13 Best Living Room Color Schemes With Brown Leather Furniture

There's no denying that brown leather furniture is a timeless, classic choice for a living room. Its rich color and luxurious texture pair with just about any color imaginable, making it a staple in many living room decorative schemes.

However, brown leather's versatile nature might actually make it difficult for homeowners to decide which approach to take for a living room color scheme. After all, there are countless options to choose from, you might feel stuck in the decision-making process.

What's more, since brown leather furniture is so popular, it can be tough to create a unique look. And the last thing you want is a color scheme that is overused and boring.

If you want to change up the color scheme in your living room to work well with your rich brown furniture, you're in luck. To give you some creative inspiration for your project, we compiled a list of 13 living room color schemes to choose from. Without further ado, let's check them out!

Wooden upholstered chairs with leather sofa inside a dark green living room with plants, 13 Best Living Room Color Schemes With Brown Leather Furniture

1. All White Walls And Accents

This living room is nearly all white save the gorgeous brown leather chair. The abundance of white gives the living room a soft, relaxing ambiance, with the brown leather chair serving as the visual focal point of the space.

White themed living room with a white sofa with white throw pillows matched with a carpeted flooring

A couple of brown decorative vases help break up the sea of white. And the light blue vase that sits next to the chair complements it perfectly.

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2. Wood Tones And A Slate-Gray Wall

A dark brown leather sofa inside a modern house with wooden flooring and a coffee table

Dark wood tones are the theme of this living room. The dark wood portion of the wall works with the dark brown couch to create a timeless, sophisticated aesthetic. And the slate-colored wall that abuts the wood adds a nice lighter pop of color to the space, creating visual balance.

3. Gray Accents

A leather sofa with patterned throw pillows and a black and white patterned rug with a wheeled coffee table

This living room features a lighter color scheme that pairs well with the light brown leather couch. But what makes this space really pop is the strategic use of gray accent pieces like the pillows, curtains, and rugs. Even the hardware on the coffee table supports the gray accent scheme going on in this living room.

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4. Majority Black

Ultra rustic living room with black leather sofas

If you think a lot of black in a living room is a bad thing, you're sadly mistaken, and this living room design proves it. The black walls work in perfect harmony with the rich leather lounge chair and dark sofa. The lighter wood floor provides just enough light, giving the room a balanced aesthetic.

The lounge chair is the only piece of leather furniture here, making it visually dominate the space in an amazing way.

5. Rich Dark Brown

A shiny brown leather sofa inside a rustic living room with black flat panel walls

This is another living room that features a darker color scheme. Except, in this case, the ambiance is somewhat lighter thanks to the wood-toned walls, lighter floors, and light brown leather couch. The leather couch stands out in stark contrast to the surrounding decor.

6. Mustard Yellow

A square leather sofa fused with orange throw pillows inside a modern living area

When you think of a living room with brown leather furniture, mustard yellow likely isn't the first color pairing to come to mind. But the reality is that this color scheme works quite well, especially with other strategically-placed accent pieces.

The light-colored rug helps set the couch apart from the rest of the room, and the bookcase and picture frames on the wall give the living room some dimension. Consider putting some accent pillows that match the wall color on the couch for some added visual pop.

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7. Light Brown With Dark Stone

Hardwood flooring, brown living room walls with a brown leather sectional sofa with a fireplace upfront

Integrating an assortment of colors and textures into your living room is another great approach when it comes to complementing brown leather furniture. This living room features light brown walls with white wainscoting, the perfect combination to pair with a large dark brown leather couch.

The mantel area also features dark stone that's similar in tone to the leather couch, giving the room visual balance.

8. White And Light Wood Tones

Two leather sofas with black throw pillows inside a modern white open space living room

We've already seen that white is a great color scheme in itself for a living room with brown leather furniture, but there's another way to spruce it up—incorporating some light wood accents.

The cabinetry and coffee table in this living room have a light wood tone that works well with the dark leather to give this living room a cozy, multidimensional feel. The leather couches are also the perfect color—not too light or dark—resulting in a visually harmonious space.

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9. All Light Brown

Interior of an extremely rustic living area with leather sofas and a coffee table infront

If you haven't figured it out by now, brown pairs exceptionally well with brown leather furniture, especially when the walls and other pieces are a lighter shade of brown.

In this living room, the walls are painted with a warm light brown that really makes the leather furniture stand out. This color scheme is further accentuated by the light coffee table and pale brown area rug. A few light-colored accent pillows tie the look together.

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10. Cherry Wood And Stone

A rustic living area with hardwood flooring, tan walls with wooden door and window frames and a stone decorated fireplace

If you're going for a cozy ambiance with a somewhat rural feel, consider pairing your brown leather furniture with cherry wood flooring and accent trim. As you can see, the beautiful cherry wood looks great paired with the sofa and chairs.

The light-colored stone that lines the fireplace adds just enough lighter pop to the space.

11. Light Blue And White

A narrow classic Scandinavian inspired living room with carpeted flooring, leather sofas with square ottomans

So far we've seen mostly neutral colors paired with brown leather furniture, but this living room shows that blue is also a great color candidate. Orange and brown are complementary, and the leather in this living room is essentially a darker variant of orange. The white carpet also makes the leather furniture pop.

If you decide to go with blue walls, consider hanging some wood-framed photos or other wood-colored decor to tie the look together.

12. Light Brown Walls With Cherry Floors

Classic traditional living room with hardwood flooring, tan walls and leather sofas

We've seen examples of light walls pairing well with brown leather furniture, and we've seen cherry wood pairing well with brown leather furniture. But this living room incorporates both of these color choices, resulting in a living room that looks cozy and warm.

The light brown walls serve as the perfect backdrop to the dark leather furniture, and the cherry wood floors add the perfect amount of visual warmth. And to top it all off, the area rug incorporates all of the tones found in the living room.

13. Light Brown With Red Accents

A sectional sofa with floral throw pillows inside a carpeted living room with huge windows

This luxurious living room features a rich dark brown leather couch, slightly off-white carpet, light brown walls with white trim, and red end tables.

These lighter colors help ensure that the couch is the visual focal point of the space which highlights this living room's luxurious atmosphere. The red end tables add just enough pop to the room without being overwhelming.

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In Closing

Wooden upholstered chairs with leather sofa inside a dark green living room with plants

We hope this guide has given you the creative inspiration you need to create a stellar living room color scheme with your luxurious brown leather furniture. With brown leather furniture as the visual anchor of your living space, you really can't go wrong with any color choice. Good luck with your project!

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  1. Quite an interesting article, I appreciate these great ideas. I like brown a lot, I’m looking for a sofa set for my living room.
    My current corporate color is green, they seem to go well together. Perhaps this combination exudes a very regal aura.

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