What Furniture Items To Put In Front Of A Window

The furniture we put in front of the window tells a lot about our concept of space, our design preferences, and how we want the atmosphere in the house to be. So, what are the ideal items you should put in front of the window? We have researched answers to find out. 

You can put various furniture items in front of a window, but you want them to lay low to avoid blocking natural light. Some furniture ideas include:

  • Bed frames
  • Couches or chairs
  • Bench or day bed
  • Low-lying shelves
  • Desks or workstation
  • Cafe tables
  • Console tables

When putting up furniture items in front of windows, you should consider the amount of space: will it look cramped, or will it balance out the interior? You should also think about its function; whether it is more useful to put in front of a window. If you want to learn more about how to decorate your window, keep reading below!

Small pumpkins, scented candles, and a plant on the window sill, What Furniture Items To Put In Front Of A Window

What Furniture Items To Put In Front Of A Window

Ideally, you shouldn't be putting anything that may potentially block out the view and natural light. This isn't always an option since some spaces can be smaller and require more innovation to have everything fitted together.

However, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the aesthetic--it is still possible to make the interior work. Here are some things you can consider putting in front of your window that are both comfortable and pleasing to look at.

Bed frames

A gorgeous bedroom with white walls matched with white curtains, gray beddings with different colors of pillows

Feng Shui says that it may not be a good idea to put beds in front of a window as it can cause restless sleep. It does make sense since sunlight can interrupt your rest as soon as the sun rises. However, there may not be any more options considering your available space and the bed size that can keep you most comfortable. 

You can remedy this by getting a bed frame with a low-lying headboard. That way, there's a better chance that you can avoid direct exposure to sun rays.

You can also purchase blackout curtains and shades to keep yourself comfortable through the morning while still having the option to have natural light should you need it.

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Couches or chairs

A gray sectional sofa with pastel colored throw pillows, white curtains, white painted walls and wooden flooring

Setting up low-level couches will still allow natural light to balance out the living area. This is also ideal since most people want their couches in front of the TV; so more natural light means better lighting for watching shows. 

Your chairs and couches should also remain in harmony with your window treatments. Just be sure that there is enough space for both the couch (or chair) and curtains so they do not brush together. This will leave a tidy look and keep everything cleaner.

Bench or day bed

A reading nook with gray throw pillows, plants and a reading book on the window sill

If you do not have a low-level couch but still want seats in front of a window, you can opt for a bench or a day bed. Depending on the furniture design, these will not block out the window. They also make for a good statement piece. 

You can try dressing the window with vibrant draperies to create a more luxurious look. It can double as a reading or lounging area, so you can layer it with novelty pillows and throw blankets. 

Benches create symmetry in a bedroom or a living area with their low profile but functional form. This is ideal if you want to fill an awkward empty space without too much effort.

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Low-lying or hanging shelves

Shelves, whether in a kitchen, bedroom, or sitting area, can also be put in front of a window. Again, you do not want to block the scenery and sunlight, so you would want to put low-lying or hanging shelves in front of a window. 

If you only want to get high shelves, opt for a clear acrylic shelf. This will still make the room feel airy and bright. 

You can add visual appeal by positioning potted or hanging plants on your shelves. Not only will the sun be healthy for the plants; but they will also liven up the window area.

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Desks or workstation

A working table with a laptop and plants near the window

Working in front of a window is known to reduce eyestrain, which can improve productivity. The natural light will lessen digital eye strain, and occasionally relishing a good view from your window will lessen the stress and inspire you to work better.

If the sun's glare is an issue, you can simply turn your workstation to a 90-degree angle. This way, you still get all the benefits of natural light while protecting your eyes from harsher sun rays. Put up plants and shades on the window for air purification purposes.

Console tables

A console table might be the perfect piece of furniture you can put in front of your window. Most console tables are the perfect height to be a piece of functional furniture without blocking the window too much. 

Just be sure that the items you put on top won't be the ones blocking the window. To be on the safe side, you can put coffee table books or magazines on it. You can also try small indoor plants, small light fixtures, vases, scented candles, and classic sculptures.

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How To Decorate a Bay Window

Bay windows are outward-projecting interiors that add a curved space to an area. These spaces provide better ventilation, especially if they have windows on all sides, more natural light, and more style options. 

It can be a challenge trying to figure out how to fill out that space without it looking forced. Trying to find a suitable window treatment for it can also be difficult since the rods will need to be customized to fit. 

Fortunately, it is aesthetically versatile and can add more value to your home if you're willing to be more creative. Here are ways you can furnish your bay window and make it a statement part of your space.

Set up a reading nook

A bay window with frameless windows with carpeted flooring, gray armchairs and a lavender on the end table

Reading nooks fit in bay windows perfectly because they provide natural light on all sides. Simply add comfortable seating that can fit snugly on the curved space, whether it's a couch, a beanbag chair, or a day bed.

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Consider getting a round-shaped daybed, or have it custom-fitted to the bay window so you can lay more comfortably on it. 

One tip to create the perfect reading nook is to get shutters instead of draperies or curtains for the windows. This will make it easier for you to prop yourself up without any fabric getting in the way, and you can better adjust the amount of light coming inside.

Make it a small green area

Different varieties of plants placed on the window sill

If putting up more furniture might not be to your taste, you can convert the added space into a green space where you get to grow spices and fruits. This is feasible too since the sunlight will make the plant life healthy and thriving. 

Adding indoor plants will also be better for the air quality and ventilation especially if you have a small space. You can also switch it up and instead try growing flowers near the bay window. This can make your home look lovelier and more welcoming!

Set up a coffee nook or wine bar

A small book with white pumpkins, a sweater with scented candle

Having a bay window gives you an opportunity to set up your own in-house mini cafe or wine bar--whichever is your preference. Simply set up a bench or a barstool where you can display your supplies, a small dining set if there's still enough space, and you can enjoy your drinks with a view!

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You can opt to custom-fit the tables to your bay windows for functional purposes. Be sure to have a complementing color scheme to make your nook blend seamlessly with the rest of your interior.

Can you put Appliances in front of a window?

As a general rule, you should avoid putting appliances near heat sources to avoid overheating and possible accidents. Though most homes have their TV perched against a window, this is not a good practice. 

Not only do you risk heat damage, but the glare from the sun can also prevent you from viewing anything clearly. As much as possible, natural light should be across the screen and not against it. 

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Final Thoughts

Small pumpkins, scented candles, and a plant on the window sill

The key to making your furniture work with windows is to simply not make it block anything. If a piece of furniture is too high, it is best perched against a wall. As with any home project, always keep your space and natural light in mind to create the best possible interior design.


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  1. Great read! I find it very appealing to put a day bed or couch in front of a window. A coffee nook would also be great. I could just imagine sitting or lying down beside the window on a rainy day while sipping my favorite coffee. Thanks for sharing this article!

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