Should Your Front Door Match Your Shutters?

The front exterior of your home is likely the most visible portion of your house. Shutter and front door color may seem like an afterthought, but they can give your exterior life. 

Choosing colors for your exterior can be an overwhelming task. We have searched several sources to bring you a wide selection of combinations of door and shutter colors. 

Many experts agree that shutters do not have to match your front door. You can match your front door and shutters to trim, or all three can be separate colors. 

Combining specific colors for your front door and shutters can give your porch area a distinct look. The color combinations that we will examine in further depth are:

  • Matching shutters and front door
  • Complementary colors for shutters and front door
  • Bold color pairings for your front door and shutters

Finding the right color combination for your front door and shutters is likely only one of many questions. You may question what the best color for your front door is. 

You may wonder if shutters should match other parts of your home or be darker than your home. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics, just keep reading!

Gray Georgian colonial home, Should Your Front Door Match Your Shutters

Matching shutters and front door

While matching your shutters and front door is not required, it can create a cohesive look for your home's exterior. Create different looks through the use of different shades. 

Your shutters and front door can be matching neutrals, brights, or dark colors. Neutral shades will create a subtle look, while bright and dark colors bring a more dramatic flare to your exterior. 


Beautiful blue house with plats

Give your exterior a cottage-style appearance by using white for the front door and shutters. White can add a bright burst of neutral color to your outdoor space. 

A white trim against a brighter-colored home gives your exterior a cohesive traditional look that is unmatched. White shutters will also make your windows appear larger. 


Partial front exterior of white cottage with teal shutters and door and teal window box with purple petunias

A vibrant mixture of blue and green shades, teal is a bold color choice for your shutters and front door. This color works well against white siding for a dramatic and vivid burst of color. 

Add a planter box or two to add more cohesion to your outdoor space. Bright flowers will further add to this enthusiastic color palette. 

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Modern suburban home exterior with blue front door and shutter

Bold shades can create an eye-catching look on the exterior of your home. Pairing a traditional-looking home with brilliant shades of blue is sure to turn heads and draw attention to your home. 

Traditional colored home exteriors can sometimes look bland and boring. Bring some life to your home's outdoor space by combining this striking color with bright planter pots. 

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Gray Georgian colonial home

The ultimate in dark neutrals, black is a bold and dashing color choice for your shutters and front door. This shade brings a sleek modern look to your outdoor area. 

Pair black shutters with a matching front door for a polished appearance to your home's exterior. This color works well with gray or white siding and accents. 

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Natural wood tones

Bring a warm, welcoming look to your outdoor space by using natural wood tones for your shutters and front door. Natural wood tones bring a look to your home's exterior that is unlike any other. 

This look works exceptionally well when paired with subtle creamy neutral shades. Accent this look with deep grays or black shades for an element of dimension and detail. 

Complementary colors for shutters and front door

Colors located across the standard color wheel from one another are known as complementary colors. These colors complement each other for an eye-catching look. 

Using complementary colors to adorn your home's exterior will greatly increase your curb appeal. Bright complementary shades are sure to turn heads and captivate onlookers. 

Blue shutters, orange front door

Shades of blue and orange are perfect examples of complementary colors. Located across from one another on the standard color wheel, this color combination is subtle yet intriguing. 

Orange highlights the coolness of blue shades, while blue does the same for the warm tones of orange. This color palette is vibrantly balanced for a sophisticated bright look. 

Green shutters, red front door

Red and green are another pair of complementary colors that can create a stunning look for your home's exterior. Red is a vibrant shade that is a popular color for front doors. 

Pairing green with red creates a striking contrast that is elegant and is sure to turn heads. Bright natural greenery adds a texture and look that is not easily replicated. 

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Bold color pairings for your front door and shutters

Another color scheme option for your front door and shutters is a vibrant color pairing that makes a statement. Create a bold look on the exterior of your home through the use of vivid color. 

Draw attention to your front door with an unexpected splash of brilliant color. Create a unique touch with a coordinating color on your shutters. 

Turquoise shutters and pink front door

Pink and turquoise come together for a soft tropical look that creates a striking eclectic look for any exterior. Soft coral shades of pink make quite a statement on the front door of this home. 

Using a bright yellow backdrop, this color pairing of pink and turquoise is fun and cheery. Natural greenery adds to the tropical eclectic ambiance of this exciting color palette. 

Navy shutters and cream front door

Residential house on mature street with nice landscaping

Creamy neutral shades add a subtle warmth to any color palette. Navy blue brings a deep cool elegance that is unmatched in style and overall ambiance. 

Combine these shades for a perfectly balanced color scheme. This color pairing is the perfect addition to a royal blue overall exterior paint color. 

White shutters and blue front door

White is the ultimate light neutral that can add some crisp, clean color to the exterior of your home. A vibrant shade of blue is the perfect cool color to paint your front door. 

Pair these colors against a sunny yellow background for a bright, refined color scheme. The combination of warm yellow and cool blue brings balance to your outdoor space. 

How do I pick a front door color?

Your front door is not only one of the most visible parts of your home but can also allow visitors to glimpse your personality and style. Picking a color for your front door is a big decision. 

One of the most critical factors in choosing a front door color is to coordinate with the surroundings. As with other decor choices, personal style plays a big part in front door color. 

What is the most welcoming front door color?

Subtle and unassuming colors like white and gray are some of the most welcoming colors endorsed by some experts. Classic colors such as shades of blues and reds are also popular. 

One key element to consider when finding a welcoming color is sticking to the homeowners' style and energy. Natural wood stains can also create a warm, welcoming look for your door. 

Should shutters be the same color as the garage door?

Experts in the field do not recommend painting your garage door the same color as trim or shutters. Many suggest using the overall house color to match the garage door.

Painting your garage door the same color s your home's exterior creates an expansive look. Matching your shutters or trim with your garage door draws attention to your garage. 

Should shutters be darker than the house?

Shutter color is a matter of personal preference and desired appearance. If you want to create a striking contrast on the exterior of your home, consider using darker shutter colors. 

Some wish to blend shutters into the overall look of their home, so lighter colors help to create this look. The main goal is to complement your outdoor space with the color of your shutters.

Final thoughts

As with any other part of your home, finding the right color for your home's exterior is a matter of personal choice. You should paint shutters and your front door in colors that speak to you. 

With so many color choices, this decision can be daunting. We hope that the above listing of color combinations for your shutters and front door has helped inspire a look for your home's exterior. 

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