How To Remove A Doorknob From The Outside

Like other things in our homes, doorknobs may also need a minor upgrade or replacement. Removing a doorknob may appear to be a complicated process, but with the appropriate instructions, it is possible. Here's what we've found out.

To begin with, identify the type of doorknob you have on your door. Some door knobs have slots, whereas others have visible screws. Here's what you should do:

  • Unscrew the screws with a screwdriver where visible.
  • Insert a slotted screwdriver into the slot and pull on the knob simultaneously if you have slots.

Read on as we elaborate on the things you need to consider and the process of replacing doorknobs. 

Door man installing a brass door, How To Remove A Doorknob From The Outside

Things to Consider When Replacing Doorknobs

In most homes, doorknobs are required. So, you'll need to know what doorknobs to use once you've come to the point of needing to replace them. The doorknobs you choose for your home should at the very least meet the following criteria:


You can find a keyhole or a lock on a doorknob. This means that those who live in homes will be safe. Children and pets will not be able to reach different rooms without supervision if you can lock your door.

Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are all potentially dangerous areas that you should lock. Locks do provide some measure of protection. Also, when a door is locked, intruders are deterred from entering the house.


We need privacy as much as we need protection and safety. In restrooms, bedrooms, and study rooms, lockable door knobs provide a sense of privacy.

Knowing that you can shut a room and have some privacy, even if it's only for an hour, will allow you to appreciate your home. After a long day, some me-time is always necessary.


The primary function of a doorknob is to open and close a door. With that, consider doorknobs that are easy to grab. Door knobs should not be slick or too small to grab on any door.

Persons with restricted fine motor use must be able to use a doorknob with ease once it has a good grip.

Looks and Design

The term home decor refers to anything on the inside and outside of a house. Doorknobs are no different. The doorknobs' color, shape, and material will enhance the beauty of your home.

So, you can't just pick doorknobs that don't look right on the doors. Take this into account as well while making replacements.

Types of Doorknobs

A wooden door with brass door knobs

You'll surely take a look around before buying a replacement doorknob to see which ones will go with your current design. Luckily, the market offers a variety of colors, forms, and sizes.

Doorknobs are divided into four categories. You can use these door knobs in various rooms in the house. The following are as follows:

Keyed Doorknob

Exterior doors that require keyed access usually have keyed entry doorknobs. Keyed knob sets have a locking and unlocking key cylinder on the exterior.

They'll feature a push button or a turn button on the inside that locks or unlocks the door.

Check out this keyed doorknob on Amazon.

Passage Doorknobs

Passage door knobs and dummy door knobs are quite similar in appearance. They don't lock, but they're helpful for opening doors and moving between rooms.

Interior corridors, closets, and other spaces that don't require privacy locks are perfect for passage doorknobs. Unkeyed knobs are another name for them.

Check out this passage doorknob on Amazon.

Dummy Doorknobs

Dummy doorknobs or fake knobs are one-sided knobs that go on the front or back of a door. Some are sold in pairs, allowing them to be used on double doors.

There are no moving parts in this type of doorknob. They're perfect for a tiny pantry or a modest closet, as well as the inside of French doors.

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Privacy Knobs

The twist or button lock on privacy door knobs only works from one side. These door knobs are commonly used in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other areas that require privacy but do not need keyed access.

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Ways to Remove a Doorknob

Door installer adjusting the screws on the doorknob

Removing a Knob That Has no Slots or Screws

Some doorknobs are more difficult to disassemble than others. It's also possible that they don't have screws or slots. However, it is not impossible to remove them.

To begin, thoroughly inspect your doorknob. It's possible that there are some holes in it.

Some springs hold the doorknob in place in the holes—Pull on the doorknob with an awl or a straightened paperclip inserted in the hole. You will be able to remove the knob right away.

Removing a Lever Doorknob Without Screws

Lever door knobs may also have a hole or a slot somewhere around their neck. Simply pierce the hole with an awl or a slotted screwdriver. To avoid damaging the lock, do it slowly and gently.

Pull the lever door knob out along the shaft while holding it. After that, the lever door handle should be no longer functional.

Moreover, it's always a good idea to keep any extra parts that come with doorknobs and handles in a safe place.

Removing a Doorknob Rosette or Faceplate

This is a simple task to accomplish. What you have to do is to examine the faceplate or rosette first. Screws are frequently used to secure the faceplate to the door.

Also, there's a chance you have a snap-in variety with no visible screws.

Simply loosen the screws with an ordinary screwdriver where they are visible. Pry the trim plate or rosette open if it's a snap-in type. The screws on the back will be exposed once it is removed.

To remove the lock or doorknob, unscrew them. Carry on with the technique on the other side of the door.

Frequently Asked Question About Removing a Doorknob

A brass plated door handle installed on a brown front door

How Do You Open a Lock with a Screwdriver?

A flat head screwdriver is required to pick a lock using a screwdriver. It should be inserted at the bottom of the keyhole. Turn it clockwise once it's been inserted into the keyhole.

While the screwdriver is in the position, apply the appropriate amount of pressure.

Can You Pick a Lock Using a Credit Card?

You can pick a doorknob lock using a credit card. What you have to do is choose a card that you don't care about losing if it bends or is otherwise damaged. In the gap between your door and the jamb, place the card.

Continue sliding it in until it reaches the lock's barrel. Jiggle the handle as you slide the card in, causing it to drop a little as you continue to apply pressure to the barrel with the card.

When the knob slides a little and there is more space for the card to go through, the door should open with adequate pressure.

Is it more difficult to remove external doorknobs than inside doorknobs?

When there are several ways into the structure, removing a locked external doorknob from the outside can be easier than removing an interior doorknob.

The difficulty of gaining access to the side of egress for a door makes all the difference since you need to acquire access to the side of egress for a door.

Is it possible to convert doorknobs to levers?

Yes, you certainly can change doorknobs to levers! Door knobs, unlike levers, modify the look of doors and home decor in general because they come in a variety of designs and colors.

If your door has a lever, you'll need to push it down to open it. Make sure a doorknob is replaced with a lever that fits properly.

When am I unable to remove my doorknob from the exterior?

Most doorknobs and locks are designed to be removed while the door is opened. If the lock on the door is damaged and you can't open it with manipulation, you can still remove the doorknob from the inside.

Is it possible to pick a lock using scissors?

It is possible to unlock a doorknob using a scissor. What you have to do is insert a pair of scissors as far as possible into the lock's hole. The blades must be narrow enough to fit completely inside the lock. 

Once the scissors are deeply inserted into the lock, turn them counterclockwise from left to right. Shift and rotate the scissors until the lock is unlocked.


Door man installing a brass door

Finding out how to remove a locked doorknob from the outside might be tricky. However, it should not be that complicated. Remember that if you require assistance, don't hesitate to contact a local locksmith.

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