What House Colors Go With Brown Garage Doors?

Are you repainting the exterior of your home? How you choose to mix and match the colors of all the different elements of your house can have a big effect on its curb appeal, and that includes the garage. If you've chosen brown for your garage door, you need to know which house colors will go best with it. Luckily, we've done the research and have all the answers you need.  

House colors that go with brown garage doors include:

  1. White
  2. Gray
  3. Blue
  4. Green
  5. Red
  6. Tan
  7. Brown

Keep reading for more information on choosing the best house color to pair with your brown garage door. We'll also tell you whether your garage door should be the same color as your house, whether your garage door should match your front door, and more.

A traditional American garage with dark wooden door, What House Colors Go With Brown Garage Doors?

House Colors That Go With Brown Garage Doors

1. White

White garage and automatic brown garage door

When it comes to home design, white is a perennial classic for a reason. Most importantly, it goes with anything, and that includes brown.

If you choose white for your home's exterior, it will never go out of style. But opting for all white or even standard white and black, it might have it looking like every other house in the neighborhood.

Let your white house stand out by opting for a brown garage door instead. Dark brown provides a nice contrast to white, but it's not quite as harsh (or expected) as black is. Or go with a medium brown to warm up the starkness of white.

2. Gray

Large modern multi level residential home with gray brick stone exterior, shingled roof and beautiful wooden garage doors

Gray is another classic home exterior color choice. And just like white, pairing it with a brown garage door can give your home an unexpected twist. This color combo can take any home from traditional to trendy.

No matter your style preferences, gray and brown work wonderfully together. If your home is gray brick or stone, choosing a warm medium brown wood for the garage doors can help you create a rustic vibe.

Or if your preferred style is sleek and modern, a smooth steel-gray paint for your house paired with a dark brown garage door makes an ideal choice.

3. Blue

Beautiful blue house with palms trees on the yard and wooden garage doors

Choosing to redo the entire exterior of your home—especially if you're doing all the work on your own—is a bold decision. Don't be afraid to go bold with your color choices, too. There's no reason to limit yourself to the standard options if you'd rather choose something more fun and vibrant.

Blue in any shade from light to dark will pair beautifully with a brown garage door. If you're wanting a brighter look, opt for a lighter brown wood garage door with your brilliant blue house.

Or if you'd rather create a more understated look, opt for a dark brown garage door with a muted slate-blue color for the house. 

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4. Green

Panorama wooden garage doors with window panels and wall lamp

Green is another color to consider for your home if you're looking for something a step above the ordinary. And you'll have several different options to choose from depending on the impression you want to create with your home. 

Sage green with a medium brown wood garage door creates a comforting and homey color combination. Forest green with a dark brown garage door is an elegant option, while lighter and brighter shades of green and brown can bring some extra fun to the block.

The only issue with selecting green for your house with a brown garage door will be deciding which shade is your favorite. 

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 5. Red

Traditional Americangarage with dark wooden door

If you have a brick house, no matter the color, you really can't go wrong with a brown garage door. Brick and wood are a natural match. And that goes for red brick, too.

Opting for a darker shade of brown for your garage doors will help them blend into your red brick house, while opting for a lighter brown or natural wood will help them make a statement. When redesigning your home, your color choices can help you emphasize or downplay whichever features you'd like.

6. Tan

Brown wooden garage door with glass panes

A brown garage door is also a natural match for a home in a natural, neutral shade like tan or beige. Whether the exterior is stucco, stone, brick, or wood, choosing tan or beige for your home is a great option for those who prefer more muted tones.

Pairing the lighter tan exterior with a darker contrasting brown for the garage door will help you keep the overall look simple without being boring or monotone.

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7. Brown

Sunlit exterior of home with glass paned brown garage door

You can mix and match different shades of brown on the exterior of your house. Pairing a warmer brown for the garage door with a more muted brown for the walls provides a nice balance.

Contrasting light and dark browns between different elements will also always work well. This can provide more dimension and texture to your home exterior than if you choose only one shade of brown for everything.

Though if you'd prefer to use the same shade of brown for both your garage door and home exterior, this can also work well. To keep your house from being too plain, you can introduce additional interest by choosing different colors for the trim, shutters, or front door.

Or if your home includes unique architectural elements like arches or stonework, you might want to emphasize those while letting the garage door blend into the background.

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Should A Garage Door Be The Same Color As The House?

Whether you choose the same color for your house exterior and the garage door is a matter of personal taste. Either way, it can work well as long as you keep a few things in mind.

Choosing The Same Color For The Garage Door And House

Modern multi level residential home with gray brick stone exterior, shingled roof and gray garage doors

Choosing the exact same shade for your home and the garage door usually works best when the home contains other contrasting elements. For instance, if the exterior is a mix of both brick and siding, this adds interest and texture without the color choices needing to serve this purpose.

Or, rather than opting for an exact match, you can choose lighter and darker shades of the same color for your garage door and the exterior house paint. This will let you stick to only one basic color without making your home look too monotonous.

Introducing a second color in the trim or details like shutters is another way to keep your home from being flat and dull.

Choosing Different Colors For The Garage Door And House

When you choose different colors for your garage door and house, you generally won't have to worry as much about creating a look that's too monotonous. But you'll want to make sure those colors work well together and don't clash.

If you choose a bright and flashy shade for your house color, you might want to choose a neutral shade for your garage door, and vice versa.

Contrasting lights and darks is also usually a solid choice when choosing which colors to mix and match. Too many dark colors can make your home uninviting, while pairing only light colors together might make it seem too plain.   

Does Your Garage Door Have To Match Your Front Door?

Your garage door does not have to match your front door, but this can be a nice way to tie different elements of your house together.

When you've chosen a bold or contrasting color for your garage door, it makes sense to use that same color for your front door. Opting for a different bold or contrasting color might make your home seem too disjointed and unconnected.

However, if your garage door closely matches the color of your house, you might want to choose a different color for your front door. This will let you introduce a pop of color or some interest to the front of your house while the garage door stays out of the spotlight.   

In Closing

When you decide to repaint your house, you have a lot of choices to make. One of the most important details to figure out is the color, and not just for the walls but for the other exterior elements like the garage door, too.

If you have a brown garage door, several different house colors will work great with it. Whether you prefer an option that's bright and bold or traditional and neutral, you're sure to find a shade that helps you create the look you want. With so many terrific options, the hardest part will be choosing which one.

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