Can You Repair A Bent Gutter? [Here’s how to do that in 7 steps]

A vital part of home maintenance is having your gutters in good working order. What should you do if your gutter becomes bent? You probably wonder if you can repair a bent gutter. We have researched repair tactics for gutters and compiled some information to help you know when and how to repair your gutters.

To repair a bent gutter, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Clean debris from the area.
  2. Locate the center of the bend.
  3. Drill a hole in the top of the gutter.
  4. Place a gutter spike sleeve inside the gutter inline with the drilled hole.
  5. Insert gutter spike through the pre-drilled hole and sleeve until it touches the back of the gutter.
  6. Hammer the spike through the back of the gutter. 
  7. Repeat the process at 1-foot intervals on both sides of the original spike and continue every foot until the bend is corrected.

We will explain in more detail why your gutter might need to be repaired and when it is better to replace your gutters or call in the experts. We will also discuss why it is so important to keep your gutters in good shape.

A house with a bent gutter due to heavy rainfall and accumulating debris inside the gutter, Can You Repair A Bent Gutter? [Here's how to do that in 7 steps]

Repairing Bent Gutters

Gutters can become bent from inadequate support or an excess of debris. The steps listed above will help in creating more support for your gutter. So, whether repairing a bend or adding support to prevent a bend, installing gutter spikes can solve the issue. And keeping your gutters clean should always be considered vital home maintenance. 

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Clean Gutters To Prevent Damage

Cleaning your gutters regularly will help with many aspects of home maintenance, along with preventing bending. Clean gutters function properly to prevent water damage to both the roof and foundation of your home. Properly functioning gutters help route water away from your home. Water not flowing correctly can create many issues, including a leaky roof, interior or exterior water damage, or even a cracked foundation. Clogged gutters can also become home to many pests. 

How Often To Clean Gutters

Most experts recommend cleaning your gutters twice a year. However, this amount can increase depending on the climate and foliage. You might opt to have professionals clean your gutters for you. Professional cleaning service can save money in the long run as your gutters will be properly maintained, and you will be alerted to any potential issues. Having your gutters professionally cleaned costs between $118-$225. Click here to see a typical gutter cleaning cost for your area, generated by Home Advisor.

Repair Vs. Replacement For Bent Gutters

Sometimes the damage to a gutter is too great for a simple repair. But how do you know when to replace the gutter instead? If the gutter is collapsed or has rust and holes, it is probably time to replace rather than repair the gutter. If there is still standing water in the gutter after following the steps above or if the gutter sections will not stay attached to one another or the house, it is time to look at a gutter replacement.

Sectional Gutter Replacement

With sectional gutters, you can replace just one section rather than replace an entire side with seamless gutters. A section of aluminum gutter costs just under $18 at Home Depot. See Home Depot aluminum gutter here.

Follow these steps to replace part of a gutter:

  1. Remove hardware from the section of the gutter you are replacing.
  2. Place a wood block inside the gutter's good section to prevent damage while cutting out the area to be replaced.
  3. Use a hacksaw to cut out the section of the gutter you want to replace.
  4. Cut a new piece of gutter about 2-inches longer than the removed section to allow for overlap.
  5. Apply roofing cement about an inch inside the original gutter on either side of the section being replaced.
  6. Place the new gutter section overlapping the 1-inch on either side.
  7. Secure the gutter either with the original hardware or with new hardware.

How do you fix the pitch of a gutter? 

The pitch of the gutter is the slope that keeps the water flowing through the gutter. Before fixing your gutter's pitch, it is important to know what the pitch should be. To determine pitch, measure the length of the gutter. If over 35-feet, the highest point should be in the middle. If under, it should be on one side. Multiply the length by 1/16 to determine the slope the gutter needs. For a 16-foot gutter, the end near the downspout will need to be 1-inch lower.

Now, to fix the pitch:

  1. Measure and mark where the gutter should be.
  2. Remove any hardware securing the gutter.
  3. Adjust the placement of the gutter to match the markings.
  4. Reattach the gutter.
  5. Test the new pitch by pouring water into the gutter.

Why is water dripping between gutter and fascia?

We've discussed why keeping water flowing away from your house is so important. Similarly, water dripping behind your gutters can be the cause of major issues. Water dripping between the gutter and fascia usually indicates that the roof is not properly routing the water into the gutter. This can be solved by installing a drip edge or gutter apron. There are code specifications for both a drip edge and gutter apron, and it is usually best to contact a professional to determine what is right for your home.

How much does it cost to fix a gutter?

The cost to fix your gutters will vary greatly depending on the issue. It could simply cost time if you have the skill and tools needed to adjust the pitch. It could cost $13 if you need a pack of gutter spikes. But, it could also be quite a bit more if all of your gutters need to be replaced.

Replacing gutters costs between $3 to $30 per linear foot depending on the materials used. To find out how much a typical gutter repair costs in your area, click here to get an estimate from Fixr. Click here for a comparison provided by Home Advisor.

Maintaining Gutters Is Vital To A Well Maintained Home

If you find yourself with a bent gutter, you should follow the steps we've given you at the beginning of this post as soon as possible. Bent gutters, incorrect pitch, dripping, or standing water are all issues that can be addressed with DIY treatment. If your DIY skills are not up to par for gutters or you simply prefer an experienced opinion, hire professionals to assess the issue and repair or replace the gutters.

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