How To Lock A Barn Door [9 Stylish, Secure Options!]

A barn door brings a unique touch of rustic charm to your home. It is also super practical by giving extra privacy and safety. If you'd like to get yourself a barn door like some homeowners today, you might wonder if you can lock it, and how? We're curious about this, too, so we've researched barn door lock options fo ryou.

Installing a lock on your barn door presents different options ranging from regular locks to door latches. Additionally, you can also use a barn door that locks on either side, making it more secured on both ends. Here are some ways how you can use a lock to your barn door:

  1. Hook & Eye Latch
  2. 90 Degree Flip Latch
  3. Single Cylinder Rim lock
  4. Hasp & Padlock
  5. Flip Latch Double Sliding Doors
  6. Tear Drop Latch
  7. Barrel Slide Bolt
  8. Combination Bolt Lock 
  9. Cane Floor Bolt

To get more ideas on how to lock your barn door, see the full list of latches below. Then, choose which one you can use at home while you enjoy the beauty of your barn doors. Other than that, keep reading to know more about how locks can keep your home safe by locking either side of the barn doors.

Luxurious interior bathroom with barn door white tile glass shower and makeup counter, How To Lock A Barn Door [9 Stylish, Secure Options!]

9 Locks To Install on Your Barn Door

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Review these nine top locks you can use for your barn door. Then, you can best choose which one or two you can install in your home.

1. Hook and Eye Latch

A hook and eye latch is a great kind of door fastener that can secure a barn door from both the inside and outside. It has a metal hook that you can attach to the door frame and an eye bolt that affixes to the door.

To lock it, the hook holds the eye bolt when the door is closed, preventing it from being opened from either side. If you wish to have simple locks on your barn door, hook and eye latch would be the best option!

2. 90-degree Flip Latch

Another interesting locking device for your barn doors is the 90-degree flip latch. It consists of two parts, including a flat plate that you need to mount to the door and a small lever attaching to the plate. By simpling flipping up and down the level, you can lock and unlock the door.

Unlike the hook and eye latch, the 90-degree flip latch gives additional security for your door. It even prevents the door from being open from the outside. But then, it might not be a good choice if you wish to have locks for either side of the barn door.

3. Single Cylinder Rim Lock

A single-cylinder rim lock is good for securing your barn door because it is strong and durable and can be locked from both sides. This type of lock is typically found on entry doors for either residential or commercial doors. You can even add this kind of lock for a better style and purpose. 

Most importantly, a single-cylinder rim lock features a keyed cylinder on the outside that locks or unlocks the door. It also consists of a lever handle on the inside that allows you to operate the lock. You can effortlessly manage the lock by turning the key in the cylinder to the locked or unlocked position.

4. Hasp & Padlock

Another simple way of locking your barn doors is through hasp and padlocks. You can install a hasp and padlock to secure either doors or windows. It is simple and doesn’t require any special tools or knowledge to install or remove. Besides that, it is a good idea to have a hasp and padlock on your barn door as it can help to keep the door secure from both sides.

5. Flip Latch Double Sliding Doors

The flip latch is a good locking system for barn doors. It comes with two sliding door latches mounted to the doorframe and the door. They work together to keep the door locked when it is closed.

Other than that, the latches can be triggered by a bar attached to the door. When the bar is in a locked position, it prevents the latches from moving. In this case, it prevents the door from being opened from either side.

6. Tear Drop Latch

Another barn door lock that secures your area is a tear drop latch. It is a popular locking system that enables you to lock both sides of the door.

To use a tear drop latch, the first to do is to insert it into the hole in the door. Then once it is in place, you can simply rotate it to lock it in place. Afterward, you can use a key to lock it from the other side. If you use it on a gate, you can also use a padlock to keep it secure.

7. Barrel Slide Bolt

A barrel slide bolt is a locking device to secure a door or gate. It consists of a metal rod inserted into a hole in the door or gate that is then secured in place with a padlock.

This type of lock effectively keeps a door or gate closed and can be difficult to pick. Even though barrel slide bolt is very simple, you can even install them on any side of your barn, keeping them safe along with padlocks.

8. Combination Bolt Lock 

For extra security on barn doors, many people add a bolt lock. Depending on the model, you can open this lock with a key or a combination. The combination codes are available in letters or numbers.

A combination bolt lock is a locking device with a thumb turn on one side and a keyed cylinder on the other side. It gives you the option of locking it from either side of the door.

9. Cane Floor Bolt

A cane floor bolt is a simple device that can secure a barn door from inside and outside. It consists of a metal plate with a hole in the center from which a rod or chain is passed. You can secure the other end of the rod or chain by connecting it to another object, such as a wall or post.

Even though the cane floor bolt is only suitable for inside locks, it still keeps as a privacy lock for your barn door. It even prevents the door from being pulled open. Additionally, this locking system lets you control the barn door closed by locking in on the floor. 

How Do You Lock A Barn Door From The Outside?

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If you plan to lock a sliding barn door from the outside, that would be a great idea! You can simply use a regular key lock or a padlock. In this case, one can only be opened by someone who has the key. Another way is to use a chain and padlock. 

But then, you can also make your locks more conventional by installing a barrel slide bolt locking mechanic. It even allows you to lock the barn door inside or outside. As long as the key engages the lock, you can access the bolt portion to any of its sides.

How Do You Latch A Barn Door On Both Sides?

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To secure locks for both sides of the barn door, you can consider latches with access on the inside and outside. Other people prefer using pull handles on the outside and flush pulls on the inside on single barn doors. 

Besides, barn doors can also be locked with popular latches like the single-cylinder rim lock. Through this case, you have the freedom to lock either side of the door. 

But then, you can also try other locks that would fit in to give extra protection to your place. If you want to be less complicated, you can simply install multiple locks and latches for either side of the barn doors.

How To Choose A Barn Door Lock? 

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You need to consider a few different things when choosing a barn door lock. The most important thing is to make sure the lock will fit the door properly. You also need to make sure the latch is strong enough to keep someone out and easy to use.

You could even consider the other things before selecting the barn door lock you will install. First, try to check the room. Is it for the bathroom, bedroom, interior, or exterior space? Do you need more secured locks for your barn door or just a simple latch? In this case, you should check if the locks can even add protection to their full extent.

Then, choose the best style for your lock. Of course, beauty comes after safety. So, after dealing with the type of lock, try to consider the design, material, and color. Finally, see how the chosen locks can fit perfectly on your barn door without any worries while installing them.

Final Thoughts

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Choosing the best lock for your barn door can be pretty challenging. But then, always remember that is all for your family’s safety and security. Additionally, it enables you to add more aesthetic pieces at home. So review the list above and try the best locks you can install in your homes.

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