15 Great Couch And Two Chairs Living Room Layouts

Typically used for family time and entertaining, your living room is one of the most widely used spaces in your home, making seating options key. By adding extra chairs to your living room, you can create an optimal space for socializing spending quality time with your loved ones.

Using a couch and two chairs can create flexibility in your space and allow for some creativity. Placement, direction, and functionality can all play important roles in the layout of your living room furniture.

Seating layouts are usually a matter of personal preference, but the functionality of the seating arrangement plays a big part. The couch and two chair combination can sometimes result in limited seating but can also be easily moved for an adaptable seating structure.

This seating combination may work better for smaller living rooms or smaller families. Some may also prefer closer proximity seating such as a sectional for their living rooms, and chairs can also be added for extra seating.

There are many choices when it comes to seating for your living room. It can be challenging to find the perfect couch and two chair combination for your living room. Even after you find the right couch and chair combination for your space, there is the question of placement.

Many layouts can help to create an inviting space; we will discuss several of these in further detail.

Fully furnished living room with couch and and decorations, 15 Great Couch And Two Chairs Living Room Layouts

1. Sectional couch with two chairs adjacent

Sectional couches create an unmatched closeness and can give you plenty of space to sit and stretch. Adding two chairs to this seating choice will allow for extra space to your seating arrangement.

Modern living room with sofa, desk, chairs and accessories

By placing the two chairs side by side and adjacent to the sectional, the two chairs almost become an extension of the sectional seating. Using the same materials for your couch and chairs can give your room a cohesive feel even when the colors are different.

2. Two chairs positioned strategically across from the couch

Female colleagues on a break in a modern office

Smaller living room spaces can be a challenge to furnish. A couch and two chair combination can be a great solution to this problem.

Two chairs can be placed directly across from the couch but slightly away from each. This strategic placement allows for the two chairs to slightly face each other as well as the couch for optimal social space.

3. Creating the illusion of a divided space

Comfort armchairs near wooden table against decorative fireplace, couch, houseplants and home decor in fancy apartment

Furniture can also be used to create the look of separation within a space. These two accent chairs are placed strategically away from the couch and around the accent table for a division of this living space.

Of course, smaller pieces of furniture like these accent chairs can be easily moved within your room for functionality. This is another benefit to using the couch and two chair combination in your home.

4. Corner accent chair

Grey and navy blue living room interior with comfortable sofa and armchairs

Using one of your accent chairs in a corner of the room can allow for a sense of separation. This placement can be used to enjoy a book while the rest of the family watches a movie.

The matching grey couch and chair allow for the navy accent chair to also look a bit separated from the rest of the furniture. This accent chair can be easily moved in front of the couch to add a more intimate atmosphere that makes socializing easier and more comfortable.

5. One accent chair beside the couch

Sofa in a therapist consulting room

Using the same color can create an almost continuous look in your living room. Placing one accent chair close to one end of your couch can create the illusion of elongated seating.

This is easily accomplished through the use of the same general color for both the couch and accent chairs. The other accent chair can be moved around for increased flexibility in your seating arrangement.

6. Chairs on either side of the couch

Modern furniture half set isolated on white background

Television watching is one of the most popular ways to use your living room. Place the two chairs on either side of the couch to create more seating that can create the illusion of one long couch.

Create a crisp, clean, coordinated look with the use of the same style of furniture in your room. Coordinating accent pieces such as throw pillows with your brown chairs can give your space a cohesive look.

7. One chair adjacent to the couch

Flexibility is one of the main benefits of using the two chair and couch combination in your home. In this example, one chair is placed adjacent to the couch for extra seating around the coffee table.

The other chair is almost isolated across the room for a bit of privacy away from the coffee table. In this case, patterned upholstered furniture is used to ensure cohesion in this space.

8. Chairs facing each other away from the couch

Retro armchairs at wooden table on grey carpet in living room with lamp, bike and posters

There are some situations where chairs facing one another would be helpful. Placing the two chairs almost facing the other away from the couch creates a bit of privacy for a conversation.

Use your coffee table to divide this space for some added separation. For a distinct look, consider using different colors for each of your seating options.

9. Two chairs beside each other across from the couch

Scandinavian interior design living room with beige colored furniture and wooden elements

Placing the two chairs side by side can make almost an extra couch. Placing the two chairs across from your couch can be an optimal choice for socialization.

The coffee table in between these two seating options can be a great place for a game night to take place. It also offers space to place food and drinks when entertaining guests.

10. Circular patterned seating

Large and luxurious interiors of a modern living room

A sectional couch can offer great seating space but may make visitors uncomfortable. By placing additional seating options in the same circular pattern as your sectional, you can achieve this circular patterned seating look.

Most families would rather lounge in the comfort of the sectional couch, leaving the chairs for guests. The use of dark grey for the flooring makes the two accent chairs almost blend into the background when not in use.

11. Semi-circular patterned seating

Digitally generated 70s style living room

The scene was rendered with photorealistic shaders and lighting in Autodesk® 3ds Max 2016 with V-Ray 3.6 with some post-production added.

If a sectional couch doesn't quite fit into your space, a couch and two chairs can still be combined to create a similar look. The two chairs are placed on either end of the couch but are strategically positioned to face almost the same way as the couch.

While all seating is positioned around the coffee table, the two chairs face slightly outward for a semi-circular pattern. This seating option is great for watching television or playing games around the coffee table.

12. Placing chairs away from the couch

Vintage tv standing on a wooden cabinet next to a comfy couch in a stylish day room

In some situations, separation of seating can be of great benefit. Smaller living areas can benefit from placing one chair facing a desk, creating a modified office space.

Placing another chair in the same vicinity but away from your couch will create a certain amount of separation. Use your second chair anywhere in your room that is needed to create flexible seating arrangements.

13. Using ottomans as chairs

Modern living room interior with sofa

Using 0ttomans in place of chairs can create a unique and flexible seating option. Placing the two ottomans on either side of the couch makes them seem more like seating and less like footrests.

By having both ottomans and the couch around the coffee table, your space will look more inviting. Ottomans are very flexible seating options because they don't have a back so you can face any way you want.

14. Hanging seating

Loft room with hammock and furniture

For an unmatched look at your seating layout, consider hanging seating from your ceiling. You can move the couch and chairs for flexibility but hanging seating may be a challenge.

Facing your hanging seating slightly outward will be key in this particular layout. Turning your hanging seat slightly inward can make conversing or television watching easier.

15. Facing chairs toward couch without coffee table

Beautiful living room with table and chair facing couch

Using mismatched furniture can be tricky when trying to maintain a coordinated look, but the layout can make all of the difference. By removing the typical coffee table in the middle of the seating, you can create a more cohesive look.

Turning both chairs to face slightly toward each other will make your space look a bit cozier. Placing a table in between the two chairs will add an intimate touch to your space.

Final thoughts

Your living room is one of the most utilized spaces in your home. It should be reflective of your styles but should also be functional.

Deciding on the seating layout for your living room can be an important decision. We hope that the selection of couch and two chairs layout in your living room has helped to inspire your choices.

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