Where To Put A Desk In A Bedroom [7 Great Ideas!]

The bedroom isn't only designated for sleeping, as you can comfortably fit a desk inside this space. But, you may have questions about where to put your desk, so it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. We asked experts for their advice and have some great answers to share.

If you want to put a desk in your bedroom, there are plenty of ideas to try. A few of our top locations include:

  1. Tucked into a corner
  2. At the side of the nightstand
  3. Opposite the bed diagonally
  4. Near the head of the bed
  5. At the foot of the bed
  6. Under a window
  7. Hidden in a closet

Whether you are working remotely from home, a student, or an aspiring writer, putting a desk in the bedroom might be ideal. Keep reading to learn more about including a desk in the bedroom, style tips, and creating an impromptu office space in an unexpected area.

Light cozy teen room with color decorations - Where To Put A Desk In A Bedroom [7 Great Ideas!]

Choosing A Place For A Desk In The Bedroom

If you want to put a desk in the bedroom, it's good to understand how to utilize your space. First, you should survey areas where a desk won't make it challenging to move around your bedroom.

Additionally, you need to think about whether there are nearby outlets where you will place your desk. And most importantly, consider how much lighting will impact your desk's placement.

Bedrooms of all sizes can usually accommodate a reasonably sized desk. If you have an odd layout or a tiny bedroom, you may have to make some concessions about the size and style of your desk so it fits. Don't feel stumped for ideas; we will explore some wonderful places to put a desk.

1. The Corner

Modern bedroom, seen from doorway

When there's not enough space to comfortably place a desk by the head or foot of the bed, or there's no room near a window, the corner works. Depending on what's near the corner, a radiator, window, or bookshelf can impact how a desk will fit.

Additionally, putting a desk in the corner works very well if you want to focus on a task with fewer distractions. Ensure adequate lighting for a desk in the corner, and add a few decorations to brighten up the space.

The corner is perfect when you don't want a desk to get in the way, or it makes a room look too cluttered when placed anywhere else.

2. Side Of The Nightstand

There are desks and chairs beside the wardrobe in the modern bedroom.

For a somewhat large or medium-sized bedroom, placing a desk to the side of a nightstand fits. You might be able to skip adding a desk lamp if the neighboring nightstand has bright enough lighting.

Also, depending on how close the desk is to the nightstand, and if the style and color of the pieces complement one another, the desk is like an extension.

3. Opposite The Bed Diagonally

Empty Interior Of Contemporary Bedroom With Desk And Storage

Putting a desk squarely opposite a bed with a perpendicular orientation is safe and somewhat boring. Instead, make a bold move by placing a desk opposite a bed but on a diagonal bias. 

Depending on your bedroom's layout, it might make things strange when moving around the bed and desk, but it might still work out okay.

4. By The Head Of The Bed

Female elegant bedroom interior in scandinavian style

As long as you have a healthy work balance and the presence of a desk very close to your bed isn't a problem, try this placement. Putting a mattress a few feet away from the head of the bed or close enough to it so it can function as an unconventional end table is a good idea.

Keep your sense of comfort in mind when choosing this position for a desk. But, be mindful about frequently getting up to check on any work at your desk when you should be resting in bed.

5. At The Foot Of The Bed

University dorm room

Borrow an idea from college dorm rooms, and place a desk at the foot of a bed. Choosing this placement for a desk can save a lot of space, especially if a bedroom is very long or wide.

Also, if you have a smaller bedroom where it is difficult to designate particular areas, a desk at the foot of the bed creates a workspace.

6. Under A Window

Wooden desk in homely room for teenage girl

Try placing a desk in this space as long as the view from a window isn't too distracting. Typically, a window brings much-needed natural light and fresh air when sitting at a desk.

You may have to get creative if you already have a bed occupying most of the space under a window or if there is another obstruction.

7. Hidden In A Closet

Simple bedroom with comfortable bed and big window behind curtains and stylish desk to work in white wardrobe

For anyone who loves a clean, minimalist look, or if space is limited, adding a desk can be tricky. However, putting yours into the closet could be a great alternative to save space.

Depending on the size and shape of a closet, get creative with the size and style of the desk.

You may want to keep a stool under the desk and keep the closet doors shut when not using your desk, or if you have an open closet, let your desk chair and desk show prominently.

Where Should I Put A Desk In My Room?

Bedroom interior with wooden furniture

Some limitations will influence where you can reasonably place a desk in a room. Factors like the size and layout of a room and any fixtures you cannot move, like a radiator, window, or built-in shelf, may make it challenging to place a desk where you would like to most.

However, when placing a desk, you need to think about the most suitable and aesthetically pleasing location.

You wouldn't want to place a desk where it feels jarring, weird, or makes it difficult to navigate a room.

When in doubt, some of the best places to put a desk are the corner, alongside a wall, or out of the way in a closet. Ultimately, you should place a desk where you feel most comfortable.

How Do You Put A Desk Into A Small Bedroom?

In most instances, even with a small bedroom, you can successfully fit in a desk. You may have to choose a desk that is smaller than standard or even a table that isn't a traditional desk to fit the bill.

If space permits, good places to put a small desk include under a window, in a corner, or right near the head or foot of a bed.

Should A Desk Face The Wall?

Light cozy teen room with color decorations

It's good to have a desk facing a wall when you want to get down to business and limit any distractions, such as a nearby window. Don't forget; it's okay to add a nearby lamp, wall art, plants, or a few items to spruce up the space, so it doesn't feel so sparse.

How Far Should A Desk Be From The Wall?

Typically, it is good to keep a distance of 33-36 inches between the back of a desk and a wall. You want to stick with this amount of clearance space to allow any wires, equipment, or miscellaneous items with extended parts to fit comfortably on top of a desk.

Also, when a desk is too close to the wall, it might cause damage like scuffs, indentations, or chip paint if the table leans into the wall or gets bumped.

To Wrap Up

We hope you feel a lot more confident about placing a desk in the bedroom. Believe it or not, you typically have more options than you think, even when working with a small bedroom.

Also, adding finishing touches like art, plants, good lighting, and utilizing color can help make a desk in a bedroom fit seamlessly.

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