What Colors Go With Cherry Wood Furniture?

Cherry wood is a warm, vibrant shade of natural wood that adds a unique touch to any space. With all of the available colors to pair with cherry wood furniture, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect color scheme. For your convenience, we brought you a selection of colors to go with cherry wood furniture. 

Color palettes should speak to your tastes and styles, but some are more popular than others. Some experts recommend light warm shades to pair with cherry wood furniture. Here are some other colors that pair well with cherry wood furniture:

  1. White
  2. Beige
  3. Tan
  4. Gray
  5. Blue-gray
  6. Blue
  7. Green
  8. Teal
  9. Black
  10. Red
  11. Rusty red
  12. Yellow
  13. Chartreuse
  14. Magenta

Finding the perfect colors to pair with cherry wood is only one of many concerns that you will likely need to address. You may wonder if you can paint over cherry wood or how to update your room with cherry wood furniture. You may ask yourself if cherry wood furniture is outdated or what looks good with dark cherry wood. We will discuss all of these questions and other closely related topics, just keep reading!

A small dining set made from cherry wood and cabinets, What Colors Go With Cherry Wood Furniture?

1. White

Brilliant shades of white create a bright expansive look in any room. Rooms with cherry wood are no exception to this. 

White pairs with cherry wood for an elegant warmly contrasted look that is eye-catching and clean. Using white with cherry wood allows this stunning wood shade to take center stage in your room. 

2. Beige

Luxurious rustic inspired kitchen with cherry wood cabinets, marble countertops and beige kitchen utensils

A classic light warm shade, beige is the perfect neutral color pairing for your cherry wood furniture. Beige brings out the toasty tones of cherry wood and softens the look of the entire room. 

Shades of beige can add a spacious look and feel to your space. This color scheme is welcoming and comfortable with just the right amount of contrast. 

3. Tan

Luxurious carpeted flooring bedroom and cherry wood constructed bed with beige beddings with a huge panoramic window on the side

A shade just a bit browner than beige, tan is a great color companion to your cherry wood furniture. Tan is a deeper neutral with a hint of toasty brown undertones. 

Shades of tan can add an airy inviting feel to your room. Endless accent colors can be used to add some color to this palette. 

4. Gray

A dining set constructed from cherry wood

Gray tones can help to modernize cherry wood. The cool neutral shade accentuates the toasty red tones of cherry wood. 

Add vibrant color to accent the gray and cherry wood color scheme. Brilliant shades of white and red are perfect examples of accent colors for this modern palette. 

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5. Blue-Gray

For a cool contrasting color, consider a gray color with subtle blue undertones. The color of stormy skies, blue-gray is a perfect color pairing for cherry wood.

Shades of bluish gray bring out the warm red undertones of cherry wood. Bright white accents add dimension and detail to your space. 

6. Blue

If you are looking for a contrasting color for your cherry wood furniture, blue may be just what you want. Representative of hot and cold, red and blue shades add a vivid contrast to any room.

Blue hues are inspired by nature and can add a tranquil feel to your room. A country blue shade can give your space a peaceful rustic look. 

7. Green

Green is another color inspired by nature that can give your room a peaceful feel. A mixture of cool blues and sunny shades of yellow, shades of green are sure to bring out the warm red tones of cherry wood. 

This color combination is rich and elegant, using both warm and cool colors. Using natural greenery to accent this color scheme adds a lively look and feel to your space. 

8. Teal

The perfect blend of blue and green tones, teal makes a dramatic bold color companion to cherry wood. Teal is a jewel tone that makes a statement on its own but turns heads in combination with the red undertones of cherry wood.

For a softer look with this color scheme, use cream or neutral-colored accents. Yellow or gold is also a great accent color. 

9. Black

A luxurious Cherry wood fireplace mantel

For a more dramatic twist, consider pairing your cherry wood furniture with deep shades of black. Black brings out the dark tones in your cherry wood for a sleek, contemporary look. 

Rich shades such as burgundy or deep greens make perfect accent colors to black and cherry wood. For a unique accent, use shades of deep metallic copper to bring some brilliant shimmer to your space. 

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10. Red

Pairing bold shades of red with cherry wood brings a bright vividness to your space. Red is an energetic shade that brings life to any room. 

Shades of red will make cherry wood look darker by comparison. Accents of black and white shades bring some detail and definition to this color palette.

11. Rusty Red

A luxurious living wooden themed living room with bright furnitures and luxurious sofas

For a vibrant warm color with a unique orange undertone, consider the use of rusty red with your cherry wood furniture. Different shades of red can bring out the deeper shades in cherry wood furniture. 

This color scheme gives your space a welcoming country feel. Unique plaids and stripes add to this country ambiance. 

12. Yellow

For a rich warm look, pair your cherry wood furniture with sunny shades of yellow. Yellow accentuates the warm rich tones of cherry wood for a toasty, welcoming look. 

This look works best with lots of natural light. Cool metallic shades of silver add in some lighter contrast. 

13. Chartreuse

If green and teal aren't quite your style, chartreuse is a unique yellow-green shade that pairs well with cherry wood. Shades of chartreuse make cherry wood look browner than other green shades. 

Use accents of white to tone down this color palette. Splashes of warm metallic gold can add a whole new dimension to this look. 

14. Magenta

The color magenta makes a surprising color pairing with cherry wood furniture. It is a bright and cheery mix of purple and pink. 

Pairing magenta and cherry wood bring out the brown undertones in the cherry wood furniture. This color combination is vivacious and brings unmatched energy into your space. 

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Can You Paint Over Cherry Wood Furniture?

Painting over cherry wood furniture is a relatively easy process. Use dish soap followed by sandpaper to thoroughly clean and prep your furniture. 

After cleaning and sanding the furniture, primer is key to achieving a professional-looking finish. Using two coats of primer and two coats of paint will give your furniture a brand new look. 

How Do I Update My Room With Cherry Wood Furniture?

Updating a room already decorated with cherry wood furniture is easier than you may think. Changing out hardware to a more modern look can help a room look updated. 

A new coat of paint in modern neutral shades may be just what your room needs. Changing accent pieces such as lamps or artwork can also give your space a more updated look. 

Is Cherry Wood Furniture Outdated?

While cherry wood furniture may have peaked in the '90s, this look isn't completely outdated. The deep reddish hue of this unique wood is versatile and adaptive to many styles. 

Adding modern accents to your cherry wood furniture will help it to keep its look up to date. Wood stained or varnished with a cherry color may look outdated, but real cherry wood will never go out of style. 

What Looks Good With Dark Cherry Wood?

Choosing colors that either coordinate or contrast with dark cherry wood will create an eye-catching look. Because cherry wood is such a bold color, don't be afraid to pair this wood with other bold colors. 

Neutral colors will make your cherry wood furniture stand out, and vibrant rich colors can add to the bold look of this wood. Rich metallic accents can help to give your space a finished polished style. 

To Wrap It Up

A small dining set made from cherry wood and cabinets

Cherry wood furniture gives a warm and inviting atmosphere to your space that is unmatched. Different colors bring out different tones and characteristics of cherry wood. 

Finding the perfect color to pair with your cherry wood furniture can add the perfect touch to your room. We hope that the above selection of colors that go with cherry wood furniture has helped inspire your decorative spirit. 

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