Can Alien Tape Be Used Outdoors?

Finding the best product for your home project isn't always easy. For instance, do you want to use Alien tape outside but wonder if it will work? Even though Alien tape is said to be strong, can it withstand weather and temperature fluctuations? We've researched these questions and have the answers!

You should be able to use Alien tape outdoors. Because this product promises to be waterproof and durable in all types of weather conditions, it should be suitable for outdoor use. You should be able to use Alien tape on brick, wood, drywall, glass, and stucco surfaces indoors and outdoors.

In this article, we will discuss Alien tape usage and if it's safe to use outside. Whether you need to hang decor, a light fixture, art, or anything else on your exterior walls, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

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Is It Okay To Use Alien Tape Outdoors?

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Yes! Because of its incredibly powerful adhesion, you can use Alien tape outdoors. Generally, this tape product works well on flat and textured exterior surfaces, as it adapts to the area you apply it to. According to the brand, Alien tape instantly grips surfaces, regardless of where they are located.

Furthermore, your Alien tape is an alternative to traditional nails or screws, which tend to rust outside. Instead, your tape will instantly bond to the wall or surface. Think of this product as a super tape.

Alien tape is not bulky, even though it's incredibly strong. Customers have been impressed with its ability to hold items inside and out, including heavy art pieces. One person claims that Alien tape worked on brick, wood, glass, plastic, and more, from the walls to the floor.

Thanks to its nano-grip technology, Alien tape can keep its seal for years, even in rain, snow, and other outdoor conditions. Of course, you want to try and apply Alien tape to a structurally-sound surface: the flatter/more even, the better it will hold.

How Does Alien Tape Work?

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Alien tape works similarly to most permanent adhesive strip products. It responds best to flat, non-porous surfaces, although you can it on textured, porous walls.

This product features a double-sided acrylic tape with nanotech ideal for mounting purposes (inside and outdoors).

You also want to wipe down the item you hang and the wall/surface before using Alien tape. You don't want dust, dirt, or oil to be present on either item, as this can affect the tape's adhesion.

When you're ready to use Alien tape, you can cut strips from the roll of tape. Next, press the tape onto the item you want to hang item for 15 seconds. This will secure the tape to the surface and prepare it better for the wall.

After that, you can peel off the Alien tape backing, exposing the adhesive. Press your item to the indoor or outside wall and hold it for another 15-30 seconds.

To ensure the item is mounted securely, you want to wiggle it a bit. If you need to reuse the tape, spray water on it, remove it and the item from the wall, and then rinse it in the sink. Allow Alien tape to dry and store it inside a plastic bag.

One of the neat things about this adhesive product is that it can be reused. You're also able to reposition something already mounted with Alien tape, although there may be damage to the original wall.

Here's a video explaining this process from YouTube:

Is Alien Tape Double-Sided?

Yes! Alien tape is double-sided. As we mentioned, your Alien tape works similarly to other permanent adhesive strips, which often have a sticky front and backside. Furthermore, Alien tape comes in a 10+ foot roll, which you can cut to your specific sizing.

Unlike other products that may be pre-cut, Alien tape gives you more flexibility for sizing.

Alien tape is also reusable. For example, if you want to remove something from an inside or outside wall and reuse the adhesive strip: you can. With Alien tape, you can adjust a mounted item without needing a new strip, which is great for people who like to redecorate.

This product is also clear, so it shouldn't leave color or stain behind on walls. However, because of its strength and depending on how long you have something mounted, it is possible to see Alien tape remove paint from the wall.

How Much Weight Can Alien Tape Hold?

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Alien tape can generally hold up to 17.5 pounds. Of course, the surface where Alien tape is can affect this number. For example, if you use Alien tape on a porous, rough wall, it may only be able to hold 10-15 pounds.

As mentioned, Alien tape is recommended for smooth, non-porous walls and surfaces for best results. The key is pressing your tape against the item you're mounting and the wall. We recommend doing this for at least 15 seconds.

Some DIYers have used Alien tape to hold 17-pound mirrors with no issue. That's impressive for those not wanting to use traditional nails or screws. Like most double-sided tapes, Alien products are an excellent alternative to invasive nails/screws that can damage walls.

Especially if you're renting your home, being able to spray the tape, remove it, and reuse it at the next place is a far more effective idea than filling in holes throughout your walls. Why have holes when you could use clear, double-sided tape?

Is Alien Tape Weatherproof?

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Yes, Alien tape should be weatherproof enough to work outside. As we covered, this adhesive product adapts to water, wind, and snow and can handle fluctuating temperatures/climates.

Even people in wet climates or near the beach have found success using Alien tape outside, as long as they apply it correctly and follow the instructions. You also want to remember that smoother surfaces respond best to Alien tape.

Many outdoor walls are porous/textured, so that can complicate things. Alien tape can secure itself and the mounted object to brick, stone, wood, glass, and tile. Think of this product as having millions of tiny suction cups that lock on and hold tight to any surface.

Does Alien Tape Work In The Rain?

You don't want to apply Alien tape to a surface in the rain. However, once your adhesive strip locks into the wall and mounted object, that's when the rain won't be an issue. Generally, you want to apply Alien tape to an exterior surface during good conditions.

On a day with rain, wind, or snow, your Alien tape may not be able to stick as well as usual. That's not to say it won't work: but it could be less effective long-term.

It's worth mentioning that this tape has been formulated to withstand moisture, like humidity and rainfall. Many people use Alien tape in their bathrooms and kitchens, which are often humid.

However, for the outside, you want to try and apply Alien adhesive strips before or after rain. Since one of the ways to loosen Alien tape is to get it wet and then pull, using it in damper conditions isn't a great idea.

Instead, watch the forecast and wait for a day that calls for moderate temperatures and clear skies. That will allow your tape to secure itself to the wall and mounted item, all without losing its bond.

To Finish

Using Alien tape is as easy as peeling each side and applying it to your mounted item and wall. When it comes to using Alien products outdoors, we found this is possible (and common) as long as you follow the product's instructions. Alien tape works well on textured surfaces, so it can adhere to outside surfaces like brick, wood, tile, and stone.

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