Magnetic Door Lock System Troubleshooting

Magnetic door lock systems can improve the security of both homes and businesses. However, these locks can malfunction or fail at any time. So, what should you do if your magnetic door lock system fails? We've found the solution for you!

A magnetic door lock system could malfunction for several reasons. To fix the problem, you initially have to test the lock to determine the probable source of an issue. Then, depending on the detected cause, do the relevant troubleshooting procedures. In some cases, the suitable solution may be to replace the lock totally, depending on the extent of the problem.

Aside from leaving the essential troubleshooting to the professionals, following the necessary steps may successfully fix a magnetic door lock system. Continue reading to know how to troubleshoot and avoid costly mistakes.

Detail of magnetic hard lock armored for door, Magnetic Door Lock System Troubleshooting

How Do Magnetic Door Locks Work?

The electromagnetic force used by magnetic locks creates a tight lock that prevents the door from being readily opened. A magnetic field is made when the lock is connected to a power source, and an armature plate is formed.

Kid opening an electronic door lock by security card

A magnetic glass door lock can help safeguard and protect your home. They are simple to install and may be used on any exterior door. Interestingly, innovative technology and magnets are used to operate the magnetic lock door.

The magnetic side of the magnet lock is placed on the door's edge, while the magnetic side is mounted on the door's frame. A keypad code or a card can be used to lock and unlock the door.

Electromagnetic door locks are widespread today due to their strength and versatility.

Possible Reasons Why a Magnetic Door Lock System Malfunctions

The master disassembles the door lock with a screwdriver

Some of the reasons that affect a magnetic door lock system from properly working include frequent use, the door's improper alignment, and unreliable power supply.

Despite taking great effort to make them long-lasting, cost considerations often come into play, putting the outer perimeter security at risk when you least expect it.

Failure to Lock or Release

The failure of magnetic doors to lock or release could be due to incorrect door placement. The doorway can fail to lock or release properly if the automatic door opening and shutting system are out of alignment.

In some circumstances, the door may not open or close at all.

The problem might be solved by adjusting the door. However, if the doors are bowed or twisted, the locks may need to be replaced before the electromagnetic systems can be reinstalled.

Frequent opening and closing

Magnetic door lock systems can also malfunction due to frequent opening and closing. As a result, the mechanisms can become misaligned. Otherwise, the power supply to the striker unit may become inadequate over time.

Additionally, rust, a lot of moisture, and severe temperatures can also result in the magnetic door wearing out faster than it should. Certain lock sections may become warped due to these elements, leading the lock to malfunction or stop working altogether.

Faulty Electronics

Internal magnets provide powerful forces that pull armature plates, keeping doors closed. The electronics in these systems can fail in some situations, decreasing the lock's security.

If a magnetic door isn't operating due to faulty electronics, make sure you analyze the problem carefully before making a move. If you only had to replace a few wires, you might be able to do so without an expert's assistance.

However, if you're unsure about how to repair the door lock's electronics, don't hesitate to call the professionals. If you observe sparks flying from the circuit board of the equipment, you should seek professional assistance.

Installing a Magnetic Door Lock

An electric magnet on the front door from above

It's quite simple to install a magnetic lock. Also, this shouldn't take more than 30 minutes at most. However, the type of magnetic door lock kit you choose will determine how long it takes.

  1. First and foremost, turn off the power during the magnetic door lock installation process. Because you'll be running cables into the power source, this is critical for safety.
  2. You'll need to connect wires from the lock to your power source because it has to be connected to a power source. If you're comfortable doing it yourself, hire a professional electrician to perform it for you.
  3. Because the magnetic lock is screwed into the door, you'll need to drill holes in both the door frame and the wall. The lock should then be installed on the inside of the door.
  4. So, have a look through the kit and find the sticking sheets. The magnetic lock should be attached to one of these sheets, while the door frame should be attached to the other.
  5. Sticking sheets come with instructions, which you should carefully follow to ensure that they are properly positioned.
  6. Install the strike plate once that's done. A barrel nut or a strong bolt is necessary for this. Tighten the bolt against the strike plate.
  7. The magnetic lock system will not work correctly if the magnet locks are not properly secured, and the doors will not open easily. As a result, make sure the magnet is tightly fastened with screws or bolts.
  8. Lastly, connect the lock to the power supply. Safety procedures must be strictly adhered to. However, an electrician may be necessary for this stage.

Maintaining a Magnetic Door Lock

Modern door handle with security system electronic lock the hotel room door

Electromagnetic locks are great, but they do have the potential to malfunction. When locks are neglected and poorly maintained, faults are more likely to occur.

You might believe that keeping magnetic door locks in good working condition is unnecessary, but it is actually crucial. While electromagnetic locks are adaptable, they are susceptible to wear and tear if they are not properly maintained.

Is the electromagnetic lock rusty now? Is there any dampness inside or outside the door? Is there a problem with the magnetic door lock?

If these issues are discovered, you must take action. You should also clean the magnetic door system on a regular basis.

Troubleshooting a Magnetic Door Lock

Opening a hotel door with keyless entry card

The exact steps for testing or troubleshooting magnetic locks vary depending on the model. In checking for flaws in certain models, additional instructions will be required.

Users should also refer to their owner's manuals or contact the manufacturers for assistance with these processes.

The following are the basic troubleshooting procedures for the most usual magnetic door lock malfunction:

  1. Ensure that doors are correctly aligned and mounted on frames - not being excessively tight or poorly fitted. Also, choose higher-quality surface-mounted overhead hydraulic closers. 
  2. Use cables that are at least 1/16-inch wide. Power cannot be carried all the way from the power supply to the door lock using thinner cables.
  3. When the lock is in operation mode, measure the voltage at the lock point. You can use individual door locks with a battery backup power supply to solve power outages. 
  4. Perform a door examination and check for the following: oil residue, low-grade, or visibly damaged closer

Frequently Asked Questions About Magnetic Door Lock Systems

Can Magnetic Door Locks be Picked?

Magnetic locks are very secure safety choices since you cannot pick them with regular lock-picking tools and methods. One of the reasons is that some models employ unique keys that are difficult to duplicate using traditional rekeying techniques.

Furthermore, instead of standard key designs, some electromagnetic locks employ cards to unlock doors. As a result, those wishing to enter these doors with card keys would have to go through a series of difficult steps.

How Do You Open a Magnetic Door Open When Jammed?

There may be times when the door gets jammed, and you are unable to open it. In that case, a thin object can be used to draw the tab. Alternatively, you can pull the handle until the door opens.

You can try and squeeze something in to open it if you're outside. You can remove the handle and deactivate the lock in an instance. If this fails, you'll have no choice except to smash the door down with your shoulder.

How Did a Magnetic Push Latch Work?

When you want a clean, smooth look with no knobs, Magnetic Touch Latches are the way to go. Simply press the door to open it, and the spring-loaded plunger will do the rest.

When you press it again, the magnetic catch closes it. In one low-cost package, it uses a combination of a knob and a catch.


Maglocks are extremely popular and could make a great addition to any home. The option is ultimately yours, but remember that locks must be strong in order to secure a door and make you feel safe.

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