What Carpet Deodorizers Are Safe For Pets? [6 Best Options]

More and more, pet owners realize that products they've used for a long time may not be safe for their beloved pets. We have a new understanding of just how many chemicals and unsafe products surround us all the time, especially in potentially toxic cleaners. You still need to be able to keep your home fresh and clean but safe for your four-legged friends. We've checked the ingredient list, so you don't have to, to bring you some great options for carpet deodorizers and cleaners.

We've rounded up a list of six carpet deodorizers that are safe for pets and made from natural products! We checked the ingredients to see exactly what is in them, and many are even vet-approved. Here is the list:

  1. Bodhi Dog Pet Carpet Powder
  2. PL360 Oder Neutralizing Carpet Powder
  3. Clean + Green Pet Stain and Oder Remover
  4. Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer and Power Sprayer
  5. NonScents Carpet Deodorizer
  6. Furriest Friends Carpet Room Deodorizer

Read on to learn more about the six carpet deodorizers that make our list. Plus, we'll cover homemade carpet cleaners - are they safe or not, and what recipe should you use? Plus, we'll cover some products that are commonly thought of as safe - are they really? Stick around and learn everything you need to keep your furry BFF safe.

A woman holding a newly cleaned carpet, What Carpet Deodorizers Are Safe For Pets? [6 Best Options]

1. Bodhi Dog Pet Carpet Powder

This is a natural and plant-based cleaner, and it's less abrasive on your carpet than homemade baking soda recipes. If you want to keep your carpet clean and smelling great, but also prolong the life, use this for a gentle clean. It loosens ground in carpet dirt up to 25% deeper than vacuuming without it.

Plus, the company is a small, family-owned business in the USA. So not only are you getting a healthy option for cleaning your carpet, but you can feel good about where the money is going.

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2. PL360 Odor Neutralizing Carpet Powder

This one uses Sodium Zinc Polyitaconate. Independent lab tests have proven that it works. There are no petrochemicals, ammonia, sulfates, or other nasty things in here. It's a plant-based formula. Even the "Forest Citrus" fragrance is natural.

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3. Clean + Green Pet Stain and Odor Remover

This one works on even the nastiest pet stains like urine and vomit. The non-toxic formula has no petrochemicals, bleach, or other harsh cleaners. It's even hypoallergenic, so pets who struggle with skin sensitivity should be safe.
Plus, it's a moral win on a lot of fronts - naturally-derived and biodegradable ingredients, no ozone-depleting propellants, and a minority-owned business.

4. Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer And Power Sprayer

Nature's Miracle offers a whole line of products to clean your carpets. Some are even geared specifically to cat or dog urine. But this one was interesting because it provides a cleaning solution and method in one.

Don't have your own carpet cleaner? With this, you don't need one. It comes in a power sprayer unit, so you have everything you need to apply it. You can get a powerful clean, with no extra tools necessary.

This is a bio-enzymatic cleaner, so it will penetrate and remove the urine. It even works on the pet pheromones that sometimes encourage your pet to frequently re-soil the same area of the house.

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5. NonScents Carpet Deodorizer

The only downside to this one is that it needs to sit for a few hours. If you can leave it on the carpet overnight and vacuum the next day, you'll see better results.

It eliminates and neutralizes pet odors. It's safe for children and pets, made of cleaning ingredients that are chemically similar to table salt! And it doesn't have a strong smell. If you can't handle perfumes or other odors, this is a pretty safe option that shouldn't aggravate allergies or cause respiratory effects.

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6. Furriest Friends Carpet Room Deodorizer

If you're looking for a simple dry powder deodorizer, this is it. Just sprinkle, let it work, and vacuum it up.

Made from a unique formula that includes corn cob grinding and leaves out the chemicals. It's safe for everyone, so you won't have to worry about leaving it out with pets or kids around. And it actually works!

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Are Bona Products Safe For Pets?

Bona claims on their website that because their products are water-based and biodegradable, they are "safer solutions for pets." This answer doesn't seem exactly sufficient, however. Lots of things are biodegradable, and that doesn't make them non-toxic.
So we checked out what the Environmental Working Group has to say about Bona. We looked up Bona hardwood floor cleaner specifically. While it's true that most of the ingredients are harmless, there are a few that could be a concern. Dipropylene glycol, ethylene oxide, and silica are relatively significant flags.
These can cause digestive distress, have respiratory and nervous system effects, and irritate the skin. If your dog is already prone to allergies or other medical issues, check with your vet first. It's one of the safer cleaners available - but it's not without any danger.

Woman spraying the carpet with deodorizer

Is Homemade Carpet Freshener Safe For Pets?

Most homemade carpet fresheners are safe for pets. Of course, if it's homemade, the recipe isn't standard - so always make sure any ingredients you use are pet-friendly!
Commonly, recipes for homemade carpet fresheners include baking soda and essential oils. Baking soda is fine for pets unless it's ingested in very large quantities. If Fido takes a lick or two, he'll be all right.
But maybe don't dump a pound of it on the floor and let him go to town (that was obvious though, right?) The American College of Veterinary Pharmacists notes that a toxic dose is approximately 2-4 teaspoons per kilogram of body weight. Or, roughly a teaspoon per pound.
As far as essential oils, there are definitely ways to go wrong. Most recipes stick with pet-safe oils like lavender, frankincense, chamomile, or cedarwood. But always double-check because some essential oils are deadly to pets - even just a few licks.
Pouring herbal essence into a small bottle

How Do You Make Carpet Cleaner Pet-Friendly?

The best carpet cleaner uses a few key ingredients. As a result, it's easy to check that it's pet-friendly. The more "stuff" you add to a recipe, the more you have to verify that this won't harm your four-legged friends. Not only do you need to check the ingredients, but you need to be sure there isn't any kind of interaction between them.
So keep it simple! A basic but effective mixture is:
  • One cup white vinegar
  • One cup warm water
  • Two tablespoons of baking soda.
Really, three ingredients are all that you need. Mix it up in a spray bottle and apply liberally. But don't dump or soak the carpet - too much liquid can make an even worse stain.
After it's sat for 10 minutes or so, give the carpet a good thorough cleaning. Or at the very least, blot up the vinegar mixture. Otherwise, all that grime and dirt you just got loose is still sitting on the carpet fibers. Most people who complain that vinegar is an ineffective carpet cleaner skip that vital last "now get rid of the dirt" step.

Using a vacuum in cleaning a dirty carpet

Is Cleaning A Floor With Vinegar Safe For Pets?

Even the American Kennel Club agrees that vinegar is safe for pets. It's edible and non-toxic. As a bonus, the strong smell is likely to encourage your pet from eating it anyway.
Even if they do ingest some, the worst-case scenario is an upset belly. And that's probably not going to happen - they'd have to eat an awful lot of bitter-tasting vinegar to get that reaction.
Vinegar kills bacteria. It also works on mold since it has anti-fungal properties. Most of its cleaning strength comes from the high acetic acid. While apple cider vinegar is just as good as a cleaner as white vinegar, don't use it on carpets or furniture. It may leave a stain.

In Conclusion...

Not every carpet cleaner or deodorizer is pet safe. As a matter of fact, some products that claim to be pet safe may not really be. Always check with your vet for their recommendations, or use our list of carpet cleaning products. We've checked the ingredients of 6 cleaners you can find on Amazon so that you can be assured they won't do your pet any harm.

If you'd rather make a homemade cleaner, stick to a simple mix of ingredients that are easy to verify as safe. Examples include baking soda and vinegar. Be wary of essential oils - while many are safe, many aren't, so it's vital to do your research or ask your vet first.

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