How To Keep Spiders Out Of The Garage [A Complete Guide]

The last thing you want to find when you're picking up that old extension cord in your garage is a spider hiding in the middle of it. Garages are a playground for spiders, primarily because of their food sources that find garages to be a good home. But how can you keep spiders out of your garage altogether? We have researched all methods to keep spiders away and have the answer for you here in this blog post.

Spiders come with the territory for an indoor/outdoor room like a garage. But, there are ways to help keep spiders out of your garage. Some are conventional methods and some more natural deterrents that are easy on your family and pets. Here are the ways to keep spiders away:

  1. Organize and declutter your garage. 
  2. Seal off any small openings to the outside. 
  3. Use a natural spider repellent. 
  4. Use a traditional insect repellent.

Those are the main ways to keep spiders from moving into your garage, but there are some caveats and essential pieces of information you should know about these methods. Please continue reading to find out more details on each of the methods. We will also discuss why garages have so many spiders in the first place and what naturally occurring odors act as spider-deterrent.

An empty interior of a garage with beige painted walls with a spider illustration, How To Keep Spiders Out Of The Garage [A Complete Guide]

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Garage

The methods described in this post are a mixture of traditional ways of getting rid of spiders and new ways to deter them. The disclaimer that needs to be put on this is that different solutions will be more or less effective depending on several factors. Among these factors are climate and spider species. The important thing is to be patient, and eventually, your spider problem will be solved.

Spider web forming on the garage ceiling

1. Organize and Declutter Your Garage

Garages often turn into the catch-all locations for items we don't want inside our house. Everything from power tools and gym equipment to old cardboard boxes and clothing occupies the corners of our garages. A garage filled with clutter creates many nooks and crannies for insects and spiders to hide in or even feed on.

Cardboard can be especially bad to keep in your garage at floor level. Many insects like silverfish and certain species of cockroach-like eating cardboard and paperboard materials. The presence of these insects guarantees that spiders come along with them.

We recommend buying air-tight storage containers to organize the contents of your garage. Containers like these will give insects and spiders fewer places to hide. Additionally, plastic containers are easy to spray repellents on and around so that you won't have to worry about damaging any of your belongings.

2. Seal Off Any Small Openings to the Outside

If you keep your garage open sometimes or even cracked at the bottom to allow a cat to come and go freely, it's no surprise that spiders may be coming and going freely as well. But if you typically leave your garage closed day and night and are still finding spiders inside, there may be some problem areas that you can seal up to prevent unwanted visitors.

Just about every garage door has a seal along the bottom called weather-stripping. This strip of rubber keeps out water, cold air, and even insects. The first thing you should do is examine this seal to see if it has damage in the form of holes or tears. If it does, it could be the place where spiders are entering your garage. The weather-stripping on a garage door isn't expensive to replace, and you can find the materials on Amazon.

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If you have a separate regular size door that enters your garage, check the bottom of it as well. You can also find door-sized weather-stripping that is easy to install. Lastly, check the interior and exterior perimeter of your garage for cracks and holes. These places could be entry points for spiders and their insect food source. We recommend purchasing a high-quality, multi-surface caulk to seal all of these holes and prevent spiders from entering. Caulks like this are available at your local hardware store or on online marketplaces like Amazon.

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3. Use a Natural Spider Repellent

The next method for keeping spiders out of your garage is by using a spider-repellent bug spray made from natural ingredients. This type of spray contains substances like peppermint oil that irritate spiders, causing them to move away from the areas where the spray has been applied. The best part about recipes like this is that the ingredients are totally safe for family and pets. This makes them suitable for indoor use as well.

Here is a YouTube video describing how to make your own natural spider repellent at home:

If you don't want to go through the process of making your own insect repellent, there are other options. You can find some pre-made natural spider repellents for sale online.

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4. Use a Traditional Pest Repellent

Another way to keep spiders from ever entering your garage, or the rest of your home, is by using a traditional pest repellent. This is the most heavy-duty method because it involves using chemicals that can also be harmful to animals and humans. The example below, Ortho Home Defense, is sprinkled heavily around the whole exterior of the garage and home and then watered using a garden hose. After the product is dissolved and dried, it is safe for people to re-enter the area.

The benefit of using a product like this is that it eliminates spiders and takes care of most insects, which are the food source for the spiders. Additionally, it creates a long-lasting exterior barrier around the foundation of the building, which will keep any bugs from getting into your garage or home.

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What is the Best Spider Deterrent?

So, that is a lengthy list of remedies and methods to keep spiders out of your garage. But, out of that whole list, which is the best method overall? We recommend using the first three items in sequence to best protect your garage against spiders. First, organize your garage to make it a less suitable spider habitat. Second, seal any potential entry points that spiders may use. And third, spray a natural spider-repellent to drive out spiders and keep them away.

Because traditional pest repellents can be harmful to your family and especially your pets, we recommend saving this method as a last resort. If you can't seem to rid yourself of the spiders with natural repellents and preventative measures, then, by all means, use a pesticide. Sticking to a combination of the first three methods is the best way to both rid your garage of current spiders and then keep them away afterward.

What Smells Keep Spiders Away?

Several naturally occurring scents repel spiders. Peppermint, garlic, vinegar, eucalyptus, citrus fruit, cinnamon, and lavender are all scents that spiders find unbearable. All of these substances can be found in various natural spider repellent recipes. One such recipe is simply to mix water and vinegar and spray the spider-effected place daily.

Why Are There So Many Spiders in the Garage?

Garages are typically the room in the house that is somewhere in between indoors and outdoors. Because of this nature, it's easy for insects to enter the garage and eventually make themselves at home among your things. A dark, humid room with plenty of places to hide is the perfect environment for many insects.

Consequently, spiders are in your garage because they know there is a good opportunity for food there. Spiders are predatory animals, meaning that they always go where the food is. The common conditions inside garages are the perfect habitat for the insects that make up the spider's diet.

In Closing

Spiders are a vital part of nearly every ecosystem on earth. But that doesn't mean we have to put out a welcome mat into our garages for them. If you want to keep spiders out of your garage, there are several methods to follow that are safe for your family and pets. From simple cleaning and organization to full-on pesticides, the suggestions on this list will ensure that your garage stays spider-free.

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