Bissell Carpet Cleaner: Flow Indicator Not Spinning – What To Do?

You might have a scheduled cleaning task, yet you noticed that the flow indicator on a Bissell carpet cleaner isn't spinning. Why does this happen, and what could you do? Keep calm! We've done comprehensive research to answer this question.

Bissell's flow indicator determines the flow of water and solution on a machine. When it stops spinning, then you might need to fill the tank with more solution. However, it's possible that there are problems with the unit. See below for some ways to fix it in no particular order:

  1. Set to "floor cleaning" mode.
  2. Clean the flow indicator.
  3. Replace the flow indicator.
  4. Add more cleaning solution.
  5. Replace the unit.

Throughout this article, we'll talk about Bissell carpet cleaner and why the flow indicator is not spinning. We'll figure out some possible issues and how to fix them. There's a lot more we could learn together. So let's keep reading!

woman, female doing cleaning at home with vacuum cleaner showing head, brush on carpet floor, green plant, Bissell Carpet Cleaner: Flow Indicator Not Spinning - What To Do?

Bissell Carpet Cleaner: Flow Indicator Not Spinning—What To Do?

Bissell offers a variety of cleaning machines depending on your preference. The flow indicator in Bissell basically shows you the flow of water and cleaning solution during use. It's important to understand how the Bissell carpet cleaner functions. So, see below for some ways to troubleshoot a faulty flow indicator.

Suction grey carpet cleaning with vacuum cleaner

1. Set to "Floor Cleaning" Mode

The first thing you should check is the settings. Make sure that the dial selection is set to "floor cleaning" instead of the "tool" selection. The flow indicator should then work.

2. Clean the Flow Indicator

Over time, the flow indicator can accumulate dust, which will cause it to stop spinning. You should clean it more often to prevent it from getting stiff. See below for the instructions:

  1. Find the flow indicator cap, then remove the red rotor and white filter.
  2. Put the red rotor, white filter, and cap in a basin of water.
  3. Pour some dishwashing liquid, then gently soak the parts until clean.
  4. Dry the parts with a clean towel.
  5. Put them all together in their original placement.
  6. Restart the machine and try using it.

3. Replace the Flow Indicator

It's possible that the flow indicator is broken. You may need to ask a professional for a repair or simply replace it yourself.

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Refer to the steps below on how to assemble or replace Bissell's flow indicator:

  1. Flip the machine over to see its flow indicator.
  2. Unscrew the cover. Keep the screws in a safe place.
  3. Lift the machine up while adding weight with your foot to detach the cover. You should see the motor and some wires.
  4. Ensure that the hoses are connected to the flow indicator. Check the screws if they're loose.
  5. If the flow indicator seems broken, you can replace it by gently prying off the hoses with pliers.
  6. Unscrew the broken flow indicator, then screw the replacement in place.
  7. Screw the cover.
  8. Test the machine.

You can watch a video here for a demonstration:

4. Add More Cleaning Solution

A lack of cleaning solution will prevent the machine from operating. Ensure that you fill the tank with hot water and a sufficient amount of cleaning solution. Check below for the list of cleaning solutions for your carpet.

Keep in mind that the machine model may require different cleaning solutions. You can refer to the product's instructions of use to keep the machine in good condition.

Upright Carpet Formula

It's designed for upright carpet cleaners. You can choose from oxygenated, scented, or pet stain solutions. The price ranges from $6 to $40, depending on the package.

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Portable Carpet Formula

It's good for portable carpet cleaners. It has a variety of deep-cleaning solutions that can penetrate through the carpet to kill odor and bacteria, as well as pet messes. Products cost from $6 to $42.

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Bare Floor Formula

This variety of solutions is intended for your Bissell cleaning machines so that they will maintain optimal performance without damaging internal parts. There's an option for wet and dry vacuuming and scented water for steam cleaners. Solutions can cost from $7 to $32.

Click here to see this multi-surface formula on Amazon.

Febreze Freshness

It's a special collaboration product line to achieve a clean and odorless home. It has a solution for multiple surfaces, such as hard floors. The products can cost from $6 to $22.

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5. Replace the Unit

If the flow indicator still doesn't work, then it might be a sign to replace the unit. However, you would want to consult a technician from Bissell to identify and fix the problem.

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Does Bissell Have a Warranty?

Cleaning carpet in living room

Yes, Bissell has a limited warranty that can vary from 90 days up to five years. A warranty grants you the right to manage your cleaning machine, so that you can request a repair or replacement depending on terms and conditions. It's best to contact Bissell to see if you qualify for a certain warranty claim.

How to Assemble a Bissell Carpet Cleaner

Modern vacuum cleaner on carpet

Any cleaning machine has the proper assembly. You should check the user's manual for accurate steps in assembling the unit. One wrong placement of parts can render the machine ineffective.

However, see the general steps below for assembling Bissell carpet cleaner:

  1. Attach the upper handle to the base.
  2. Align the carry handle at the base. Lock it on both sides.
  3. Put the screw into the hole at the carry handle, then twist it with a screwdriver.
  4. Wrap the cord around the carry handle.
  5. Attach the tank on top of the base.

You can watch a video here for a demonstration:

How to Use a Bissell Carpet Cleaner

There's a proper way of using a Bissell carpet cleaner. This helps the machine last longer. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Preparate the area. You may need to remove the furniture to reveal the whole carpet.
  2. Turn on the carpet cleaner, and clean the carpet as an initial treatment. You can spray a cleaning solution to minimize the stain.
  3. Detach the tank and fill it with hot water. Balance it with lukewarm water so that it will not be too hot.
  4. Add a carpet cleaning solution depending on product instructions.
  5. Attach the tank, then choose a setting from heavy, normal, or light. Select between deep and floor cleaning.
  6. Press the heat button.
  7. Pull the handle's trigger as you move the cleaner back and forth. Release the trigger to dry out the area.
  8. Clean thoroughly until the tank is full. Turn off the cleaner, then detach the tank and drain the dirty water. You can refill it to continue cleaning.
  9. Attach the tool to the hose, then set the dial to "tool" to clean and reach the corners.
  10. Continue until the area is clean.

How Long Does the Carpet Dry After Cleaning?

Removing Stains From the Carpet

You should wait for at least six hours for the carpet to completely dry. To prevent staining the carpet, avoid stepping onto it.

You can speed up its drying time by turning on the furnace or an electric fan. You can also open the windows to eliminate strong smells. Keep your pets and children away to achieve desired cleanliness.

Bissell Carpet Cleaner Is Too Noisy

It's normal for a carpet cleaner to make a sound while in use. It's due to the motor's vibration, making the machine shake a bit. However, the sound should not be too loud.

Make sure that you attach the hose properly, and see if there's a crack or any damage. You may need to replace the hose for better suction performance. You can also rinse the hose in running water to remove any clogged debris.

Another option is to assemble the machine correctly. There might be loose screws, causing the vibration to get intense. Otherwise, consider cleaning the filter to eliminate residual dust.

Inspect the brush roll as well. You can open its case and detach the brush roll to clean it. There might be fallen hair wrapping around the brush roll. You need to remove the dirt in the brush roll to prevent the screeching sound.

If the noise continues to occur, you can get help from a Bissell representative to check your unit.


woman, female doing cleaning at home with vacuum cleaner showing head, brush on carpet floor, green plant

It's such another useful article! We learned how to troubleshoot a malfunctioning flow indicator on a Bissell carpet cleaner. We then discussed other matters such as warranty and proper assembly of the machine. Always refer to the user's guide for an optimal cleaning experience.

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