How To Cover Bathroom Wall Tiles

Are you tired of looking at your old bathroom tiles? Do you want to take it off and cover it with a new one to make it look more stylish than before? So, in this article, we have done our research and helped you answer how to cover bathroom wall tiles.

To cover bathroom wall tiles, here is what you need to do.

  1. Hang a shower curtain.
  2. Make use of a tile sticker.
  3. Paint your tiles.
  4. Use shower wall panels and shower liners.
  5. Bathroom wainscoting. 

We will unlock all details for you for each technique, one by one. Read on! 

A blue patterned shower curtain for the bathtub, How To Cover Bathroom Wall Tiles

Hang a shower curtain

If you want to cover your bathroom tiles, consider hanging a shower curtain. This is ideal for renters who do not want to spend more money on improving their bathrooms. You can make use of an attractive shower curtain that hides the wall tiles.

Stainless steel shower curtain rods and hooks

However, make sure the tiles are clean and dry before hanging your curtain. This will ensure that you can seal the area along with existing bacteria present on the tiles. Moreover, tile preparation is needed to ensure that your shower liner will remain intact.

Use Tile Stickers

An ultra modern bathroom with a floating vanity with huge windows and a modern shower area

Revive your bathroom with tile stickers; it will look more attractive than ever before. One good thing about tile stickers is that you can install them on your floors and walls. These stickers are waterproof. You can choose from many of its colors, designs, patterns, sizes, and a lot more.

How to install tile stickers?

  1. First, you must clean the tiles using mild cleaning products. Make sure it won’t damage the tiles to ensure a good sticking bond.
  2. Allow the tiles to dry before you remove the back of the sticker paper and press it over the cleaned tile surface.
  3. You can cut out excess stickers so that they will fit the desired area to be hidden.

While tile stickers are your best and easiest option to cover your bathroom tiles, it has also had disadvantages. One of those is that it won’t last long. It starts to wear off in a very high moisture setting.

Having all that, if you want durable and long-lasting waterproof tile stickers, worry not about their life expectancy rate. These are peel and stick materials that cover your old tiles using heat and water-resistant elements.

This product has strong adhesion, which adheres definitely to a clean and smooth surface. It is specially designed for showers and the kitchen. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Apply this peel and stick tile design to your existing shower tiles. It is also great as backsplashes and does not wear off easily. What’s more, you can use scissors or a utility knife too, thus making it the quickest possible solution to improve your shower and bathroom.

Paint the Tiles

Man painting the bathroom floor with a brown color

A waterproof tile paint can be used to cover up your bathroom tiles and shower. It will give you a clean and sophisticated look. When you choose the right paint, make sure it is intended for your bathroom tiles.

Latex and epoxy are your best choices so far. It comes in satin, matte, or glossy to achieve your desired look. There are bathroom tile paints that are prone to mold and bacteria growth. So be careful in choosing.

Before you get your paintbrushes, avoid painting the grout. You can use masking tape to cover it before you start doing the job. Preparation is the key to having a beautiful outcome. So, heads up as we will give you some tips.

Check this latex paint on Amazon. 

Clean the tiles

Those tiles that are to be painted should be free from any dirt and stains. By using an abrasive cleaner, you can easily remove all debris before touching the surface with a wet towel or sponge. Most importantly, allow it to dry.

Sand the tiles

Sanding will gloss off the tile surface. For quicker sanding, you can use a sander.

Remove dust

After all the cleaning and sanding, your tiles are expected to be dirty. To dust, use a damp cloth and allow drying.

Apply primer

A paint primer will protect the paint from peeling off. Use a foam brush in applying a primer. Allow it to dry as well. Use the recommended time of drying before you start painting.

For epoxy paint, follow instructions and dry it thoroughly. One downside is that color accessibility is limited.

For latex paint, apply the first coat and then the second coat. Allow it to dry as recommended.

Use Shower Wall Panels 

An narrow ultra modern boho inspired bathroom with a floating cabinet and round mirror

Waterproof shower panels can be used and fitted in your bathroom sink or shower. What’s best about these wall panels is that it comes in a wide array of sizes that can be cut in any size and shape you want.

Shower wall panels do not need high-end maintenance. You just have to wipe it with a cloth to keep it clean and brand new. Also, you can choose from a contemporary design or a traditional design as long as it perfectly fits your bathroom.

Stone-made panels 

Wall panels for showers can be made from stone, marble, slate, or high-end materials.  For cheaper materials, and acrylic is a good option. Some panels have glitter features that can enhance the look. Regardless of the materials, wall panels are durable, long-lasting, and color-loss resistant.


Shower wall panels come in 23 inches up to 35 inches and 39 inches up to 47 inches sizes. However, if you want to customize the size, you can cut in any size you like to cover your tiles.

Yes, shower wall panels are waterproof. It has a permanent solution for concealing your tiles. The cost-effective opportunity here is that installation takes little time and does not require you to change the old tiles. Installation only takes you at least two hours, unlike tiles that will take you about one to two days, depending on the area that needs to be done.

Bathroom Wainscoting 

Wainscoting and beadboard are oftentimes used interchangeably. So, if you are familiar with any of the two terms, then you know what we are talking about. Both go together to create a more appealing and good-looking bathroom. These are your best alternative if you want to have a refreshing bathroom.

What is wainscoting?

This is a type of wood paneling that obliges many purposes. This includes making use as a decorative wall feature to protect the walls from any damage. It can be installed at any given height of windows, fixtures, or furniture, which you can see in most traditional bathrooms.

For a traditional bathroom setting, wainscoting is very visual, especially in bathtubs and in most rustic furnishings. Also, beadboards are used as a frame for vanity and other bathroom structures.

Is it expensive? 

Wainscoting is a valued investment because it adds value to your space. That said, the price depends on different factors such as the kind of materials used, the type of panel, room size, and the availability of the supply.

Based on our research, it will cost you from $7 up to $11 per panel. If you choose a hardwood panel, then it will cost you around $12 to $20 per square foot. You can spend $40 per square foot for those with high wood grades and complex designs. 

Conceal with Shower Liners

Gray and white inspired bathroom with a black shower curtain and white fixtures

For a less labor-intensive simple bathroom renovation, use a bath or shower liners. Surely, you can hide and conceal those old tiles. Shower liners are considered acrylic wall paneling systems that are easy to install. It runs from floor to ceiling and provides you with a finished look.

These liners are attached to the wall using a sealant. This sealant should be mold resistant and waterproof to avoid the growth of any bacteria and molds.

Shower liners also come in different sizes and shapes so you can enjoy your own choices. For easy access, you can shop online as there are wide selections of bath and shower liners. 

In Closing

A blue patterned shower curtain for the bathtub

We have just unlocked different clever ways to cover your bathroom wall tiles. These are some of the simple tricks you can do in a way that you can save time and money.  You have the freedom to choose from which of the given ideas are mentioned. We have also discussed each way so you can be confident in choosing. It is important to determine your bathroom needs so you can anticipate ahead what needs to be done. 

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