4 Ways To Cover Glass Doors For Privacy

Glass doors are an attractive feature in a home. Glass lets light stream through and typically creates a sense of openness in a space. However, you may wonder if there are any practical, stylish ways to cover glass doors for greater privacy.

We researched some simple ways to elegantly dress your glass doors and deter prying eyes. Our helpful suggestions should be able to be installed within a day's time, and without too much effort.

Add some style points to your home and maintain a desirable level of privacy using the following ideas:

  1. Add curtains or drapery
  2. Hang up a fabric panel or blinds
  3. Apply paint or spray
  4. Install a privacy or decorative cling film or paper

No matter your sense of aesthetics, read on to discover how window film, glass spray, or hanging drapery stylishly adds privacy to glass doors. Choose from solutions that allow for a range of light filtering while still maintaining privacy.

Modern glazed door - 4 Ways To Cover Glass Doors For Privacy

Dressing Your Glass Doors

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If you love a door with minimalist chic and a clean feel, glass doors are a winning choice. However, glass doors don't provide much in the privacy department, so covers are a must.

The beautiful thing about glass doors is how they increase the light in a room and give off a luxurious and spacious vibe. However, installing covers adds a layer of privacy and may even improve a door's energy efficiency.

Get creative with your glass doors by using frosted glass spray or installing curtains or drapery. Be mindful about how different types of coverings will change the lighting or impact your view through the glass.

Covers For Glass Doors

Check out the following ideas to cover up your glass doors and make them a bit more private. You'll find budget-friendly and stylish ideas that fit every style and decor treatment.

1. Curtains/Drapery

A sheer curtain allows more light to shine through versus a blackout curtain. Drapery offers less coverage than a curtain or shade.

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2. Hang Fabric Or Blinds

Use sheer or blackout fabric to hang over your door, or choose wooden, vinyl, or fabric blinds. Blinds and shades allow greater control over your lighting and privacy. Fabric can be positioned to fully cover or expose the glass.

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3. Apply Paint Or Frosted Spray To Glass

Add an opaque layer of frosted spray that lets light pass but offers moderate privacy, or fully block out prying eyes with a more solid color of paint.

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4. Adhere Cling Panels Or Paper

Use an adhesive to attach pre-cut contact paper to cover a glass door. Or, you can select a stylish glass window cling with a frosted glass, stained glass, or other pattern for privacy.

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How Do You Make Glass Doors More Private And Still See Through?

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The are more than a few ways to make glass doors private without obstructing your view. Consider using the following options to improve the privacy levels of your glass doors.

Try your hand at applying an etching cream or paint to slightly obscure the view, while still allowing light to pass through. Depending on how intricate your design work is, and if you decide to use a stencil, results will vary.

Other options to increase privacy to glass doors include applying a cling panel or frosted glass spray. You may need to cut a cling panel or paper to size and add some adhesive for it to stick. Spray may need more than one application.

You could also hang up a sheer fabric or curtain set. These methods make glass appear more fuzzy and diffuse light, but don't fully block out light. Remember, use materials that allow you to see through glass to a degree but add privacy.

How Do You Make Glass Non See Through?

Reflective Tinted Film

The best options to make glass non see-through but still allow enough light to pass is to use either a cling film or spray. There are companies that manufacture window film specifically, with a style that mimics etched glass or frosted glass.

You could place a decorative paper over glass to block out the view, and adjust the lighting depending on the paper's opacity. Applying a cling film or paper requires some patience and cutting it exactly to size. Adhesives can get messy.

One of the best ways to build a cover over glass that is non see-through is with spray paint. Choose from a frosted glass spray that blocks out both sides from view, or use a spray paint that is exclusively for glass.

Protect your space when applying paint or working with an adhesive. Put down a drop cloth and apply painter's tape where needed for your door. Ensure glass surfaces are clean before you apply paint and keep the work area well ventilated.

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Do Frosted Glass Doors Let Light In?

Frosted glass doors create a hazy or fuzzy view when you look through them to the other side, but they still let light in. Putting down an adhesive film that gives a glass door a frosted appearance or layering on paint impacts the view.

The way that frosted glass works, it scatters light that passes through, creating a distorted image when peering through it. However, frosted glass isn't typically so dense that you are unable to see anything beyond its unique barrier.

Frosted glass doors are a good feature for areas where a modicum of privacy is desired. When you need natural light to shine through but slightly obscure the view, frosted glass works for bathrooms or in office spaces.

If you make frosted glass doors using paint or a glass window adhesive, consider layering your choice of material to achieve the desired opacity for privacy. Frosted glass doors will not block light from filtering through a space.

How Do You Frost A Glass Door For Privacy?

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If you like the idea of frosting your glass door for privacy, there are two methods to use. First, you can apply an adhesive to your window and stick on frosted contact paper. Make sure to cut the paper to size for a good fit.

Another option is to use a frosted glass spray. You will need to clean off your windows very well before using either technique. Tape off any areas that need protection with painter's tape and use a drop cloth in your work area.

Apply a thin layer of spray, following the manufacturer's directions. Another alternative is to apply an etching cream or paint on the door and etch designs to create a frosted look. Some sprays are dry in as little as 10 minutes.

When working with a frosted glass spray, etching cream, or paint, add layers slowly. You want to build up the level of desired opacity so you get the desired amount of privacy and don't fully block out the light.

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What Is The Best Way To Cover A Glass Door?

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The best way to cover a glass door is to use a solution that supports your desired level of privacy and lighting. Based on your budget and sense of style, it may be better to install curtains, blinds, paint, or even a frosted glass spray.

Consider all options when covering a glass door. Choose a rolling shade, a single fabric panel, drapes for a more open look, or stick a window cling or contact paper over the glass. If you want to avoid a hassle, install curtains or a shade.


Glass doors are a lovely feature for your home but may leave you desiring privacy. Dressing your glass doors with a set of trendy curtains or applying frosted glass can help. You can find solutions that don't drastically reduce light.

Make the coverings on your glass door an accent to your home's decor and feel inspired. Choose budget-friendly coverings you can easily install, like window clings or even a fabric panel to make prying eyes less curious to peep.

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