What Color Floor Goes With Oak Doors?

While interior doors may seem like only a small detail, they can make quite a statement in your home. Oak is a strong and dense wood that is great for blocking out noise, but it is also a beautiful material for interior doors. The color of your floor can give your beautiful oak doors very different looks.

Flooring comes in many different types, colors, and materials. While there are many flooring colors to choose from, we will discuss the following colors in further depth:

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Taupe
  4. Neutral
  5. Brown
  6. Multicolored brown
  7. Grey
  8. Greige
  9. Black and white
  10. Blue
  11. Red
  12. Brick

Because of their density, oak doors can wear out hinges easily, but opting for a longer screw to secure your oak doors will prolong the life of the hinge. Oak doors may also not be the right fit for your home if you live in an area of high humidity.

After closely considering all of these points, you can make an informed decision on whether or not oak doors are right for you and your home. We have searched multiple sources to bring you an inclusive list of different floor colors to go with oak doors.

Modern brown oak wooden stairs and doors in new renovated house, What Color Floor Goes With Oak Doors?

1. White

For a clean, crisp look to your flooring, white floors can make a beautiful statement in any room of your home. The ultimate in light neutrals, white can accentuate your oak doors and coordinate with many color palettes.

White flooring may seem like a high-maintenance choice, but it can be well worth all of the extra upkeep. Compared to the warm color of oak wood doors, white flooring will look vibrant and pristine.

2. Black

On the opposite side of the color spectrum, the ultimate in dark neutrals, black is an excellent color companion to your oak doors. Elegant and mysterious, black floors can give your room a modern and sleek look and can make your warm wood doors stand out.

For a distinctive look, consider alternate placement or layout of your flooring material. Different colors of grout can also help achieve an unmatched effect on your floors.

3. Taupe

Beautifully designed and finished oak staircase and doors in a luxury new home

The color taupe is lighter than oak doors, making for an expansive feel, especially when it comes to flooring. Taupe is a warm neutral color that coordinates with a wide array of colors and complements warm wood tones.

Using this same warm neutral color for your walls only adds to the expansive look and can create an inviting ambiance. White trim adds just the right splash of bright color to separate these colors and add a detailed look to your room.

4. Neutral

Entrance hallway in a luxury new home

A shade just a bit lighter than taupe, neutral is a color that is slightly warmer than white. A neutral-colored floor can give your space the same expansive look as a white floor.

Unlike white flooring, neutral-colored floors are more forgiving and require less maintenance. Neutral floors offer a subtle contrast to warmer brown shades that draw attention to your oak doors.

5. Brown

Barn door

Deep-brown stained oak can be the perfect pairing to your stained oak door. Warm and inviting, this deep brown gives your floor a country home feel while coordinating perfectly with your oak doors.

Barn doors are a beautiful addition to your home. Staining a deep brown barn door gives it an elegant rustic look that closely coordinates with the stained wood flooring.

Should flooring be lighter or darker than oak doors?

Like any other decorative element in your home, your flooring should be representative of your style and taste. Choosing a flooring color is a matter of personal preference but can make a huge difference in your space.

Flooring that is lighter or darker than your oak doors can give your home differing looks. Lighter flooring will make your oak doors look darker, and darker floors will make your doors look lighter by comparison.

Lighter flooring

Using a lighter flooring color than your door can give your space an airy and expansive look and feel. Lighter flooring will make your door color appear darker and draw the eye to your oak door.

Lighter colors can add a simple country look to your space. They are usually also easier to maintain and upkeep than darker flooring.

Darker flooring

Choosing a darker flooring for your space will add rich deep color to any room in your home. Dark floors are intriguing and sophisticated.

A lighter oak door will easily be the focal point against this dark backdrop. Darker flooring may be slightly harder to maintain but well worth the extra effort.

6. Multi-colored brown

For a more eccentric look, consider using flooring with different shades of brown. Multicolored flooring can be an attractive choice to pair with your oak doors.

Since there are several shades that you can choose from in oak doors, multicolored floors can coordinate with various wood shades. Different shades of oak doors can, in turn, highlight different colors in your flooring.

7. Grey

The perfect combination of white and black, grey is a fabulous flooring color. This excellent neutral color can also have an unmatched impact on the look of your home when combined with your oak doors.

Grey and natural wood colors have a way of perfectly accentuating the other. The chemistry between these two colors is unmatched and will create a beautiful color scheme in any space in your home.

8. Greige

A warm version of grey, greige is a mixture of beige and grey. This warm neutral can make the perfect color pairing to your oak doors by bringing out the yellow tones in them.

Greige is predicted to make a huge rise in popularity, replacing grey as the most popular color in home decor. Painting your walls the same greige shade as your flooring will easily make your oak doors the focal point in your room.

9. Black and white

To give your space a retro look, black and white flooring paired with your oak doors may be a good option for you. Black and white are a classic pairing that can give your room a fashionable and unique ambiance.

While black and white flooring may draw attention away from your oak doors, they can complement this warm wood in an unmatched way. A wide variety of colors can be added to this color scheme for different looks.

Patterned flooring

Patterned flooring can also give your space a retro-stylish look. This unique type of flooring adds a nostalgic and elegant look to any room.

Pairing patterned flooring with oak doors will tone down the boldness of the pattern while adding some life to your wood doors. Choose from checkered geometric patterns, stripes, or floral patterns for your floors.

10. Blue

If traditional flooring colors aren't quite your style, consider a fun and vibrant color like blue. Blue flooring can give your space a unique splash of cool color.

Blue is a tranquil shade inspired by nature and will make a beautiful color contrast to your oak doors. Acid washing your concrete floors is a modern option for creating this unique look.

11. Red

For a fun, vibrant flooring color, red is a bold, warm color pairing for your oak doors. Red flooring can bring out the toasty orange tones in your oak wood doors.

Red flooring can be surprisingly versatile, complementing many room styles. Black and white accents add detail and dimension to this warm color scheme.

12. Brick

If you are looking for a more textured urban look for your flooring, brick flooring may be the answer. The natural brick red is a warm and inviting color that beautifully complements your oak doors.

Brick pairs with oak for a unique metropolitan ambiance. Grout lines in brick flooring also offer a geometric look unmatched by any other flooring material.

Final thoughts

Oak doors are a strong, sturdy choice for any interior space. Along with blocking out noise and temperatures, these warm wood doors add color and a cozy ambiance to your home. Combining them with the right color floor can give your space just the right look. We hope that the above selection of floor colors to go with oak doors has helped to inspire your inner decorator.

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