How Long Does Craftsman Battery Take To Charge?

Craftsman batteries are there to power up your Craftsman tools to help you finish the job quicker and easier. Throughout the years, they have had the reputation of having long battery life in between charges, which makes them great for masonry work. But how long does it take to charge them? In this article, we have researched and found the answer to that very question, so stick around to find out.

A 20V Craftsman battery will be fully charged in just 60 minutes using its dedicated Craftsman lithium-ion charger regardless of the type of tool. Craftsman also offers a fast charger for their 20V Max line that averages 30 minutes to fully charge. These charging times should be followed to minimize downtime and improve efficiency. 

Interested in learning more about Craftsman batteries? Continue reading as we discuss other details, such as whether you leave them charging, use Dewalt batteries on your Craftsman, and more.

A package of Craftsman blower and a close up picture of a craftsman battery on an isolated background, How Long Does Craftsman Battery Take To Charge?

How do I know when my Craftsman battery is charged?

Like most electronic devices that need charging today, your Craftsman battery will come with a light indicator that would tell you how much juice is left on your battery pack. In some models, like the Craftsman 5335, a charging indicator on the charger will tell you if the battery is still charging or is already full.

It is usually indicated by two LED lights. If the red light is still on, it indicates that your battery is still charging. If the charging indicator displays the green light, your battery is already full and can be used again.

A great way to avoid checking every minute if your battery has fully charged is by waiting at least an hour, as this is the usual time that Craftsman batteries finish charging. You can also double-check your manual to verify how long your charging should last.

It is important to note that just because it says on the label that it will take 60 minutes to charge, it might not be automatically charged on the top of the hour. This is just an estimate by the manufacturers as the exact time of every charge varies.

Factors like battery age, remaining charge, and the socket's power supply play a role in how long your battery charges.

We also recommend not leaving any electronic device plugged in for an extended period of time, especially unattended, for safety purposes.  This is a preventive measure to avoid any short circuit incidents that may cause a fire accident in your house.

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Can you leave Craftsman batteries on the charger?

It is generally bad leaving your battery in your charger as this can cause multiple problems such as overheating, battery explosion, or charger short-circuiting. This can all lead to a fire hazard. After fully charging your battery, take it off the charger, and do not forget to unplug the charger from the socket.

Leaving the charger plugged whilst not charging still uses up power; pulling out the charger is one small way of saving up on your electric consumption. If you want to leave the battery on the charger, unplug it from the socket.

Though some modern chargers have automatic features that turn themselves off when it has fully charged the battery, you can check your user's manual to see if your charger has this feature.

Some models will tell you to store your batteries on your charger as they are designed for this use, otherwise, you should not do this. Overcharging can also shorten the overall life span of the battery, especially if the battery is lithium-ion.

Are all Craftsman 20V batteries interchangeable?

The Craftsman V20 and 20V Max cordless power tools, batteries, and chargers are not cross-platform compatible. Only the 20V BLACK+DECKER batteries and chargers are the ones that are interchangeable as they are made under the same manufacturing company.

Sears previously produced Craftsman products. In 2017, Sears sold Craftsman to Stanley Black & Decker. With manufacturers changing, the previous method and materials used in making Craftsman were phased out and changed to Stanley Black & Decker standards, making older craftsman batteries incompatible with newer ones.

If you mistakenly buy a Craftsman charger for your older model battery, this can be a helpful tip. It will not charge. If you are on the lookout for a charger replacement for your Craftsman battery, find out first if the one you have is the Sears or the Stanley Black & Decker version.

You can find this out by referring to the buyer's guide that came along during purchase. If your battery says it is 20V, then it is produced by Stanley Black & Decker. If it is a V20, then it is a Sears one. Keep this in mind to avoid buying an incompatible charger for your batteries.

When it comes to using the batteries to your tool, all Craftsman batteries will work and are interchangeable with all Craftsman tools, be it the older ones made by Sears or the newer ones made by Stanley.

Can you use a Dewalt battery on a Craftsman drill?

You cannot use either battery and swap them for the other one as they are not the same brand. Plus, if you attempt to use a Dewalt battery for any Craftsman drill, it will highly likely not fit. If you even manage to slide it in the slot, the chances are it might not work, or you might just end up damaging your battery or your tool.

This is because these two systems are not designed for each other. As discussed above, craftsman tools have compatibility issues even with their fellow Craftsman products. So we recommend you to not do this, so you may avoid any damage to your tools.

We'd suggest buying extra packs of batteries for your Craftsman drill and other gadgets. This way, you can still use your tools anytime without dealing with a drained battery. Ensure the voltage is compatible with your tools.

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How do you know if your Craftsman battery needs replacing?

Since most modern batteries, including Craftsman, are lithium-ion, you can expect a lifespan of two to three years for your batteries. Beyond this, you may notice some decline in battery performance, such as the battery draining faster than usual.

Another way of measuring lifespan for lithium-ion batteries is their charge cycles. You can expect 300-500 cycles from your battery.

Craftsman chargers also have a feature that detects if there are already defects in your battery. If the red LED light on your charger starts to blink, this can indicate something wrong with the battery pack.

To double-check this, try removing and reinserting it back onto the charger. If the flashing persists, then the battery might need replacing.

Though there are times that your charger might be the piece that's malfunctioning. You can check this by testing another battery, and if the red LED lights are still blinking, your charger might be the piece that has the damage.

Another note to remember is, if your battery is hot, your charger will not charge it. This is another safety feature as batteries tend to get hotter while being charged; it prevents overheating and possible explosion. The charger waits for the battery to return to normal temperature before continuing the charge.

Can you put batteries in a freezer?

You should never put your batteries (dead or not) in the freezer. This is a common misnomer as being stored in cold places is good for batteries in general. But because of the moisture present in freezers, this is not recommended as it can cause severe damage to your battery.

The proper way of storing your battery is by putting it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Places like a well-sealed tool cabinet are ideal for this.

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In Summary

You can expect to have a fully charged Craftsman battery in just 60 minutes with the use of a fast charger. You can even have a full battery in just 30 minutes. Some Craftsman chargers are not interchangeable as different manufacturers make them, but all Craftsman batteries are compatible with Craftsman tools.

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