How To Enclose Your Porch For Winter

Do you want to make your porch into an outdoor living room? Are you looking for a way to use your porch even when it's freezing outside? We've looked into it and come up with options for you.

If a roof is already covering your porch, you could try applying the following strategies to close off your porch for the winter: 

  • Canopy Enclosures
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Insulated Curtains
  • Dropdown Panels
  • DIY Wood frames

Let's take a closer look at each of the materials you can use to seal off your porch. Read on!

A gorgeous modern porch with wicker sectional sofas and a wicker coffee table, How To Enclose Your Porch For Winter

Canopy Enclosures

You can enclose your porch with a variety of prefabricated panels. Also, most are created with vinyl and a fabric liner to preserve the edges and grommet edges for hanging. These provide similar protection to the clear vinyl sheets but without the need for a staple gun, which is a benefit.

When compared to simply using vinyl sheets, canopy enclosures are premeasured and easy to install. However, such an enclosure is quite pricey.

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Clear Vinyl

Aside from canopy enclosure, clear vinyl would be an effective alternative. It's usually sold in plastic sheets or rolls that may be cut to fit your porch openings. So, if you're looking for the most cost-effective way to insulate your porch during the winter, clear vinyl is your best bet.

Another advantage of using transparent or translucent vinyl for your porch is that you can always enjoy the view while still keeping the chilly breeze at bay.

Furthermore, allowing sunlight to enter your room will help in heating your room during the day. Also, placing an effective heater on your porch is a great idea.

In using clear vinyl, you'll need stapling equipment to fix the measured transparent vinyl sheets to your porch. As well as that, you'll need a measuring tape to ensure the sheets are the correct size.

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Insulated Curtains

Closed window due to heavy downfall of snow in the yard

One of the simplest methods to equip your porch for winter is to use insulated drapes made for outdoor use. These curtains are a good choice because they come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to find something that matches your decor.

They're also easily adjustable, so if you want to spend more time outside on a particularly pleasant winter morning, all you have to do is pull back the insulated curtains and adjust your porch's openings.

Placing your insulated curtains with ceiling curtain rod brackets is your best option. Also, you can hang the curtains from the porch roof's borders or into the ceiling beams, depending on where you need them.

The only negative of using curtains to close off your porch is that you won't be able to see what's going on outside. If you have a wonderful view, traditional curtains will hide it.

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Dropdown Panels

Dropdown panels are fabric or vinyl panels that are pre-installed. Interestingly, it could remain on your porch throughout the year. During extreme or cold seasons, you can quickly release them to disguise the gaps.

Because it does not need to be removed during the summer, this is a very practical choice once installed.

The bulk of these dropdown panels come with everything you'll need to get started. These goods are composed of light materials and are intended for people looking for shade during the heat.

Dropdown panels may enable little cold air to travel through them because they are not directly connected to your porch rails. Similar to insulated drapes, dropdown panels will restrict your view of the outdoors.

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Premade Panels

A brown wicker sectional sofa with blue foam and throw pillows

Prefabricated panels, also referred to as premade panels, can also be used to insulate and seal off your porch. The bulk of these panels is made with vinyl and a fabric lining to keep the edges and grommet edges for hanging.

These offer similar benefits to translucent vinyl sheets, but without the need for a staple gun, which is an added bonus. These panels are pre-measured and easier to install than just putting vinyl sheets.

Those who wish to prepare their porch enclosures for the winter, on the other hand, will pay a lot more.

DIY Wood Frames

Interior of an empty porch with wooden flooring, glass walls, and wooden ceiling

Another option you can use to partially enclose your porch is DIY wood frames. You will get neater and higher-quality outcomes by incorporating single wood-framed panels as construction components and linking those panels to your porch.

Also, you have complete freedom to construct as many or as few wood panels as you desire. More so, you can construct the panels while not on the job site and then assemble and attach them to your porch. The porch flooring can also be used as a workspace.

Sunrooms vs. Enclosed Porches

Freelance worker setup outside her sunroom

If your new and improved outside space does not have an enclosed porch, another alternative is to build a sunroom. However, because they are more akin to a living room than a porch, they require a little more effort and money to set up.

The benefit of the extra money, effort, and labor in this option is that when you're done, you'll have a temperature-controlled facility with a beautiful view.

Also, to get the most out of your outside space, you must choose the correct one for your property.

The Cost of Keeping the Porch Closed for The Winter

The cost of converting a porch into a room is influenced by a number of things.

You may accomplish the job for less than $100 as a DIY project if you already have a structure and are using vinyl sheets. In doing so, you will need to purchase a measuring tape and a stapling gun.

If your porch doesn't have a roof or porch railings, you're looking at a hefty expenditure, possibly in the thousands of dollars.

If you're going to pay someone for their services, keep in mind that the industry standard is usually about 20-40% of the total cost. At the upper end, based on a 200-square-foot porch, that's roughly $1,500.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Patio Heaters Keep You Warm in Winter?

Even when the weather drops below freezing, patio heaters may be a terrific way to stay warm. If you live in an area where the winters are bitterly cold, a gas heater is the greatest option for keeping warm.

Electric heaters are also a wonderful choice if you live in a milder area.

Do Window Films Keep Heat In?

Although blinds and curtains provide privacy and assist in keeping some heat out, they also block off natural light.

Window films can help keep your house light and pleasant all day by reducing up to 78% of the heat that comes in through the windows.

What is a Three-Season Sunroom?

A three-season room is a glass-enclosed sunroom addition to your home. Floor-to-ceiling doors and windows are common in three-season spaces. These rooms can be utilized most months of the year, depending on where you live.

On the other hand, three-season sunrooms are not designed to be heated or cooled on a lengthy basis.

What are 4 Season Sunrooms?

A four-season room is a glass-enclosed sunroom that provides stunning floor-to-ceiling views of the outdoors.

These sunrooms' roofs and frames are thermally built to keep the area warm and cool all year, making it a genuine extension of your house.

How Much Value Does Sunroom Add?

Sunrooms offer even more worth to your home's property value because they're generally regarded as a step up from covered porches. The resale value of these places is approximately 72%. In other words, converting your enclosed porch into a sunroom may be worthwhile.

Additionally, building a sunroom from the ground up increases the total square footage of your home, which is something to consider when deciding between an enclosed porch and a sunroom.

How Do You Heat an Enclosed Uninsulated Porch?

You can warm the area with a space heater or an electric fireplace when it's in use. Space heaters are an excellent way to quickly heat up a room.

However, they must be turned on only when you are in the room and unplugged when you leave. Over your sunroom windows, you can hang thermally insulated curtains.

In Closing

A gorgeous modern porch with wicker sectional sofas and a wicker coffee table

It doesn't have to be a difficult task to close your porch for the winter. With so many alternatives, you're likely to discover something that suits both your taste and your budget. Good luck winterizing your porch!

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