Can You Mix Flat And Satin Paint?

If you're doing a home improvement project like repainting your walls, you've probably come across the idea of mixing two paint sheens to create a different finish. We've researched this topic in-depth and we have some paint mixing thoughts and ideas we'd love to share in this post.

Two paints with different sheens, such as flat and satin paints, can be mixed together. However, for best results you should use two paints from the same brand so they'll have the same consistency. It is also important that the two paints you will mix together have the same base.

Knowing this information about doing something as simple as paint mixing can be a little overwhelming. This is why we're elaborating more on the topic in this post, as well as other questions you might have that are related. So do keep on reading to learn more about mixing paint finishes and choosing the right paint finish for your home.

Mixing two different classifications of paint, Can You Mix Flat And Satin Paint?

Can You Mix Flat And Satin Paint?

Choosing paint for your project isn't as simple as picking your favorite color and brushing it on your walls. Paints have different sheens that will look different once they are already applied to their chosen surfaces This, in turn, will make the space look relatively different because of the way paint reflects the light in the space.

Using a drill to mix the bucket of paint with another color

However, there are occasions when we might end up getting two paints that look the same but are completely different. Two paints with the same color, but different sheens will not look the same when painted. But there is a question—can we mix the two of them and create a different-looking paint?

More often than not, you can mix two paint sheens that are similar n their gloss levels. This means that the paint types that are compatible to mix are:

  • flat paints and eggshell,
  • satin and eggshell,
  • semi-gloss and satin,
  • high-gloss and semi-gloss.

Technically speaking, you can mix flat and satin paint together, but the sheen will most likely be different from either of the original finishes.

To get this paint mix, you should use two paints of the same brand to prevent differences in the paint's quality. It is also very important to note that two paints that should be mixed must be of the same base. Mixing two different paint bases such as oil-based and water-based paints will most likely cause a bad concoction of paints.

What Finish Will I Get From Flat And Satin Paint?

Flat and satin paints have two different finishes, but it is possible to mix them together. Since satin paint has a higher gloss than flat paint, it will create an intermediate finish when mixed together. This means that the satin sheen will most likely be muted if mixed with flat paint.

Mixing flat and satin paint together will most likely have a finish that is quite similar to eggshell paint. It will have less gloss, but it won't be flat enough to not reflect light. Before attempting to mix a big batch of flat and satin paint together, you should always make a small test batch first and see if the paint finish looks good when dry.

Can I Make My Flat Paint Look Satin?

A couple painting their living room with a blue color

When mixing two paint sheens that have very different gloss levels, you should expect to see a final paint finish that is in between these two sheens. Flat paint has the ability to mute the level of glossiness of paint, while paints with very high gloss levels will help reflect light on the paint surface.

That being said, you can make your flat paint look like satin by mixing it with a semi-gloss or gloss sheen paint. The intermediate finish of these two paints is similar to satin, although this new paint mix may not be as good as hiding imperfections using pure flat paint.

To make your flat paint look like satin, make sure to match the resins of the paints that you will be mixing. We've discussed the importance of mixing the same bases for paints—water-based paints should only be mixed with water-based paints. This is also true for resins. Make sure that your interior paint will only be mixed with interior paints, never with exterior-use ones.

Another issue that many have experienced when mixing flat and semi-gloss paints is the streaking when it is applied. To prevent this, make sure that you mix your two paints thoroughly. Gradually add your second paint (instead of just dumping it all in) and mix it slowly until you get the ratio you are looking for.

What Are The Different Paint Finishes?

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There are many different kinds of paint finishes that you can use, each of them providing a different look every time they are applied. These paint finishes can be used in different areas of your home, depending on the amount of light and activity your space receives.

Here are some paint finishes you should consider using for your projects:


Flat or matte paints are known to have the most coverage out of all paint finishes. You can call this the concealer of all paints because it has the ability to hide many imperfections like cracks and patches, thanks to the very high pigmentation of this paint.

This paint is non-reflective and it soaks up the light, often making the wall look recessed if used on these surfaces. This is the reason why flat paint is usually used for ceilings—it will absorb the excess brightness from the light fixtures without having to alter the room's design.

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This paint is a little matte, but it has a little shine to it, too, close to what an eggshell looks like. Eggshell paints tend to have a velvety appearance, making the light glow softly when it hits this paint finish.

Eggshell paints are easier to maintain than flat paints, thanks to the small amount of gloss in this finish. You can use this paint finish in everyday rooms like bedrooms and living rooms, especially for spaces that have lots of light.

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Satin paints are the classic, middle-ground option for most paint jobs. This paint finish sits right in the middle of the spectrum, making it a perfect choice for those who are unsure what would work best in their rooms. It reflects light well enough, without making it look too shiny like high gloss paints.

This paint is also very easy to maintain. Because of its gloss, satin paints can easily be cleaned by using a damp cloth and some cleaner. The gloss of this paint also makes it the perfect choice for rooms that don't get as much natural light, because it will bounce off any light it can get thanks to its higher gloss level.

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Semi-gloss paints are a lot shinier than satin paints, giving it a little more radiance and brightness when light hits the finish. This paint is more durable than the other paint finishes, so it is perfect to use in spaces that have a lot of traffic. It is highly resistant to bumps and scratches, so you don't have to worry about it if you end up hitting a semi-gloss wall when moving furniture.

However, as much as semi-gloss paints are great at being durable and shinier, it does have a few disadvantages. One, the shine of the paint finish can emphasize imperfections more than usual so don't use it to cover up cracks and patches.

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High gloss

This paint is the most reflective and also the most durable out of all the finishes. High gloss paints are considered a specialty finish because it is not often used for very large areas. It has a very shiny, glass-like appearance that tends to let light bounce easily across the room.

High gloss paint is easy to clean, but hard to apply. This paint is best used as an accent to doors, trims, cabinets, or areas you'd like to stand out. This paint finish works best in spaces that have less natural light to prevent it from looking too shiny in your room.

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Final Thoughts

Mixing two different classifications of paint

Mixing two paint sheens to create a different finish is definitely an experiment that can be a hit or a miss. However, you can let your creativity run wild by trying out a little mixture of flat and satin paints to create a completely different look. Doing this should give you a uniquely different and creative style for your newly painted home project.

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