Where Is The Goodman Furnace Pilot Light? [And How To Use It]

Are you wondering where the Goodman furnace pilot light is located? And how could you use it? No more excuses! We've researched the answers.

The Goodman furnace pilot light is inside the furnace on the front panel. To operate the pilot light, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the thermostat off.
  2. Open the front panel.
  3. Turn the switch off, then wait for 30 seconds before you turn it on in pilot mode.
  4. Press and hold the red button beside the switch while you ignite the thermocouple underneath.
  5. Release the hold, then turn the switch on.

A Goodman furnace gives warmth to your home. So, we have a lot to tell you in this article. We'll provide step-by-step guides on how to use the furnace pilot light. We'll also give you more relevant details about the Goodman furnace. Keep reading with us!

Technician repairing Gas Furnace - Where Is The Goodman Furnace Pilot Light? [And How To Use It]

Where Is the Goodman Furnace Pilot Light?

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It is located inside the front panel, above the thermocouple. You can easily identify the pilot light because of the red switch. Just trace the cable to see where the switch connects, and you'll find the pilot light on the other end.

How to Turn On the Goodman Furnace Pilot Light

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The Goodman furnace cannot heat up if the pilot light is inactive. That's why we're giving you in-depth steps on how to turn it on.

Always wear gloves to protect your hands from burns or irritation. Wear a mask for safer breathing. See below for the steps to turning on the pilot light correctly.

Turn the Thermostat Off

A thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature. So, you should turn it off to avoid damage.

Open the Front Panel

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The front panel is screwed on at its corners. You can loosen the screws with a screwdriver, then slide the cover open. You should see a red button and a black switch inside the panel labeled with "on," "off," and "pilot."

Switch to Pilot Mode

Heating Central Gas Furnace Issue. Technician Trying To Fix the Problem with the Residential Heating Equipment.

Switch first to off, then wait for at least 30 seconds before you switch to pilot mode. This is to evaporate the gas and prevent the thermocouple from overheating upon ignition.

After you dissipate the gas, simply turn the switch onto pilot mode to activate the thermocouple. We'll discuss more about thermocouples later in this article.

Ignite the Thermocouple

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Next is to press and hold the red button beside the switch. While you're holding that button, ignite the thermocouple with a lighter. It's recommended to use a lighter with a long tube to avoid burning your fingers.

Set the Toggle to On.

After igniting the thermocouple, just turn the switch on. Your furnace should be burning and ready to use again.

What Is a Thermocouple?

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A thermocouple is a thermal junction device consisting of two wires to measure the temperature difference between hot and cold. A thermocouple is present in heat-producing units, like a furnace, to keep the temperature at the recommended level.

In furnaces, a thermocouple processes the temperature upon igniting it with a lighter. The thermocouple then transfers the heat to burn the furnace.

How Long Should You Leave the Furnace Pilot Light On?

It's good to leave the furnace burning for 10–20 minutes. This is enough to warm up the room temperature in the winter. However, it's best to observe the temperature more often. You need to ensure that the air is safe and that the room has proper ventilation.

When to Turn the Furnace Off?

You should turn the furnace off when the room reaches at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit. It's important to avoid overheating the furnace.

Also, switch the furnace off in the summer. In a hot season, the air is dry and there might be heatwaves in the atmosphere. Keep the furnace off to prevent heatstroke during this period.

The key point when deciding when to turn off your furnace is when you feel the temperature rising beyond what you can tolerate. Don't wait for the heat to become extreme, as it may cause serious illnesses like headaches, sore throats, and shortness of breath.

Goodman The Furnace Is Still Not Heating Up

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There might be faulty wires or defective parts that cause your furnace to not work properly. It's important to locate where the fault comes from.

Below are things you can look for in case the furnace does not burn, and how to fix them.

Faulty Thermocouple

The inner workings of an older residential natural gas furnace. All four burners are lit, with an extended DOF.

Check if the thermocouple is working. Its wires should be in good condition. You may need to replace the thermocouple if this is the problem.

Faulty Thermostat

Thermostats differ from thermocouples. A thermostat is for controlling the temperature and keeping it within a certain limit. A thermocouple is for balancing the temperature change between hot and cold.

See if the thermostat connects properly to the power source. Check the springs and buttons as well. Should you need to replace the thermostat, consult an expert.

Broken Switch

Test if the switch is working. This might be the reason why the thermocouple does not activate. Make sure the switch is not loose.

Dirty filters

Pull out the filters and ensure that they are clean. If the filters are dirty, the furnace may not properly heat up due to a blocked gas passageway.

How to Clean Furnace Filters

A person changing an air filter on a high efficiency furnace

It's important to clean the filters at least once a month to ensure the efficiency of the furnace. A dirty filter can block the airflow, which will result in increased air pressure.

Some filters are not washable, specifically if they have cardboard. You can still clean them with a dry, soft brush. However, check the quality if the filter needs replacement.

See below for the steps to cleaning furnace filters:

  1. Turn the furnace off and look for the filter. There is an arrow indicating where the air flows.
  2. Pull the filter out and put it in a basin with water.
  3. Wash the filter and soak it with dishwashing soap to remove the dirt.
  4. Wash it again with water, and let it dry.
  5. Put back the filter correctly based on where the arrow is pointing at.

How Long Does Goodman Furnace Last?

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Typically, a Goodman furnace can last for up to 30 years or longer depending on its correct usage. Always refer to the user's manual for accurate operation of your furnace.

Signs That There's a Gas Leak in Your Furnace

Poisonous toxic gas and water leaking from damaged blue steel barrel, sign of toxic material on barrel surface

Detecting a gas leak is quite obvious as there are many signs you can look for. You must act immediately if you want to keep your home safe.

See below for some signs that tell you your furnace is leaking gas.

Gaseous Smell

If you smell something like a mixed chemical, then there might be gas leakage from the furnace.

You should wear a mask to avoid inhaling gas leak.

Unbreathable air

The gas may not produce any smell, but it can make the air dry and let you catch your breath. The gas may already have filled the room without you knowing it.

Unusual Sound

If you hear a hissing sound from the furnace, the gas might be rushing from the tubes inside the furnace. It's a strong indication of a gas leak.

What Should You Do If Your Furnace Leaks Gas?

A gas leak is a very serious matter. It can pose a health risk and even cause death. But do not panic, as we've listed down things to do when gas leaks from your furnace.

It's best to call a professional, but you can follow these steps while you wait for them to come:

  1. Never light a fire with any flammable sources like stoves, lighters, candles, or cigarettes. Instead, quickly wear a mask, gloves, and eye goggles.
  2. Let the children and pets out of the house immediately. Open all the windows and doors to let the air pressure escape. Shut down the appliances and phones to prevent the temperature from heating up.
  3. While wearing protective gear, turn the furnace off and unplug it from the outlet.
  4. Stay away from the area, as the gas can contaminate the air.
  5. Call a professional to check the furnace.


Throughout this article, we've tackled where the Goodman furnace pilot light is located and how to activate it.

We've also discussed some reasons why the furnace does not heat up, and how to fix these issues. We've shown you some parts related to activating the furnace pilot light.

Further, you've learned safety measures when you suspect a gas leak from a furnace. It's important to observe when the furnace changes the room temperature.

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