What Color Door Knobs With Grey Doors?

Grey and the other neutral colors can sometimes be considered a little boring, but that isn’t always true. Using a set of grey doors will provide cool, sleek entrances. This style can work with many different interior designs. But since a front door is the first portal to your home, it should make a perfect impression. We put together a list of which door knobs will best suit the grey doors throughout your home or business.

Because grey is a cool neutral, there are a variety of door knobs that will work with grey doors. Door knobs are also highly customizable, and available in multiple materials. First, consider what interior design styles grey doors work with. This will guide you to the right door knobs:

  • Zinc, pewter, or satin chrome door knobs
  • Satin nickel door knobs
  • Black door knobs
  • Oil-rubbed bronze door knobs
  • Personalized door knobs

Choosing the right door knob probably doesn’t seem very crucial at first glance. But your door knobs can make a loud artistic statement. Keep reading to learn what colors are right for you, how you should match your door knobs throughout the home, and which door knobs are currently in style.

A gray front door of a home with front porch and flowers

What color should my door knobs be?

There are countless materials and colors for your door knobs. But if you already have grey doors, then you probably have an existing style to work with. You should always try to create consistency through balance.

First, determine the exact interior style you want to fulfill. Then, make sure your door knobs will complement both the doors and the overall room. For example, you might be using grey doors to create a sleek, modern look. This means that you should select door knobs that look equally smooth and subdued. Also, remember to consider what shade of grey your doors are.

By the way, if your door is damaged before you begin, you can read this post to learn how to fix a hole in a door.

Zinc, Pewter, or Satin Chrome Door Knobs

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Using multiple shades of the dominating color in your room is one of the best ways to create balance. If grey is a recurring color in your room, then you can use varying shades of grey. This will result in soft transitions, which are less distracting.

Even if you don’t care for the functionality of one material over another, you can still choose a door knob finish that will imitate the desired color. So if you’re going to work with grey doors, then you should begin considering grey-ish door knobs.

Zinc, pewter, and satin chrome are all door knob materials that share a similar natural shade of grey. Each material is commonly known for its base of bluish-grey colors. However, zinc and pewter are more silvery than shiny.

Meanwhile, satin chrome has a little bit of shine in it. Fortunately, satin chrome is typically sold with a dull shine. This makes satin chrome door knobs an ideal middle ground. Choose satin chrome door knobs if you want to add a little brilliance to your grey doors without overwhelming them with sparkle.

Satin Nickel Door Knobs

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Satin nickel is a better option for light grey doors. This is because satin nickel is closer to brushed stainless steel. In fact, satin nickel is sometimes known as brushed nickel. This means that satin nickel door knobs will have more shine, and also more warmth. Satin nickel door knobs traditionally have yellow-ish undertones.

This can be useful if you want to create a natural bridge between your grey doors and a warmer room. For example, this might be useful with interior design styles like a coastal scene. Coastal designs will mainly focus on bright shades, but they also feature a lot of neutrals. Bright whites, browns, and greys are frequently welcome in coastal styles.

Black Door Knobs

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Black door knobs are one of the more common styles to pair with grey doors. Most grey doors are used for modern, minimalist interior styles. Minimalist rooms are going to emphasize sleek, simple designs. Using black is a great way to create a smooth, open look. Black can subdue anything ornate, but it can also make a powerful artistic statement. Even Home Depot agrees that black door knobs are ideally used for a contemporary style.

When you style a room, your colors should always brighten as you move from the floor to the ceiling. You can use black door knobs on grey doors to create a more comfortable transition between a very dark rug and lighter grey doors.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Door Knobs

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Door knobs that are finished with oil-rubbed bronze are more of a bold choice. These door knobs are meant to imitate aged bronze. This will mix the warmth of natural bronze with the darker, cozy appeal of something old-fashioned. Fortunately, oil-rubbed finishes can also include much darker shades, including shades of grey.

But even in its natural form, oil-rubbed bronze could be used for direct contrast with grey doors. This will make the door knobs really pop. Although it might sound strange, complete contrast can actually feel deliberate. It can create a happy surprise, and keep your room from becoming too cold. Using too many cool colors can easily become overwhelming and bleak if you aren’t careful.

Personalized Door Knobs

There are plenty of commercially sold door knobs. But there is also an endless supply of door knob finishes. You can have totally customized door knobs by mixing multiple door knob finishes together. This can create entirely new tones to pair with unique grey doors.

Personalized door knobs are great for people who are already comfortable with the language of interior design. It’s also a great way to add your own personality to the home.

What is the most popular color for door knobs?

A gray front door of a home with front porch and flowers,What Color Door Knobs With Grey Doors?

Style trends are constantly changing. You can always choose a timeless door knob color if you want to play it safe. The versatility of door knob finishes like satin nickel or oil-rubbed bronze is simply undeniable. These two colors are never going to go out of style.

But pros like Sherwin Williams selected urbane bronze as 2021’s color of the year. Urbane bronze happens to be a dark grey. This means that many new interior styles are going to incorporate grey into the home, and not just for doors.

As such, the most popular color for your door knobs will match grey. Aside from all of the options mentioned above, you can also choose other neutrals for your door knobs such as a dark, rustic brown. This could fit with styles other than the traditional modern look that grey is used for.

Are black door knobs in style?

Matte black has become fairly common because of the rise in grey interior scenes. Black and grey are both cool neutrals, and will always pair well together. But contemporary designs have also been trending, and black has always been a staple for modern styles.

What interior door knobs are in style?

Times are getting bold. With more time to work on their home, people have generally been choosing to add more of their own character into the room. This means that your interior design is probably going to swing for the fences in one direction or another. This could involve a bright, splashy show, or a totally industrial and simplistic room that feels spacious.

Either way, customized interior door knobs are the key. Combine door knob finishes, or create loud contrast to announce your own personality.

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Otherwise, elaborate or rustic designs are great for cottage and country scenes. Crystal clear knobs are fancy and fun, without feeling too snobby. But if you’re working with a cool and modern look, then matte black door knobs are the way to go.

Should all my door knobs match?

It usually isn’t necessary or ideal to match everything in a house. This is because different rooms can often have varying styles. For example, a brand new nursery will never feel the same as a dining room or a laundry room.

At first thought, matching seems like a good idea. But matching door knobs should only be used if the rooms are too different, and require help to tie them together. Otherwise, the redundancy becomes boring. This is a fundamental rule in any interior design. For example, you could even apply the same rule to larger features such as the home's flooring. You can read this post to learn if hardwood floors should match throughout the house.

Even pros that focus on interior design, like Interiors Place, don’t think door knobs have to match throughout a home. Instead, you should try to keep the styles of your door knobs the same while slightly varying the finish. This method is called the “split finish” in interior design. In this way, your door knobs can still feel related to each other without being totally identical.


Grey doors are so versatile that it can be difficult to begin choosing the right door knobs. But door knobs are surprisingly potent in a room. They can reinforce an entire room, or practically pop out of the door. Now that you have an idea of what door knob colors will pair nicely with grey doors, all you have to do is choose a style you personally love.

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