How To Find The Model Number On A Canon Printer

You're about to print your document, but in the printing setup, you can't identify which Canon printer model to select. This might sound like a no-brainer, but where exactly can you find the model number of a Canon printer?

You can easily find the model number of your Canon printer either on the top or on the front of the body casing, sometimes close to the control panel. Do not confuse a model number with a serial number--they're entirely different. 

Familiarizing yourself with the basic specs of your printer and other gadgets can be beneficial. Two of the most important details you should readily know are your equipment's model and serial numbers. This can save you precious time in many situations. Read on to find out more about your Canon printers!

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How To Find The Model Number On A Canon Printer

Knowing your printer's model number allows you to obtain the right information about it, especially from the internet. Also, it gives you access to services that are specific only to your device and to components such as cartridges and ink. 

The next time something requires you to identify the Canon printer's model number, scan the top part or front of the body casing to find it. The model number of this brand is introduced usually by two or three letters followed by numbers. 

Additionally, you can find the model number in the printer manual or the CD that goes with the printer. 

How to Find the Serial Number of a Canon Printer

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Another way to know the kind of printer you have is through the serial number. A serial number "S/N" is a unique set of numbers assigned to a product. These numbers help to distinguish the product from all others.

If you need to look for the serial number, simply locate the sticker found either on the back or the bottom of your printer. 

What is the Canon PIXMA series?

Changing the cartridge of a Canon printer

PIXMA series is one of Canon's most sought-after printers that provides a multipurpose printing solution. Like the MAXIFY series, these machines have amazing features to meet your printing needs on various occasions or situations.  

Answering the following questions can help you decide on the type of printer you'll get from the PIXMA series:

  1. Where do I intend to use the printer, home or office?
  2. What type of printer does the nature of my work require?
  3. Do I need a normal, average, or fast-printing machine?
  4. How many cartridges do I need?

Whether you're looking for reliable and functional printers for home use, business, or just photos, Canon has got you covered. All you have to do is to identify what's essential for your printing needs!

Where do I intend to use the printer?

PIXMA series offers a wide array of multifunctional printers depending on where and what you need to print. If you're printing out documents, stickers, etc. at home, PIXMA MG, TS, and G are all ideal for you. 

Aside from being very affordable and providing good print quality, you'll find that these home printers are more reliable because of their wireless printing capability. This can make working with photos and collages more exciting!

On the other hand, consider getting PIXMA MX and TR if you need a compact machine to make work fast at the office. For instance, the new PIXMA TR8620a has a front and rear paper feeding and a 5-individual ink system. It can print up to 15 pages per minute. Plus, it has a built-in Auto Document Feeder (ADF) for multi-page document scanning.

Check out this printer model on Amazon.

If you are the kind of person who's always on the go (e.g., photographer, businessman), there are also portable machines under the Canon PIXMA iP series which are photo-ready, single-function printers.

Check out this compact and lightweight mobile printer on Amazon.

What type of printer does the nature of my work require?

You will be needing a 3-in-1 Canon printer (e.g., PIXMA MG, TS, MX, G) if your work at home or the office purely involves printing, scanning, and copying. On the other hand, if faxing is also an integral part of your work, consider getting a model with 4-in-1 property (e.g., PIXMA TR). 

Check out this Canon PIXMA TR 4-in-1 printer on Amazon.

Do I need a fast-printing machine?

Print speed is a primary consideration when buying a printer. Are you the type of person who regularly prints a lot of materials? In business, time is of the essence, so what you need is a printer that can keep up with your fast-paced job. PIXMA TR or TS is your ultimate solution! 

If you don't need speedy printing, you can get any model from the PIXMA G series, and that will give you the same fantastic result at a very low cost. 

If you're printing sporadically and in small quantities, but you don't want slow printing either, opt for PIXMA MG, MX, or iP series. These 3-in-1 printer models can print 10 pages per minute on average.

Check out this Canon PIXMA MG printer on Amazon.

Connectivity and productivity seem to be inseparable when talking about these printers. With their ability to print wirelessly, your work, whether it be bulk or small-scale printing, becomes less time-consuming!

How many cartridges do I need?

Some printers need a unique cartridge for every color while some use one cartridge for multiple colors. Especially when printing stunning photo prints or documents with rich colors, you'll most likely need a printer that has single or separate cartridges.

Canon also helps its customers save money by offering printers that need only two cartridges: one for black ink and another one for other basic colors (i.e. cyan, magenta, yellow). These amazing machines, such as PIXMA iP, MG, MX, and TS series, can give users a superior yet cost-effective performance!

If you're into buying ink for refillable containers instead of cartridges, the PIXMA G series would be your best option.  

What Ink Should I Use in Canon PIXMA Printers?

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We've just given you great tips on how to choose a new printer based on print speed, functionality, features, etc. The next crucial thing to consider is the type of ink you should buy. We've listed some of the ink cartridges that go well with Canon PIXMA printers. 

1. Canon PG50

You need not worry about the number of grayscale or black-and-white documents this cartridge can produce. With its smooth, well-detailed line work, and sharp print quality, this can guarantee a 300-page yield capacity. 

Check out Canon PG50 black cartridge on Amazon.

2. Canon PGI-5

This pigment-based ink (PGI) is perfect for printing documents that require dark and sharp output. It is water, UV light, and fade-resistant. With this cartridge, you will have a yield capacity of up to 650 pages!

This product works best with iP3500, iP3300, iP4300, MP520, MP510, MP610, MP600, MP530, MX700, and MX850.

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3. Canon CLI-226 (black and colored)

With CLI-226 black alone, you can already generate more than 500 pages. Moreover, CLI-226 cyan, magenta, and yellow can take your photo printing to the next level.

Since Chromalife ink (CLI) has a dye-based ink formulation, you can get high-quality output that's distinctly finer, flatter, and brighter on paper as opposed to what PGI can produce.

Contained in smaller tanks, CLI 226 inks are best used in photos printed in genuine Canon photo paper as their print result is more resistant and therefore long-lasting.

Check out this 3-color value pack ink on Amazon.

This product is compatible with MG6220, MG8120, MG5220, MG5320, MG6120, iP4820, and iP4920, to name a few. 

4. Canon PGI-250XL

The reliability and print quality of this ink cartridge is undeniable. It has a 500-page yield capacity and is perfect for your next project with large volumes of printouts.

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This ink is best for MG5520, MG6620, MG5420, MG5422, MG5620, MG6320, MG6420, MG7120, MG7520, MX722, MX922, iP7220, iP8720, and iX6820, to name a few.

5. Canon PGI-270

Nobody would ever settle for less, especially when printing documents for business or legal purposes. That's why you can count on this reasonably-priced high-yield black ink that can print up to 650 pages with consistently well-detailed line work.

Additionally, the ink is smudge-resistant, providing rich, dark, and long-lasting black text on documents.

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This ink works perfectly with MG5720, MG5721, MG5722, MG6820, MG6822, and MG7720.

What happens if you put black ink in the color cartridge slot?

Canon printer inside an publishing office

Never install black ink in the color cartridge slot, as it can damage the machine. Your printer can detect a cartridge that's incorrectly inserted into a slot, and it will display an "error message" on the screen if this happens.


Canon printer placed on the office table

Printers play an indispensable role at home, in the office, in business, and in school. Manufacturers have continuously developed these machines to meet our needs for high-quality and engaging printed materials. 

With so many high-caliber printers out there, ordering one or two can be confusing. Remember to identify the specific requirements of your work or even your simplest yet fun activities, such as collaging and making photo albums. This way, you'll be able to select the most suitable printer!

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