Schlage Keyless Door Lock Just Spins – What To Do?

A keyless door lock spinning can compromise your property's safety. You will not be able to unlock and lock your door. A malfunctioning door lock can be a fuss when you want to lock your home while you are away. Read this post on what to do if your Schlage keyless door lock spins.

The most common solution is to replace the battery of the door lock. Another solution is to tighten loose lockset screws. If the problem persists, check defective parts of the door lock system and replace them.

The solutions available are easy to follow. Once the door lock can operate normally, you should maintain the system to keep it functioning in good condition. Read further to learn more about the issue.

Opening a hotel door with keyless entry card, Schlage Keyless Door Lock Just Spins - What To Do?

How To Fix A Schlage Keyless Door Lock That Keeps Spinning

Schlage has been a trusted American lock manufacturer for more than a century. You will have peace of mind with locks that keep your properties secure.

Schlage offers keyless door locks that have a keypad or touchscreen interface. You will not worry about keeping a key to unlock and lock your doors. However, the device can also fail because of faulty parts, improper installation, and the age of the lock.

If the lock keeps spinning, it will not open the door. You can tell that there is something wrong with the door lock by observing the following signs:

  • Floppy door handle
  • The door is difficult to lock and unlock
  • Misaligned door lock

Read below are the various reasons and solutions if your Schlage keyless door look keeps spinning.

1. Low battery level

Two AAA batery over white background.

Unlike traditional keyed doors, Schlage keyless door locks require batteries to work.

The door lock will spin continuously if the batteries are extremely low. If that happens, the lock will not work as intended. The solution for this issue is to replace the old batteries. You should use new and high-quality batteries so you won't encounter the issue for a long time.

For Schlage locks, you need new 4 AA, 2 AAA, or 9-volt alkaline batteries, depending on the type of deadbolt. Refer to the product manual on the required battery. It is not advisable to use rechargeable or lithium batteries for the locks.

To replace the batteries, follow the process below:

  1. Unscrew the door lock.
  2. Locate the battery door on the interior side of the lock.
  3. Unscrew if there are screws, or just slide up the cover for other models.
  4. Unsnap the battery connectors, if any, before you remove the battery tray.
  5. Then, remove the old batteries.
  6. Place the new batteries on the right terminals.
  7. Cover the battery door.
  8. Afterward, reinstall the door lock.

After replacing the batteries, test the lock to see if it spins or not. If it does, you need to do further processes.

2. Improper Installation Of The Lock System

Hotel door security Unlocking by application on mobile phone.

If you are replacing the deadbolt batteries or reinstalling the lock, you need to ensure that it is correctly aligned and secure. A misalignment can stress the lock because you force it to work.

The deadbolt should align with the strike plate, so the extended bolt can fit in the door lock frame.

Refer to the installation guide of the lock kit. There are no electrical wirings involved in the installation process. If you cannot install the lock, you can ask someone with expertise in doors.

After correcting the placement of the deadbolt and other parts, test the lock if it is no longer spinning.

Learn how to install a Schlage keyless lock from the instruction manual.

3. Defective Or Jammed Deadbolt

A shot of a damaged strike plate and door jam.

The deadbolt is the critical lock component in door lock systems. It is a security feature of door locks to protect your homes from break-ins. Like other mechanical devices, a deadbolt's internal components can disengage, wear out, or jam. If you ignore the problem, the lock will malfunction.

You can try the solutions below to resolve the issue.


If you have a jammed deadbolt, the simplest solution is to tap its body with a tiny hammer. You also need to tap the lock while turning the knob. Keep on tapping and twisting until you can unlock it.

If that doesn't help, here is another solution to fix the deadbolt:

  1. Unscrew the deadbolt.
  2. Check the disc in the deadbolt. Replace the worn-out disc.
  3. Afterward, return the deadbolt to its place.
  4. If you cannot find the same model for the disc replacement, you need to buy a new lock.

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Furthermore, you can also do an emergency lock override if the outside thumb turn is not rotating or the lock is malfunctioning. The procedure involves extending a key to retract the deadbolt.

The steps involved are the following:

  1. Unscrew the screws on the thumb turn assembly.
  2. Disconnect the battery with the wires.
  3. Set the slot on the mounting plate to the LOCKOUT position. Use a Philips screwdriver to change the slot position.
  4. Return the battery and assembly. Tighten screws as applicable.

Resetting The Schlage Keyless Door Lock

If other solutions do not work, your next option is to reset the door lock. By resetting, the lock clears all the programmed codes and returns to its default settings.

Before you reset, check your door lock model and follow the product manual. The reset button location and appearance can vary across the models.

You can reset your Schlage Encode BE489 keyless door lock with the procedure below:

  1. Remove the cover plate of the lock.
  2. Find the reset button of the lock. The button will flash red when pressed, and you should hold it until the light stops flashing.
  3. Once done, the reset sequence will start. The reset will take 10 seconds, and the light will be blue. After the reset, return the cover plate of the lock.
  4. Enter the default user codes that came with the lock.

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The process is different for other models, such as the Schlage Connect BE468 or BE469 Smart Locks.

  1. You need to disconnect the battery terminal first.
  2. Then, reattach the terminal while holding the button in front of the lock.
  3. The keypad lock will flash a green check three times.
  4. Afterward, you will need to input the default codes of the lock. You can find the codes on the white-labeled sticker at the back of the lock.

Read the user manual for Schlage BE365 for the reset and other troubleshooting directions. For other models, refer to the product user manual for detailed instructions.

Once you have exhausted all your remedies but the lock still spins, you need to replace the lock.

How Much Will It Cost To Replace A Schlage Keyless Door Lock?

How Much Will It Cost To Replace A Schlage Keyless Door Lock - Box of a Schlage keypad entry on an isolated background.

Replacing the door lock is your last resort if the mentioned solutions fail. Schlage keyless door lock units cost around $100-400. If you want to use smart technology for added convenience, the price range can go high from $500-1,000.

You have the choice to install the new keyless door lock on your own or request a handyman for the job. Doing the installation yourself won't cost anything, but you have to be careful. If you hire someone, it will cost around $50-100 on an hourly basis for the labor charges.

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Schlage offers stylish and highly-rated residential door locks to secure your properties. They have a wide selection of finishes and designs to meet your security needs.

If you buy Schlage door hardware, they offer a limited lifetime warranty for mechanical parts and exterior finishing. Also, you get a limited 3-year warranty for electrical parts.

In Summary

When your Schlage keyless door lock keeps spinning, you can solve the problem without the fuss. One solution is replacing the dead batteries of the lock. You need to replace the disc if the problem is due to a faulty deadbolt. Moreover, properly installing the door lock can prevent the lock from spinning.

If the solutions do not work, you can reset the lock. You should always follow the user manual's instructions because the processes differ among the lock models. Lastly, you can replace the door lock if none of the solutions is successful.

After you fix the issue, you can ensure security at home with your Schlage keyless door lock.

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