How To Remove An Aluminum Screen Porch

It's nice to have an aluminum screen porch on your house. You may find it useful, but are you thinking of removing it? We're here to help you! We've researched the steps to removing screen porches.

Removing the aluminum screen porch may take some time depending on how large the area is. It may also be difficult, especially if the screen is fastened too hard. However, you may follow these steps.

  1. Clear the area.
  2. Remove the frame.
  3. Cut by the corners and edges.
  4. Dispose of or keep the screens.
  5. Smooth out the edges of the porch to remove splinters.

Throughout this article, we'll discuss removing the screen porch and how to do it. We'll also talk about other essential matters, like where to relocate the screens and how they protect your home. Continue reading to learn all about it!

A homeowner works on repairing door to screened in back porch, How To Remove An Aluminum Screen Porch


How to Remove an Aluminum Screen Porch

It's good to know where to start when removing the aluminum screen porch. Although screens are useful, removing them can bring a lot of convenience. We'll elaborate on these reasons later in this article. You just need to plan ahead of time.

The Tools

Before we start, you need to prepare the following tools:


You can use a portable cutter to detach the screens.

See this screen cutter on Amazon.


Mixed set of wrenches on a metallic grey table

There are bolts you need to remove with a wrench, especially if the screen has a frame.

See this wrench set on Amazon.

Nail Puller

You'll need a nail puller, or the hammer's tail, to loosen the nails.

See this nail puller on Amazon.


Wear your gloves, as aluminum screens can be very sharp when cut.

See these gloves on Amazon.


Brown sandpaper for woodworking

Use sandpaper to remove splinters and smooth out the edges of the porch.

See this sandpaper on Amazon.

The Steps

Now that you've prepared the tools, just follow these steps:

1. Clear the Space

There might be plants or other obstacles around your porch. You need to clear them from the area so they don't get in your way. Be sure to wear your gloves for protection.

You might also need to close the main door to prevent your children or pets from suddenly running around the porch. Remember that aluminum screens are quite sharp and dangerous.

2. Remove the Frame

Use a nail remover to pull out the nails on the frame. You should then find the bolts along the frame and twist them to unfasten. Afterward, simply pull the frame out and remove the screen by hand.

Some homeowners do not use a frame for their aluminum screens. Instead, they use staple wire for wooden porches or nails for concrete porches. Continue to the next step if your screen has no frame. Otherwise, skip to the fourth step.

See below the image of a frameless screen porch:

3. Cut By the Corners and Edges

The frame is the square perimeter made of metal or wood around the screen used for easier installation. However, there are cases when installers do not use frames if their porch is made of wood already. They just bond the screen into the porch with a stapler or nails.

Watch the video below to get see how to cut the screen by the corners and edges:

If the screen has no frame, cut the screen by the corners. Then slowly pull the screen down while you also cut the edges. Remove the staples or nails left along the porch.

4. Dispose Of or Keep the Screens

Metal container for house waste and plastic container for organic waste in a wooden niche surrounded by lush vegetation

Upon removal, just roll the screen and set it aside. Repeat these steps until all screens are removed.

You have the option of either disposing of or keeping the screens. If you think you can still use them for other purposes, like a strainer, then you can keep them. Just put them into a box for safety.

However, you may follow these steps to dispose of the aluminum screens properly:

  1. Fold the screens into squares or smaller pieces.
  2. Put them in a paper bag or wrap a newspaper around them.
  3. Put it in a dry trash can.

5. Finish the Edges

It's important to make the edges of the porch smooth with sandpaper so that its surface will be safe to touch.

Why Remove the Screen from a Porch

You should consider why you want to remove the screen porch. It's impractical to remove it without evaluating the consequences. See below for some reasons to consider whether removing the screen is a good idea for you.

Widening Screen

It's practical to remove the screen if the holes get wider. Solid objects and insects may easily come inside through wide gaps. You'll want to replace the screen to maximize protection.

The Aluminum Corrodes

An aluminum screen can corrode over time, especially in wet climates. Corrosion weakens the screen so it may become damaged easily. A corroded aluminum screen will be too soft for the porch.

When It's Best to Remove a Screen Porch?

It's best to remove the screen during the dry season. The porch pillars should be dry and hard, especially if they're made of wood.

Plan ahead for the weather as well. If the news says that a storm is coming, the wind may destroy the screen and create more risks. Make sure the screens are strong. Or else, just remove them.

What Are the Purposes of an Aluminum Screen Porch?

Aluminum porch screens are barriers made of aluminum with tiny holes. They are used by homeowners to protect their porch from unwanted things, like solid dust, from the outside. Let's look at their main purposes.

Protection Against Dust

An aluminum screen can protect you from abrupt wind that carries dust. This is helpful, especially if you live near dusty roads or farms.

Heavy dust can actually create mud when it settles in front of the porch and it rains later on. With an aluminum screen, you can minimize this inconvenience and reduce the time spent cleaning the dust off the porch.

Protection Against Insects

White Peacock ( Anartia jatrophae ) on window screen outdoors

This is probably the main reason why homeowners install an aluminum screen on their porches. They might want to protect themselves from insects like mosquitos that may cause annoyance or even serious illnesses.

Putting on a screen can assure greater safety against mosquitos and other bothersome insects.

However, an aluminum screen may not completely protect you since it has small holes. It's best to see it as a preventive tool rather than a complete solution to insect problems.

Air Filtration

You may feel better with an aluminum screen. just because it acts as a huge air filter designed to minimize the dirt and allow air to flow through the holes.

Remember that you need to keep the screen clean by shaking the dirt off daily. With this, the screen can help improve air circulation.


Another reason to install a screen is to keep your pets safe.

You can let your pets outside without them running away with a screened-in porch. You can also keep your neighbors' outdoor pets off of your porch with a screen.

Darkens the Area

Aluminum screens can also offer a little sun protection. This is good if you prefer darker surroundings, especially if you have plants that attract an excessive amount of sunlight.

How to Reuse the Aluminum Screen

You can certainly reuse aluminum screens somewhere else aside from porches. After you remove the screen, it's good to use it to improve your home in some other ways. See below for some great places you can install your excess screen.


Man cleaning window of a home and installing a screen

Considering that windows are the primary entrance of air from the outside, it's good to add a screen to protect your room. You can leave your windows half open and improve the ventilation while cutting the cost of your electric bill.


Screendoors are common for houses that frequently open the door, specifically for homes with children or pets. You don't have to worry about flies, for instance, entering your house as they cannot pass through the screen.

Temporary Gates

Aluminum screens are a good alternative for backyard gates. You can save big bucks since an actual gate can be costly. However, screen gates may be easy to break through. You should consider it more as a temporary barrier than a permanent one.


We hope you have learned a lot from this article. Aside from providing the steps for removing the screen porch, we also discussed the reasons and the best time to do it.

You've learned how to maximize the essence of an aluminum screen by relocating it somewhere in your house.

Finally, we realized the essence of an aluminum porch. It can also help improve ventilation by filtering the dust from the outside.

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