What Wall Color Goes With Gray Tile In The Bathroom?

There's a belief that gray, a "diplomatic color" is a representation of neutrality and balance. Being acceptably formal and versatile in various applications, it's a widely favored color for modern bathroom tiles. In this post, we'll give you great wall colors that best complement gray tiles.

If your bathroom tiles are dominantly gray, you must try these paint colors on your wall:

  • Lime or Pale green
  • Cobalt or Teal blue
  • Mustard yellow
  • Black and white
  • Blush pink

While gray, along with its shades, is timelessly elegant, it can harmonize perfectly with other colors. Green, blue, yellow, and pink paint on the wall are nice choices to either contrast or balance the formality of gray. Stick around as we walk you through an array of wall colors to give your gray bathroom tiles a new and better glow!

White tile flooring and inside a gray wall bathroom with a glass shower wall, What Wall Color Goes With Gray Tile In The Bathroom?

What Wall Color Goes With Gray Tile In The Bathroom?

A crucial element of decorating one's home is, of course, choosing the right paint color combinations. The selection can be based on one's preference, or a need to coordinate with the colors of the furniture and fixtures.

More and more homeowners, however, are attracted to monochromatic paints, for instance, gray for a minimalist look. Even so, we want our rooms to achieve an intricate balance between dark and light hues, formal and playful designs, etc.

A small glass walled shower area with a floating black paneled cabinet with white countertop

Certainly, introducing some other colors to blend with gray can still sustain both minimalism and style. 

Even more than this, walls need not be painted very plainly at all times. Aside from using the right kind of paint colors for your bathroom walls, you can be more creative by using vinyl wallpapers or tiles with beautiful patterns and colors.  

Green and Gray

Lime and pale green can be some of the most ideal shades of green paint that go well with gray tiles. Because green suggests nature and life, it can completely make a visually relaxing contrast with gray. To enhance this excellent combination, allow natural light to jazz up your bathroom look.

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Blue and Gray

Imagine a picturesque gray ice-capped mountain viewed against a vibrant blue sky! That's replicable in your restroom. The rule is quite easy to remember when matching these two colors: warm gray blends well with warm shades of blue, and cool gray works ideally with cool variants of blue.

Blue represents water, and water is understandably cool. So, we highly suggest either cobalt or teal blue on your walls to further add refreshing elegance to your already-formal gray tiles.

Yellow and Gray

Add a touch of yellow (e.g., mustard yellow, pale lemon yellow) on your bathroom walls, so the rustic element of your gray tiles can pop out. Mingling yellow with anything dark brings sunlight and positive vibes to an emotionless space. 

Some luxurious bathrooms, especially in coffee shops and hotels, intentionally use dim downlights. So, if you intend to use dimmable downlights, specifically to save energy, consider painting your wall yellow or white. This way, you can reduce the feeling of too much gloominess in your already-dark bathroom. 

Despite radiating a sunny and cheerful aura, you should select yellow paint wisely. Vibrant sunshine yellow, for example, may not be the best option for your bathroom--even in your bedroom!

Black, White, and Gray

When it comes to exuding elegance and contemporary simplicity, nothing beats the interesting interplay of gray, white, and black. For instance, gray tiles laid on a white wall with black geometric designs can achieve both the elements of minimalism and maximalism.  

By general consent, all colors can harmonize with white or black. Often, a bathroom with plain black walls becomes more elegant when lit with pendant lights or even ordinary ceiling lights. 

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Pink and Gray

Pink is such a friendly and peaceful color. For many, it represents love and sweetness, which when added to gray, can radiate a feeling of happiness. Blush pink, for example, has that potent effect to soften and light up formal and stodgy colors of tiles or furniture. 

Using too much pink on walls, especially bright shades, however, may not be a good choice. Design experts believe that a pastel pink, for example, tends to create an oversaturated look. Plus, this shade may ruin one's mood or worsen anxiety for some people.

Now that we've covered some of the most ideal paint colors for your gray-tiled bathroom, let's further help you scout out the best wallpapers and types of paint for it!

What Type of Paint is Best for Bathroom Walls?

Interior of a gorgeous gray designed bathroom with a glass wall shower area and light gray ceiling

Homeowners should mindfully select paint for bathroom walls for a dependable and long-lasting makeover. This type of paint should withstand water or moist-induced problems.

Since bathrooms are often damp and humid because of splashes and hot shower steam, the growth of mildew is inevitable. Moreover, stain buildup and hidden damp issues may trouble many. To avoid these scenarios, choose the right coating and paint!

Water-based Latex Paint

Water-based latex paints by general consent are the best option for bathroom walls. Its tight molecular structure makes it the most durable and moisture-resistant paint to rely on.

Before application, this paint is water-soluble but quickly dries and becomes water-resistant on the wall due to its acrylic or vinyl content.  

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Satin Paint

Satin is either an oil or latex-based paint. Choose satin paint because this is less likely to hold dirt, hence, it's easier to clean than flat finishes.

Characterized by its medium-level sheen, this type resists mildew and mold buildups. It is also great for concealing imperfections on walls. Additionally, you can use satin for your bathroom ceiling.

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Semi-gloss or Gloss Paint

Semi-gloss and gloss finishes are both mold and moist-resistant because they are manufactured with more resin and binders. They are ideal for rooms that encounter moisture, drips, grease, and dirt. More than that, coating your bathroom walls and ceiling with this type renders cleaning easier. 

Paint that has high light-reflectiveness or levels of gloss is the most ideal finish for bathrooms. Avoid using flat and matte paints as they show little to no sheen and are more vulnerable to moisture infiltration and dirt buildup.

Which Wallpaper is Best for Bathrooms?

If you feel like steering away from too much paint for your bathroom, you can always find wallpapers practical and stylish at the same time. But just like choosing the type of paint to use, you should also consider several factors before installing these materials. 

Wallpapers are usually ornamental adhesive coverings for walls. They are printed with decorative colors and patterns and are useful in improving the appearance of walls, ceilings, and hallways. For bathrooms, vinyl wallpapers are the most suitable. 

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Durability is a big factor when using wallpaper instead of wall paint. Vinyl wallpaper, heavy-duty yet less expensive, is excellent on bathroom walls because it does not easily wear out from constant splashes and splatters.

Can You Waterproof Wallpapers?

Moist is also the main enemy of wallpapers. If not waterproofed and sealed, steam and water can penetrate between the edges of these coverings, hence weakening their ability to stick on the wall. 

When these materials catch water or encounter excessive humidity, they tend to curl or peel from the seams. So, to prolong the life of these wall decor, you should apply clear acrylic varnishes, primer, or emulsion glaze. By adding clear acrylic, you can make the wallpaper less prone to staining. 

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White tile flooring and inside a gray wall bathroom with a glass shower wall

Certain paint colors convey certain emotions and moods. A bathroom, as we all know, should be a sanctuary of comfort and peace. So, you must choose the right colors, including lighting, for it. 

Even if gray seems to be a dull and lifeless color, it boasts formality, versatility, and balance. You can enhance the aesthetic value of gray bathroom tiles by matching them with relatively all cool, muted, and positive colors.  

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