What Goes With A Blue Couch In The Living Room? [5 Choice Colors ]

The couch is often the centerpiece of any living room, and the color blue is a bolder choice than traditional neutrals. Balance is the most important thing in interior design, and there’s lots of different decor to consider. So, we thoroughly researched how to style your living room around a blue couch.

Blue couches are flexible but cool, so it’s best to style the living room to coordinate with the temperature. The decor, walls, and floors can remain neutral, match the blue couch, or create contrast. Choose a specific interior design that complements a blue couch using the following colors:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Wood
  • Green
  • Red

Whether you already have a blue couch, or plan on adding one, there are many ways to fit this calming and cool furniture to your living room. Keep reading to learn how different color schemes will balance out a blue couch, and trending living room colors for 2022.

A modern living room interior of a luxurious hotel apartment with a designer couch, What Goes With A Blue Couch In The Living Room? [5 Choice Colors ]


Although this is the most common, and potentially a boring choice, it is the safest. White is a neutral color, making it easy to tie anything in a room together, including couches with bolder colors.

White’s reflective nature and hot temperature also help liven an area. Blue is naturally cool, no matter how bright of a shade you use. Pairing it with white will create a tidy contrast that feels purposeful rather than messy.

Interior scene with pastel colored sofa with colorful pillows, blank wall for copy space

There are many interior designs that use both white and blue, so you expand your options. For example, Beach House and Coastal styles use blue and white to create an airy and bright feeling, so your living room resembles a cozy beach.

These styles are especially flexible with blue couches, because any shade will do. Even darker blue couches will fit because they look oceanic.


Interior scene with pastel colored sofa with colorful pillows

This color is another flexible neutral, but it works well with blue’s cold temperature. So, using gray decor with your blue couch results in a very relaxing and subdued living room.

Most importantly, blue and gray are already natural partners. Wood and metal decor commonly use this combination of colors. Aside from using light grays for a beach house style, it is also a perfect fit for modern living rooms.

Combine a minimalist look with splashes of color for a modern style. Minimalist rooms focus on clean lines, mostly relying on black and gray for a semi-industrial appearance.

Fortunately, blue is a softer way to introduce color than most alternatives. It turns your couch into an accent piece that draws all the attention.


Furnished with blue fabric sofa

Because we frequently find blue in nature, like the ocean or rain, natural wood is always a good fit for a blue couch.

We can also find wood in nearly every interior design, although the grain and personality is too loud for a minimalist look. It also gives you the most freedom outside of a white living room.

Using more wood in your decor and flooring provides some flexibility, because you can use wood stains to restyle as needed.

While a finish protects the wood, using a stain transform it completely. Consider using a stain to adjust the gloss level or color to suit the needs of your blue couch. It also lets you introduce more unusual, bold colors, like yellow or red.

Mainly, wood is used with a blue couch for rustic interior designs. Examples of this include cottage, farmhouse, or country home styles, which welcome a weathered look and cool colors like blue.

Most wood also has some level of brown, either on the surface or in its undertones. Because brown is a close neutral, the color of wood is flexible enough to help bridge a blue couch with other features.

What Color Wood Goes With Navy Blue?

Stylish living room interior in blue with a small sofa

Although using a wood stain can change the brightness of any wood, every type of wood has its own natural tones. Because navy blue is a darker shade, using a lighter wood will make a navy blue couch pop in the living room.

Brighter woods include reddish cherry, white oak, or maple that has a combination of both white and reddish browns. A darker wood will soften the impact of your navy blue couch. Although walnut wood may vary in color, it typically has naturally dark and rich tones.


Blue and green are closely associated with nature, making them a perfect match. For example, green is visible in forests and gardens. However, this color may limit your interior design options. Most of your living room styles will lean towards nature imagery.

Again, light greens are acceptable for coastal or tropical scenes. But you may also look to Asian or Italian influences, which celebrate nature and frequently let blues and greens pop.

Green decor always has a warmer temperature, even with darker shades. This will cause a soft contrast with your blue couch, which livens up the area without straying too far.


Blue sits directly opposite from orange on the traditional RGB color wheel. So, any shade of red is going to create a powerful contrast, making a clear statement without losing consistency.

Red is often introduced using wood and wood stains, as in cherry wood or mahogany, which is a mix of red and brown. Large additions like curtains are often too loud.

Instead, use red in flooring or accent pieces for the living room. This can include throw pillows, throw blankets, rugs, or side tables.

However, there are specific interior designs that openly combine the boldness of red and blue. An example of this is the Arts and Crafts style, which highlights personality and loud colors.

Also, chalky and darker reds may blend with blue in Mexican, Tuscan or English styles. Red and blue, works for rustic, homemade, and bold looks.

Similar to green, we consider red somewhat floral, so applying it in a garden context could work. Also, brighter reds or corals may fit into nautical interior designs.

What Color Carpet Goes With A Blue Sofa?

Home interior mockup with blue sofa

Carpeting is a popular flooring choice, because of its warmth and comfort. However, it’s rare for bolder carpets to balance well, because they occupy so much space.

So, this flooring is traditionally neutral, using tans or gray. Generally, we style rooms to grow brighter from the floor up because a darker floor grounds the area.

So, the shade of your blue sofa may determine the ideal carpeting. For example, if you want a darker blue sofa to pop, then use a brighter carpet. You can read our post How Much Does It Cost To Carpet A 10X12 Room? if you're planning on adding a new carpet to your home.

Which Color Is Best For Living Room?

Colorful interior of living room with a blue sofa and a yellow armchair

The best color for any living room is any kind of neutral, because they have no true color. They’re timeless, which makes it easier to restyle without having to replace absolutely everything.

It also gives you more freedom to use any kind of decor that you please, without disrupting the flow of the room. That flexibility is why white is the most popular color for walls and other large surface areas. It brightens the room without distracting from the interior design.

White’s reflective nature also tricks the eye, so that an area appears larger than it truly is. This is especially useful for smaller living rooms, as in apartments or studios. Read our post Where To Place A Sectional In A Small Living Room for tips on fitting your couch into a small space.

However, it’s important to consider your overall style. If you want a home to look bold, then it is worthwhile to invest in stronger colors. Neutrals sometimes become overwhelming and dull, especially when used together.

What Colors Are In For Living Rooms In 2022?

2022 New Year Concept

Specialists such as Martha Stewart have suggested that neutrals and soft tones are trending for living rooms this year.

This is a considerable contrast from last year. When people had more free time on their hands, they leaned toward a bolder personality for the entire home.

Whether the living room has warm or cool hints, a relaxing and cozy look is ideal for 2022. Luckily, experts like Very Well Mind define blue as a calm and serene color. So, even darker blue couches may fit the tone of current trends in interior design.


A modern living room interior of a luxurious hotel apartment with a designer couch

Using a blue couch in the living room may be a bold choice, but there are many ways to incorporate it without sacrificing balance. Now that you’re aware of how different decor colors highlight or subdue a blue couch, you can develop the right interior design for any living room.

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