How To Hang Things On Vinyl Siding (Even Without Nails)

Do you want to hang decorations from the front or sides of your home? Maybe you have vinyl siding and do not want to damage it with nails or screws. In this article, we will give you some great solutions to hang things with ease on your vinyl siding!

There are some great products out there for hanging things from vinyl siding such as:

  • Vinyl siding hooks
  • Suction cup hooks
  • Screws/nails
  • Wire
  • Command hooks

Continue reading this article so we can show you some effective ways to hang things from your vinyl siding. We will also discuss how to install them. Let's have a look!

A garage of a house with brown vinyl sidings and flat glass lawn, How To Hang Things On Vinyl Siding (Even Without Nails)

How To Hang Things On Vinyl Siding

We know that nails are always an option for hanging things on vinyl siding. However, there are some other great options that won't leave a nail-sized mark on the siding. Let's explore all of the available options in more detail.

1. Vinyl Siding Hooks

These types of siding hooks come in plastic or metal. They are easy to use and keep you from putting holes into your siding. You can start by unhooking the piece of siding directly above where you want to place the hook. Some hooks may be able to be slid right underneath without you having to remove any pieces. Once the hook is attached, it can be slid into place down the piece of siding to where you want it.

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The hooks that are metal are usually made of stainless steel. This means no rust or discoloration of your siding. Siding hooks hold up to 12 pounds of weight. Keep this in mind when hanging things from your siding. You do not want to crack or break the vinyl. All hooks are just as easily removed when you are finished using them.

Here is a great video on YouTube showing how this can be done:

2. Suction Cup Hooks

Suction cup hooks are also a great idea to hang things from your siding. The easiest way to install these is to first wash away any dirt or grime from the siding with some dish soap and warm water. Dry that area of the siding and dampen the inside of the suction cup. Do not make it too wet or the hook will slip down the siding and fall off. Push the suction cup onto the siding until it stays on its own.

The smaller the suction cup, the less weight it can hold. There are extra-large cups that can hold up to 25 pounds! Keep in mind what you want to hang from the hook when looking for what type to buy.

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3. Screws And Nails

You can use screws or nails in your siding to hang things. However, this can create an open space that will allow moisture into the wood of your home. Even if you place a sealant around the screw or nail, moisture can still seep through. There are metal hooks that have a threaded end that can be screwed into your siding and anchored into the wood. You must make sure that these hooks are long enough to reach the wood.

Again, be very careful when screwing in a screw or pounding a nail through vinyl siding. It can create cracks or huge holes. It is recommended to try other options before resorting to nails and screws.

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4. Wire

For a more permanent way to hang things, use a nail and wire. First, you will want to remove one of the slats of vinyl siding above where you want to hang the object. Find the stud behind after removing that piece of siding and place a heavy-duty nail into it. Do not let it stick out too much, as you will be replacing the siding back over the nail.

Get some hanging wire and place it around the nail by the two ends. Leave a small loop of wire sticking out and replace the siding piece. You may then hang whatever you'd like on the wire itself. A number 2 sized wire will hold about 12 pounds. A number 5 will hold up to 40 pounds. Make sure to note the weight limits for the type of wire you purchase.

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5. Command Hooks

Command hooks are very simple to use to hang things. All you need to do is clean and dry the area thoroughly. Then, after pulling off the back piece of paper from the sticky part of the hook, firmly press down, and your hook is attached to your siding. To remove the hook, just pull down on the strip and it will release with no damage or residue left behind.

Command hooks come in many different sizes. They can hold, at minimum, 1 pound and at the maximum weight, 8 pounds. These are perfect for small wreaths, signs, and other decor you may want to hang from your siding. Always check the weight limits first and keep in mind what you will be hanging.

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Common Questions

What's behind vinyl siding?

A lot of the time, if the home was built with just wood, that is what is under the vinyl siding. There may also be Tyvek board and house wrap. Furring strips may also be found which could have been placed over sheet insulation.

How do you find studs behind vinyl siding?

There are electric stud finders that you can purchase. However, if you do not have one of these you can knock firmly on the wall and listen for a solid sound. If you hear that, then you have found a stud. If there is some type of molding around your home, you can look for nails at the bottom. The nails indicate that a stud is there.

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How much weight can vinyl siding hooks hold?

Vinyl siding hooks can hold up to 12 pounds. Anything heavier may weigh down the vinyl siding strips and cause damage or warping to the boards.

Can you use Command strips on vinyl siding?

Absolutely, you can use Command strips on vinyl siding. These are simple to use and do not create any damage. They are easy to apply and remove with no residue.

In Closing

There are many types of hooks that you can use on vinyl siding that will not damage it. If you choose to use nails or wire, be mindful of causing cracking or holes in the vinyl siding. This can allow moisture in and cause damage to your home. It is highly recommended to try a hook before using nails, screws, or anything else that may need to be drilled into the siding itself. Hooks are also the way to go because they are not permanent and can be moved around as needed.

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