How To Tell The Age Of A Milwaukee Tool

Knowing the age of your Milwaukee tool is important to know what accessory tools and parts are compatible with it. But how do you know the age of a Milwaukee tool? Let's take a look below.

To know the age of a Milwaukee tool, you will need to look at the serial number. The 6th and 7th numbers are the years, while the 8th and 9th numbers are the week of production. For example, a serial number such as 229B401331590 would mean the tool was made the 33rd week (second week of August) in 2001.

Knowing how to read the serial number of your Milwaukee tool can be helpful. In this article, we will discuss why and give examples of how to read serial numbers. In addition, we will answer other frequently asked questions about Milwaukee tools, so read on!

How Do You Know The Manufacture Date Of A Milwaukee Tool?

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Since its first big break in manufacturing tools for the United States Navy in the 1930s, Milwaukee has come a long way, and its tools are now used in many more applications. Nowadays, Milwaukee tools are used for DIY projects or for commercial use.

While it may not seem important to know the age of a Milwaukee tool, it is actually beneficial to find out. Knowing when a tool was made can help future repair and maintenance needs as well as determine compatibility with other accessories and parts.

To know when your Milwaukee tool was manufactured, you will need to reference the serial number. The 13-digit serial number will be by the Milwaukee logo. Once you find the serial number, check numbers 6-9.

Numbers 6 and 7 are the year, and numbers 8 and 9 are the week of production. For example, a serial number such as 229B401331590 would mean the tool was made on the 33rd week (second week of August) in 2001.

The first three numbers, in this case, 229, is the prefix for the tool. The fourth number tells the company what plant it was made in. This may be beneficial in case of a defect in a tool.

Number 10-13 is the unit number and is not related to the age of the tool. While not all of this is useful to the owner of the tool, it can still be helpful in certain situations.

Is There A Lifetime Guarantee On Milwaukee Tools?

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Milwaukee tools don't exactly have a lifetime warranty. Instead, there is a lifetime guarantee when it comes to defects. If your Milwaukee tool is found to be defective due to a manufacturing or material defect, the company will repair or replace it free of charge.

However, the tool will need to be sent in and examined by the company for any applicable warranty. This warranty does not cover tools that have been misused or abused, nor does it include normal wear and tear of the tool.

In addition, this guarantee is only valid if you are the original owner of the tool and you can provide proof of purchase to back it up.

Do You Need To Register Milwaukee Tools To Get The Warranty?

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When you purchase a Milwaukee tool, the warranty is already valid. You won't need to register the tool, but you do need to keep your receipt. In addition, the receipt will tell Milwaukee if the warranty is still valid.

If you believe you have a warranty claim, you will need to contact Milwaukee at one of its service centers. Milwaukee has a service center locater on their website that can help you find the closest service center to you.

Once the warranty claim is submitted, a Milwaukee technician will inspect the tool and decide whether or not it is eligible for warranty service. If the tool is covered, Milwaukee will repair or replace it free of charge.

Are Milwaukee Tools Traceable?

It's no secret that tools are expensive and can easily be stolen. Milwaukee provides a tool registration service that allows the owner to register their tools with a serial number and product description, making it easier for law enforcement to track down stolen property.

However, there are other useful features of the Milwaukee tracking system. Let's take a look at them below:


As a business owner, you aren't always on the job site. As a result, workers can take advantage and decrease productive output. With the tracking system, you can see when the tools are being used.

In addition, this will ensure all tools return to where they should be after use, and you won't need to worry about tools going missing.

Tool Locator

Milwaukee tracking system, How To Tell The Age Of A Milwaukee Tool

If your tool is missing, you can flag it in the system, and it will be easier to locate. This is especially helpful if your tool accidentally ends up on a job site that is miles away from where you are based.

Milwaukee has millions of location updates a day, so you can easily trace your tool back to its original owner.

30-Day Location History

For bigger corporations with multiple job sites, it's hard to track the tool and any suspicious activity. With the 30-day location history feature, you can check out where a tool has been and when it was used.

This will help you to know if something is going wrong at certain sites and which workers are responsible for it. In addition, your investors or stakeholders can have peace of mind that productivity is up to standard.


Geofencing is an invisible wall where you can program certain parameters for your tools. If a tool leaves that perimeter, it will be flagged in the system, and you will get an alert.

This is incredibly useful if your tool gets stolen so that you can take action as soon as it happens. It also will tell you if your workers aren't doing the job expected of them.

Find Item

If you just can't remember where you left your tool, this feature is incredibly useful. With the click of a button, you can find it in no time.

This feature is great for forgetful people with multiple job sites to manage. It also helps when you need to find a tool quickly in emergencies.

When you click the ‘find item’ button, a map with the tool's location will appear within 100 feet of accuracy.

Asset ID Tags

Asset ID tags are QR codes that can be put onto any piece of equipment. You can scan the code, and the item will show up on your tracking system.

This is great if you want to know who has been using the tool or when it was last used. Asset ID tags are incredibly secure, so you won't have to worry about anyone tampering with them.

The cool thing about the Milwaukee tracking system is the 2-year ping rate. This means that you will be able to track tools for 2 years after they are lost and stolen, even without a battery.

Overall, Milwaukee's tracking system is incredibly helpful for any business that needs to monitor its tools. It will help you protect your investments and keep workers accountable for the tasks they are assigned.

Can You Buy Milwaukee Tools At Lowe's?

You used to be able to buy Milwaukee tools at Lowe's, but they recently stopped selling the products. However, you can buy Milwaukee tools at Home Depot or on the official Milwaukee website.

If you purchase a Milwaukee tool at Home Depot, be sure to keep the receipt as proof of purchase. This will be beneficial if you need to return it or make a warranty claim.

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Are DeWalt Tools Better Than Milwaukee Tools?

Both DeWalt and Milwaukee have high-quality tools that are suitable for different jobs. When deciding on which one to buy, it will depend on the job you need to be done and your budget.

Depending on the type of tool you need, the pricing between the two brands may differ. For example, Milwaukee's 12V tools are typically lower in price. However, their M18 fuel range is usually more expensive than DeWalt tools.

In general, more professionals will use DeWalt tools due to their price and convenience. It also comes down to personal preference, so it's good to do your research before buying.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the age of your Milwaukee tool may not seem necessary, but can be useful when it comes to repairs, maintenance, and compatible parts. For peace of mind, download the Milwaukee tracking system, and you can rest assured that your tools are safe and monitored.

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