How To Put A Dewalt Drill Back In The Case

Dewalt drills cases are classic, with lots of available upgrades. Are you curious if they are like overpacked suitcases; once you unpack them, it might not be possible to close them. We've researched and unpacked good answers for you. 

Dewalt drills come in sturdy cases with lego-like sections dedicated to them, making replacing simple. The partition walls are thick foam or durable plastic. The quantity of the partitions or their material depends on the type of Dewalt drill you have purchased.

Dewalt doesn't strictly have drill cases but makes universal toolboxes. Continue reading as we unbox all the mysteries of Dewalt cases.

Replacing The Dewalt Drill In The Case

a worker in a red plaid shirt removes an electric drill from an aluminum case isolated on black

The drill case contains an extra battery, a charging device, and a drill. The cases have additional sections which enable you to put in other items.

Luckily, the drill section is wide enough for it, while the others aren't. Lay it, without forcing it, to fit in the case. Moreover, Dewalt drills often come with cases. However, you can buy a universal case from Dewalt if you don't have one.

It might be a good idea to buy a soft case if you don't have other items to store with the drill. But if you own several tools from Dewalt or other companies, purchase a toolbox that will accommodate everything. 

The Dewalt toolboxes are large enough for tool storage and are portable.

Here is a video of someone unpacking and packing his Dewalt drill.

What To Do If A Drill Doesn't Fit In The Case?

It is an unlikely situation because most Dewalt drills come with cases. However, if you purchase a Dewalt drill without one, you can buy a replacement specifically for that particular drill. 

But if your drill isn't fitting back in its case, empty everything and start rearranging the tool case with the drill going in first. You could also rearrange the partitions in the case to create more room for your drill.

Watch the following video on customer reviews of the packing and unpacking of a Dewalt drilling its original case.

Qualities Of Dewalt Drill Cases

Dewalt drill cases have a reputation for having:

  • Corrosive-resistant latches on the front and the sides to enable stacking.
  • Structural thick walls padded with foam to prevent your drill from banging around and scratching. 
  • An integrated water seal that keeps moisture out and all your dry tools in place.
  • Stackable uniform units. 
  • Some tool cases have a see-through front lid.

However, you might find soft drill cases outside the United States which are not comprised like their counterparts. They aren't popular but are cheaper and portable.

Alternative Cases For The Dewalt Drill

Modern cordless screwdriver, DeWalt drill with drill a wooden floor of new house for the construction. - How To Put A Dewalt Drill Back In The Case

Alternative cases for a Dewalt drill are ideal for traveling. They are affordable but made of high-quality, durable material. The most popular alternatives cases are:

Khanka Hard Tool Case

This tool case can easily house the Dewalt 20B Maxx XR drill and an extra battery. It has one compartment with a sturdy zip. The black case has a yellow zip which echos the colors of the Dewalt drill. The case is 8.27 x 8.27 x 3.3 inches, and the soft interior protects its contents from scratches.

Click here to buy this drill case on Amazon.

Caseling Hard Case

Affordable at a much lower price than most cases, the Caseling Hard case fits a Dewalt DCF899B or DCF899HB drill. Most importantly, the case is shockproof, water-resistant, and dustproof, which is paramount for any stored drill.

It is 10.2 x 10.1 x 4 inches, allowing you to store the Dewalt drill and the extra battery. The handle is firm and doesn't slip. The inner mesh pocket is ideal for any accessories you want to take along. 

Tap here to see this drill case on Amazon.

Are Dewalt Drill Cases Universal?

Black and yellow tool box or hard case isolated on white background.

If you want to know whether or not you can fit a Dewalt corded drill into a case meant for a cordless one, the answer is yes! You can purchase the universal Dewalt stackable cases with additional compartments if you have a Dewalt drill with no case.

They are spacious and accommodate all drill sizes. Moreover, Dewalt produces lower-cost (not inferior quality) tool organizers. The newer containers, the TSTAK, enable homeowners and non-professionals with fewer tools to organize them neatly, fitting everything away.

Make sure to distinguish this system from the ToughSystem, which is more expensive and commonly used by professionals. These two stackable systems aren't interchangeable.

What Does The Stackable TSTAK System Have?

Case for Drill on a white background

Homeowners and hobbyists can configure the TSTAK system as they want. It's a system worth investing in, and you don't need to buy them in any particular order. You can start by purchasing a module that can fit your drill and its bits, followed by others that fit your instruments and tools.

Here are the modules you will find with the TSTAK:

  • Clear drawer organizer (TSTAK V DWST17805): It is a 22-pound case that can easily fit in a Dewalt drill.
  • Double shallow drawer (TSTAK IV DWST17804):  Although shallow, you could fit in many items. Moreover, it has divers that help you organize all bits and bobs.
  • Deep Box (TSTAK DWST17806): This bulky box can house hoses, cords, and other large items in your garage. It has a six-gallon capacity with sturdy latches and hitches, making it a fantastic base for your Dewalt toll system assembly.
  • Mobile Deep Box (TSTAK DWST17820): It's similar to the deep box except for wheels. Its mobility makes it a breeze because of its retractable handle and lightweight.
  • Trolley (TSTAK DWST17888): It has a 200-pound load capacity with wheels that make 360-degree turns. You will need the trolley if you have assembled the rest of the TSTAK system for mobility.
  • Flat-top storage box (TSTAK DWST17807): This box can be placed at the top of the tier. It has durable metal fittings, is sturdy, and is very spacious.

Depending on your requirements, you can pick and choose which of the modules work for you. Surprisingly, professionals love working with the TSTAK system too!

Are Dewalt Cases Durable?

12V Cordless Drill/Drivers DeWalt DW912 on a wooden table against a brick wall.

Yes, they are! The Dewalt brand is a household brand name that has been around for at least half a century. The storage solutions that Dewalt has for its tools are durable.

DIYers and professionals are pampered like children in a candy store because no tools are left lying around if they own Dewalt storage solutions. Dewalt produces hard and soft shell cases for drills and other accessories. The hard shell cases have a bulge, making them more spacious for additional items.

How Much Do Dewalt Drill Cases Cost?

The cost depends on your desired drill size and how many accessories you'd like. However, separate drill cases for Dewalt drills cost about $25 to $55. The cost also differs when buying directly from the website or dealers.

Where Are Dewalt Tool Cases Made?

Dewalt has its storage accessories made in the USA, which are recognizable because of the Dewalt emblem. On the other hand, replacement drill cases come from countries like Brazil or China. Moreover, these replacement bags are made by other companies and come with inner foam shaped to accommodate most standard drills.

Do Dewalt Drill Cases Have A Warranty?

Warranties offered by Dewalt are only for their tools, and nothing is said about drill cases. But reviews from clients show that they are long-lasting.

Even replacement cases don't have any warranties attached, but they can last a long while with proper usage. These cases are made of quality polymer, resin, or ethylene vinyl and are very easy to clean.

In Closing

Putting back your Dewalt drill in its case is easy if it's meant for that specific case. Purchase a replacement drill case that fits the drill, but you shouldn't shove it in carelessly. Remove any other items in the case and place the drill, followed by other accessories.

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