Bissell Carpet Cleaner Leaving Dirty Water – Why And What To Do?

A Bissell carpet cleaner is one of the best devices for thoroughly cleaning carpets. However, if your Bissell carpet cleaner starts leaving dirty water on your carpet, something is definitely wrong with the machine. We researched to bring you information on why this happens and more. 

Your Bissell carpet cleaner could leave dirty water on your carpet due to one of these reasons:

  • Cleaning too fast
  • Too much foam
  • Missing some sections on the carpet
  • Mold infestation
  • Dirt too deep in the carpet

Keep reading to learn the reasons why your carpet cleaner leaves dirty water and how to solve this problem. Included are tips on how to best clean your carpet. In addition, there's a guide on how to empty the dirty water tank. 

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Why Does Your Bissell Carpet Cleaner Leave Dirty Water?

When you clean your carpet, you expect all the stains to be gone and the fibers to be soft and smelling fresh. But when your carpet cleaner leaves dirty water, something is wrong. You might not be cleaning your carpet the right way, among other reasons. 

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Below are some reasons why your carpet cleaner may leave dirty water, even after cleaning it:

Cleaning Too Fast

You can’t hurriedly clean your carpet and expect it to be thoroughly clean. If you do, you may not achieve the results you desire. 

When you are washing your carpet with a machine, it is paramount that you move it slowly. That way, you’ll give it time to dispense the shampoo solution at a suitable rate, covering every inch of your carpet. So when the shampoo is rinsed and sucked out, there should be no dirty spots remaining. 

That means when your machine rinses the carpet and sucks out the shampoo, the water should be clear. You probably need to do this several times for the water to be clear. Note that if you are using a small carpet cleaner, it will take you longer to clean. 

Too Much Foam

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If you mix too much shampoo with water in your carpet cleaner, you’ll leave a lot of foam as you clean. Thus, your carpet cleaner will not suck up all the foam. The foam that’s left on the carpet will attract dirt. 

To avoid this situation, follow the directions provided by the manufacturer. It will help you mix the correct quantities of the shampoo solution. 

Missing Some Sections On The Carpet

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It’s easy to miss some parts of your carpet while cleaning it with a machine. If you miss some sections, those parts of your carpet may look dirty. This means the moisture left after rinsing may still look dirty. 

The best way to avoid missing a spot is to move your carpet cleaner in straight lines. Press the trigger on the carpet cleaner to release water and then push it forward. Release the trigger, and move it backward on the same line. When you finish one line, move over to the next line. As you do so, make sure you overlap slightly on the lines. 

Mold Infestation

If your carpet does not dry well after cleaning it, mold can form in it. If not attended to quickly, the mold can penetrate deep into the carpet. 

Dirt Too Deep In Carpet

A carpet can be very dirty, even though it appears clean. Therefore, the water may still be dirty if you don’t rinse the carpet enough times. That’s why you should rinse it until the water is clear.

To prevent your carpet from being too dirty, no one should walk on it with the shoes worn outside. On top of that, vacuuming often helps minimize dirt on your carpet. 

How To Empty The Dirty Water Tank Of Your Carpet Cleaner

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After cleaning your carpet, it is advisable to empty the dirty water tank of your carpet cleaner. Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Turn off and unplug your machine.
  2. To remove the water tank, press down the colored handle of the tank.
  3. Pull up on the rubber tap.
  4. Pour the dirty water out.
  5. Rinse the tank several times with clean water until it is clean.
  6. Place it aside to dry.
  7. After it’s dry, press the rubber plug on top of the tank firmly in place.
  8. Secure all the edges of the tab by pressing firmly.
  9. Put back the tank into the carpet cleaner by tilting the tank towards you and inserting the bottom.  
  10. Tilt the top of the tank towards the machine until you hear a clicking sound.

Check out the video below that gives you a visual presentation of the steps above:

Tips To Clean Your Carpet Thoroughly

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You know how to use your carpet cleaner, and what to do to prevent it from leaving dirty water. It is also a good idea to learn the best way to clean your carpet, by following the steps below:

Move Your Furniture

You need to leave your carpet bare to allow you to clean it without obstructions. It will be easier and faster to clean it using your carpet cleaner. 

Pre-Treat Stains

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Before you clean the carpet with your machine, scrape off the stain using a spoon or butter knife. Afterward, spray the stain with a special stain removal formula to remove the stains. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results. 

You can opt to use a homemade solution to remove the stain. Mix together one teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid and one quart of warm water. Add ¼ teaspoon of vinegar. Shake the contents together and spray the stain. 

Take note that whether you buy a stain remover or make it at home, you should not wet the stain too much. Doing so can damage the underside of your carpet.

Let it sit for around 10 minutes, and blot the stained area with a clean white cloth. Continue doing this until the cloth no longer absorbs any stains.  

Use Your Carpet Cleaner

As mentioned earlier, you should move the carpet cleaner in straight lines. Remember to overlap the lines to ensure you do not miss a spot.

Move over the same area several times until the liquid pulled out of the carpet looks clean. Also, make a dry pass over the area numerous times to suck out as much water as possible from the carpet. 

Check out the video below to see a demonstration of how to deep clean your carpet using a Bissell carpet cleaner:

Dry Your Carpet

It’s important to dry your carpet well to prevent the growth of mold, which can be a health hazard. You can dry your carpet by opening the windows to allow in fresh air. 

If you have a ceiling fan, you can turn it on. It will circulate the air and help to dry your carpet

How Often Should You Machine Clean Your Carpet?

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The number of times a year you should clean your carpet with a machine depends on several factors, such as the amount of traffic on the carpet, the number of children and pets you have, and the color of the carpet.

Others factors include family allergies and if there are smokers in your home.

The table below shows the recommended frequency for washing your carpet depending on the factors mentioned above:

Factors To Consider Number Of Times  A Year To Clean Your Carpet
Allergies in the family Every 2 to 3 months
Family members that smoke Every 3 to 6 months
Pets Every 3 to 6 months
Light-colored carpet Once every 6 months
Children Every 6 to 12 months
High movement on carpet Every 6 to 12 months

In Closing

Your Bissell carpet cleaner is an excellent machine that can thoroughly clean your carpet. But when it starts leaving dirty water, you may not be using it properly.

You can correct this problem by using the right cleaning methods. In addition, you should take steps to ensure that you remove all stains and dirt from your carpet.

When you finish using the machine, be sure to empty and wash the dirty water tank before storing it.

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