What Color Flooring Goes With Oak Cabinets?

Choosing an oak cabinet is easy, but finding the right flooring is not that simple. Here we will give you color flooring ideas that can go with your oak cabinets. We will also guide you to the best flooring for your home.

Oakwood has a natural shade, so the best floor color is also changeable. Typically, oak has a warm undertone which makes it your baseline. Oak has broad classes such as red and white oak. Find a color flooring depending on the style and temperature of the oak such as:

  • White for warmth and neutral canvass
  • Grey for cool shades
  • Green, Blue, or brown so you can emphasize the colors of nature

For you to understand the best color flooring for your oak cabinets, read on.

You can use this color guide to decide which type of oak cabinet suits your floor.

Luxurious modern oak cabinets with beige marble countertops and tan painted walls and mid century inspired chandeliers, What Color Flooring Goes With Oak Cabinets?

White Oak

The benefits of this popular white oak are as follows:

White painted wooden flooring


White oak is tougher than other types of hardwood. This is a top choice for heavy-duty kitchens, unlike other types that can suffer from dings or dents. Most cabinets made from white oak retain their sophisticated appearance without suffering from any durability loss.

Even Grain Patterns

Grain patterns of white oaks are even. The flat cut has a large grain pattern which most people connect with oaks. Today, excellent quality cabinets and furniture, as well as cabinet makers, strive for new designs and styles.

Trendy Color Schemes

White oaks provide a stunning canvas that keeps the emphasis on the neutrals. Its milder hues are best for buildings in contrast with floors, tiles, and countertops.

Honey Oak 

Oak wooden patterns for a cabinet

The honey oak keeps a noticeable orange color which can be achieved through the honey-colored stain.

If you want to update your home and wanted to work on honey oak kitchen cabinets, a few coats of honey oak colors can emphasize your area. However, these theme does not look modern as of now as homeowners leveled up their color schemes.

On the other hand, if you really want to play with orange undertones, then look for other colors such as blue or purple undertone.

Dark Oak 

Oak wood flooring photographed in detail

Obviously, this is the darkest of all. It has a noticeable deep brown color grain that runs through it, with clues of pale brown colors present on the wood.

There are more interesting reasons why dark oak cabinets are best for your home or kitchen. Read below.

Hides all dirt and stains

If the area is busy dark oak cabinets are the best choice. For homeowners with pets and children, dark colors can conceal everything such as the wear and tear of the furniture. Dark is better than white.

Unlimited possibilities

Light-colored furniture is used as background for open spaces and it creates an attractive kitchen. On the other side, dark cabinets serve as the baseline. You can mix dark colors with light colors and bring color to your flooring, lighting, and décor to give an amazing and satisfying style.

Luxury feel

Dark oak cabinets add richness and depth having a feeling of luxury. Unlike white, those dark-colored oaks give the kitchen a formal and unique ambiance.

What are the best color floorings for Oak Cabinets?


Black countertop and oak cabinets inside a small kitchen with a oak cladding breakfast bar

This is a popular color of choice for most floors for many reasons. It is a neutral color with a different array of shades bringing an earthly feel to your space. It is a light color that brightens the room, and it is easier to keep a clean area compared to having white flooring.

Beige floors work perfectly with oak cabinets because they both have warm tones. It is also a good base in your kitchen which gives you the opportunity to blend bold and bright colors.

Bear this in mind oak cabinets and beige flooring are both good choices because they can work together to create a different design and style in your house.


White flooring is simple yet elegant to look at. You can opt for a white laminated flooring for a more contemporary look. White floors can give you a hard time keeping them clean. However, if you are patient to mop it every day, then this flooring suits you.

White colors provide contrast against any shades of oak cabinets. Oakwood comes in different shades depending on the tree type. If you don’t feel good about choosing some colors to go with your oak cabinet, then you can safely choose white which works perfectly on any oak type.

White flooring with oak cabinets matches together in a small kitchen. It makes the area looks bigger than the actual. White paints reflect light and give an airy feel.

Pair oak cabinets and white flooring so you can ensure a great result inside your kitchen. The oak cabinets will give a powerful warmth feel which gives a big impact on whites.


Who would not want a modern-style kitchen? Installing a gray color flooring can help you achieve the most contemporary look for your kitchen. Gray flooring works best on oak cabinets creating a good contrast. Since gray color has a medium shade, you can choose from pale gray to dark gray to make a pretty contrast.

Gray flooring comes in tile forms – stained, laminated, engineered wood, hardwood, and vinyl. So, if these colors attract you, then it suits your budget and needs.

If you have a large kitchen, gray floors are the best. It grounds the entire space to make it look cozier. But if you choose pale gray, you can achieve an easy-breezy look.

Always keep in mind that dark colors conceal dirt and stain even marks. It does not include high maintenance in keeping it look nice. You might consider this if you have pets and toddlers.


Some oaks have yellow tones, while others have red tones. Maybe you want to try installing red flooring with oak cabinets, right? We have searched that red floors work well also which creates an autumn theme in the area.

If you want a bold style, choose a striking red color. For an organic feel, clay tiles with a touch of terracotta are great.

You may hear about cherry and mahogany woods. Yes, it works best with oak cabinets. However, it could be difficult to pull it off. If you are curious to try it, look for a dark redwood flooring having brown tones and a white oak cabinet rather than the red oak. In this way, both kinds of wood won’t contest with each other.


Some would want black, and some wouldn’t. But black is always beautiful depending on people’s perspectives and how it is being applied and paired. Black floors do not always look harsh and sore to the eyes. But when you rested it in your kitchen, you will be surprised of its stylish and classy look.

Black flooring can balance the oak cabinets giving the intensity of a delightful kitchen design.

To have an industrial and modern style kitchen, match it with black flooring with your oak cabinets and dark marble countertop. Fix it with gray colored backsplash. Edgy hardware can promote the industrial theme and finish it with silver or black metal.

Does Oak Best for Kitchen Cabinet?

Gorgeous oak cabinet and cupboards inside a classic kitchen

First-class traditional oak is picture-perfect for your kitchen cabinets. With its neutral colors, you can mix and match any style and design you want. It always goes with the flow. The oak’s natural grain is too fabulous to look at. Moreover, oak is one of the sturdiest woods in the cabinetry. Its natural durability battles deforming because of age and humidity.

There are a few options that you need to consider when you choose to have an oak cabinet in your kitchen. White and red oaks are in demand. Red invites warmth and white offers rich and dark colors to your current palette.

You may want to consider these tips below. 

  1. Enhance natural color by directly applying a finish.
  2. Check samples before your stain your oak cabinets. In this way, the grain won't stain the two-toned color.
  3. Oak cabinets provide a top-quality aesthetic than many hardwoods.
  4. Pair light cabinet with dark hardware and vice-versa.

In Conclusion

Luxurious modern oak cabinets with beige marble countertops and tan painted walls and mid century inspired chandeliers

Oak Cabinets are an attractive addition to your home or kitchen no matter what the designs are. If you have sturdy woods in your area, you are lucky enough to level up your sense of composition with modern designs.

Choose color floorings depending on what’s works best for your space. Consider those above-mentioned and wait for the result. It is jaw-dropping, indeed!

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