sleep and rest as possible. To help you decide where to best put your bed, we did a little research.

The best place to put your bed varies depending on the number and size of your windows. But the general rule is not to place your bed under a window. If you have to, consider using headboards. You should also take into consideration the direction your room is facing and where your door is located. 

This article will help you figure out the best location to put your bed. Whether you’re rearranging, renovating, or simply moving into a new bedroom, consider these tips.

Modern interior of a bohemian themed bedroom with macramé accessories and wooden flooring, Where Should You Put a Bed In a Room With Windows

Where to Best Place A Bed In A Room with Windows

Having more than one window in your bedroom gives you more natural sunlight and even moonlight into your space! No matter how many windows your room has, the best option to place your bed is against the wall without a window. But this might not always be the case.

A wide and spacious open space condominium unit with a huge window

Best Location of Bed in a Room With Two Windows

For bedrooms with two windows, place your bed against an empty wall perpendicular to the other window or both of the windows. This position allows you to enjoy the view from your room.

Also, you do not want to have your bed directly facing the windows, especially if it’s facing east. This way, you can avoid the harsh direct sunlight, especially in the mornings and high noon. 

Best Location of Bed in a Room With Three Windows

For rooms with three windows, you can put your bed against that one empty wall. If your space and aesthetic suit it, you can also place your bed in the center of your room. In this case, you might also consider placing your bed either in front or under the window. This is especially nice if your windows have beautiful designs and offer scenic views.

If you still find yourself not happy with the layout, consider covering one of the windows as your last resort.

Best Location for Bedrooms With Panoramic Windows

Bedrooms with panoramic windows usually come with breathtaking views. To get the most of this, you can either place your bed in the center of your bedroom or the area farthest away from the panoramic window. This way, you can enjoy the view whenever you want. Just don’t forget to use curtains or blinds to keep out too much sunlight.

Feng Shui Bed Placement for Rooms with Windows

If you want to create a positive flow of energy in your bedroom, consider following some Feng Shui Tips. It is a traditional Chinese practice that takes advantage of how you arrange the objects around you to create harmony and balance.

Generally, for a good Feng Shui, you do not want to put your bed directly under your window. If this cannot be avoided, there are still things you can practice not to disrupt the positive energy within your room. One of which is to put a headboard against your window. 

Should the foot of the bed face the door?

Also, never place your bed directly in front of your bedroom door with your feet pointing towards it. For the best result, place your bed where you can see your bedroom door and windows from your bed. Also, do not place your bed too close to your window to avoid drafts. With this, you can also have easy access to both sides of your bed.

Top view of a gray and white themed living room with white wooden flooring and two windows for proper lighting

Rules to Follow When Considering the Placement of Your Bed

These are additional rules you can keep in mind when arranging your bed and even the furniture in your bedroom. You don’t have to strictly follow them, but you can use them as a reference when deciding the placement of your bed. 

Know Your Bedroom’s Focal Point

Your bedroom's focal point is the star of your room. That means it’s your bed. The easiest way to make your bed the center of your room is to place it against an empty wall. Then use that wall space to include decorations, paintings, and even pictures. It will be the first thing you notice when you enter your room.

Is it OK to put a bed in front of a window?

If there is no other possible placement for your bed except under your window, use a headboard. This creates a wall effect. Consider choosing a tall and sturdy headboard. This way, your bed won’t be hit by direct sunlight, and you can avoid the drafts that come from your windows. 

Consider the Size of Your Bedroom and Furniture You’ll Be Placing In It

A good room arrangement will benefit your sleep and relaxation. This is why you should take into consideration where you will place your furniture and things relative to your bed. Make sure you have a direct path to all of them, so you won’t find yourself stumbling around your stuff.

Bigger bedrooms don’t have trouble fitting in beds and furniture, but for smaller bedrooms, there are several things you can do to maximize the space in your room. Take advantage of the corners of your room to free up space. They are the ideal spots for the other things in your room such as tables, closets, and lampstands. 

If you must put some objects or furniture under your window, use pieces that are either on the level with the windowsill or below it. Place your table near the windows for natural lighting.

For your wardrobes, always leave enough space in front of it for changing. You can also use overhead shelves for your storage to maximize floor space. 

Place Your Bed Where You Are Most Comfortable Sleeping

A bohemian themed bedroom with white walls, wooden flooring and throws on the bed

To get a restful sleep, you should be in your most comfortable spot and position in your room. Ideally, you do not want to sleep too near the windows. They can cause drafts and provide you with unwanted sunlight. 

At the end of the day, it’s your room, so place your bed where it best suits you. You might want to keep moving your bed until you find that sweet spot for you to get your most restful sleep.

Do Not Obstruct Windows and Doors

However you want to arrange your room, you should always be able to easily access your doors and windows in case of emergencies. In case of disasters, plights, and accidents, your windows or your doors shouldn’t be too far away from you.   

Do Not Face Your Bed Toward Windows With Direct Sunlight

Avoid facing your bed directly towards sunlight. This allows for harsh sunlight to easily reach you, especially in the mornings or early afternoons. And you do not want that.

However, if you have no other choice, you might consider getting blackout curtains so you can just sleep till the afternoon and keep unwanted harsh sunlight away.

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Benefits of Thoughtful Bed Placement

The best benefit of thoughtful bed placement allows you to get the most sleep and relaxation while you’re in your bedroom. A good room arrangement will also maintain the peace and harmony inside your room. 

You can also achieve perfect balance and harmony within your safe haven if you use a few Feng Shui tricks. But only It’s a bonus if you can enjoy the view from your room even when you’re simply in your bed.

To Conclude

Modern interior of a bohemian themed bedroom with macramé accessories and wooden flooring

Having more than one window can make it tricky to decide where to best put your bed, but it does not have to be stressful. You can place your bed anywhere you want in your bedroom. But to make the best of it, you have to thoughtfully decide on it. This is because the placement of your bed can affect your sleep and relaxation in your room.  

If however, you still can’t decide where to best put your bed, you might consider hiring interior designers or Feng Shui experts. But only as your last resort. You can be creative on your own.

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  1. The placement of the bed next to the windows can be very important as there are many things to consider such as Lighting, air circulation, suitable furniture, and orientation. My bed is next to the window, this is the position I have chosen and I feel very comfortable in it. In this position, I can see beautiful scenery when I wake up, see the sunlight when I wake up, or windy days, early morning in summer days, sometimes the window can be used as a shelf.

  2. Thanks to your article I learned more bed positions, very useful information when I intend to remodel my room. Thanks for the article, I hope to see a lot of useful things. so in the future.

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