What Color Grout To Use With Gray Tile?

A major part of tile renovations that often gets overlooked is the grout color. The grout is what holds all the tiles together and will show through at the joints. Gray is a very popular choice of tile for its clean and neutral look, and as you look, you'll find yourself considering what color grout goes well with gray. We've taken the time to research for you to find out.

A big thing to think about when picking grout color for gray tile is where the tile is. Some colors will be easier to clean than others, and in the end, it could come down to aesthetic preference. We've made a list of the most favored grout colors:

  • Light gray
  • Cream
  • Dark gray
  • Brown
  • Off white
  • Charcoal

Grout can either be a helping hand to the design of a room or blend it to emphasize other fixtures. Picking out which color works best for you will come down to preference along with the room you're working on and other considerations. In this article, we'll be going through multiple things to consider and how to match colors. Keep reading to find out this and helpful tips!

Bath and shower cubilcle, beautifully lined with two toned gray marble tiles, What Color Grout To Use With Gray Tile?

What to consider when selecting grout color

To keep things simple, you can always match the grout to the tile color, but it isn't necessary. If you really want to dive deep into the design of your room, you'll want to think about how present you want the tiles to be and what the overall style of the room is. Different grout colors can greatly pop your gray tiles and bring contrast into the room. Or they can let the tiles blend into the background.

If you're looking for a little more of a luxury feel, tile is a good go-to versus just paint. You add in another element that customizes your home. Gray tiles can also be very neutral in mood, allowing you to really play with grout color.

Size of room

The size of the room you're tiling will be one of the most important things to consider. For example, a large room with gray tiles throughout and bright white grout will cause a lot of contrast. This could be overwhelming on the eyes and take away from other aspects of the room.

On the other hand, if you match the grout to the color tile, the room can feel larger. This is because the room is acting as a vessel to showcase the furniture or decor. A medium-size room will benefit from having a somber wall grout and a contrasting floor pattern. The mixture helps extenuate the room.

Spacious minimalist bathroom design


Location, location, location. Tiles themselves can be very versatile and easy to clean up in high-traffic areas. Of course, with lots of foot traffic comes dirt. Bright white, cream or even light gray have the possibility of showing dirt and stains easier than a darker color would.

Also, bathroom areas, such as the shower, will show drastic staining on white grout. Unless you have the time to scrub the floor grout with bleach, going with a darker grout color will be more beneficial. Or, you could even pick a tile that sits close together and doesn't require such noticeable grout joints.

Another spot to think about is the kitchen. Spills and splashes happen all the time. When you have a tiled backsplash, you can accidentally splash red sauce onto it and if left for too long, see an orange spot after wiping it off. The kitchen tends to be one of the busiest spots in the house, and designers typically go with a darker grout for the floors.

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Now, let's think about what you want the room to say. Are you looking for it to be a clean and fresh finish? Or perhaps bolder and captivating? You could even be working with an interior designer and trying to give off a particular aesthetic look. Take your time as you compare grout colors with the chosen tiles.

A more modern look would be clean-lined tiles with light gray or off-white grout. You often see this look with the subway tile-shaped tiles, which gives the feeling of concrete without being heavy. There is also the boho look, focusing on tiles with designs. When working with designed tiles, it's best to pull a color within the tile to blend seamlessly.

Impressive bathroom designed to suit modern needs

To really give your home a unique touch, you can get wild with the grout color. With thinner grout lines, pick a semi-dominate color in the room. Let's say you have a lot of warm colors, deep brown floors, red and orange decor. Use a light brown or warm undertoned grout for your tiles.


Multi-colored tiles are a fun addition to kitchen and bathroom walls. You can find bubble-like or even mermaid scale-like tiles with different shades of gray. This style tends to recommend using a lighter color of the grout, such as white or light gray. Using a dark grout might make the white tiles look like they're missing.

Modern bathroom with different shades of gray tile

Tile finish

The tile finish, such as matte and glossy, can play a part in grout color too. Glossy tiles with dark grout will seem extra lustrous since each tile will be standing out on its own. A lighter grout will tone down the tiles and have a more calm appearance. A lighter grout color will look out of place if your gray tiles have a matte or stone-like finish.

How do I match the grout color to tile?

Many homeowners need to see a visual representation of what the final product is going to look like. If you still can't picture what the grout will look like, as for color swatches. You can even find them at your local hardware store. For an even more immersive view, buy sample-sized grout with a hand full of tile. Do a practice run of laying them down on spare drywall or wood. Once it dries, you can see firsthand how it will look.

If you're trying to match new grout with already existing grout, you can use a grout chip sheet to help you out. Since the existing grout has already seen foot traffic, you'll want to decide if you want to clean the grout to match the original color or match the color it became.

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Having a contractor or designer can take this part of the project off your hands but let you have the final say. The only word of caution is to make sure you don't ask too many people's opinions! Too many cooks in the kitchen will make the decision harder.

Trick: If you bought grout that is too light, use less water to darken it. If you bought grout that is too dark, add more water to lighten it.

Should grout be lighter than tile?

Grout lines can either pop your tiles or blend them into the room. If you have a lighter gray tile, using a light gray grout will soften the side definitions of the tiles. A lighter grout on a backsplash or wall in a lesser-used room can give an air of lightness without worrying about constantly cleaning it.

The lightness of your grout is going to depend on your preference when it comes to contrast. As you work with your contractor or another helping eye, determine how wide the grout lines will be. A larger grout line with light grout and dark tile will look very bulky. In contrast, dark grout on light tile looks busy. Meeting in the middle or matching the tile color is a safe bet.

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Should floor and wall grout match?

It is not necessary for the floor and wall grout to match. However, it is a good rule of thumb to fall back on if you can't seem to make a decision. Matching floor and wall grout will continue to complement each other no matter how many times you switch up the decor in the room.

All in all

A handful of colored grout pairs with gray tiles: light gray, cream, dark gray, brown, off white, charcoal. Lighter grout will show dirt more easily but can help lighter tile blend together more seamlessly.

Darker grout helps hide stains but adds a lot of contrast to lighter tiles. Of course, if the tile is the most important part, you can match the grout color to it for an eye-pleasing finish. Check out these other related posts:

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