How High To Hang Curtains For An 11-Foot Ceiling?

If you're wondering how long your curtains should be when you have an 11-foot ceiling, you've landed on the right page. We've done the research about the rules for hanging curtains on high ceilings and here's what we found out.

Floor-length curtains are still the way to go even when you have an 11-foot ceiling. It is also recommended to hang them a foot below the ceiling and extend the curtain poles by at least 3" on each side of the window so that you can hang your curtains properly.  

Keep on reading to learn more about dressing windows for an 11-foot ceiling and how to do it like a pro. We'll talk about the proper length, width, height, and fullness of your curtains and why it is better to hang long curtains in your homes. Let's get right into it!

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How Long Should Curtains Be For 11-Foot Ceilings?

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Average houses have a ceiling height of 8 to 9 feet, but some homes have ceilings that are 11 feet high. High ceilings can make a house seem more spacious. Most of these homes also have tall windows that provide an abundance of natural light.

You get to save on energy costs while enjoying a great view of the outdoor area and you feel more connected to nature. Tall windows also have a wow factor as if you're in the midst of something grand. That's why homes with high ceilings have a higher resale value.

Having an 11-foot ceiling is nice but it can present some challenges such as how to hang curtains that'll cover that much wall space.

The current home interior design trend for average ceiling heights is to hang floor-length curtains. It is easy to do this as well since these are the usual sizes of curtain panels that you'll find on the market.

But does this fashion rule also apply to high ceilings with tall windows? Can you imagine the length of the curtains that you need to cover all that space between the ceiling and the floor?

Keep in mind that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to hanging your curtains. Most of us just follow current trends when it comes to interior design so that our homes will have an updated look similar to the home design trends we see in magazines.

It doesn't matter if your ceiling height is 11 feet when it comes to curtain installation. It is still recommended to let your curtains fall all the way to the floor.

You do have the option of going with the floating look by having the curtains fall just between half an inch to an inch above the floor.

If you want to create more drama, you can have them puddle on the floor so you'll be needing six extra inches (or more if you want) to achieve that effect.

Just take note that it'll make cleaning your room a bit harder since you have to lift the curtains up each time you'll be vacuuming the area by the windows. 

How far from the ceiling should you hang curtains?

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Interior designers recommend that the distance from the curtain rod to the ceiling should be at least one foot so that it won't look overcrowded at the top. This means you need curtain panels with lengths of 10 feet or 120 inches if you have an 11-foot ceiling.

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Some houses with 11-foot ceilings don't have tall windows. If the top of your window is more than a couple of feet away from the ceiling, you can mount the curtain pole about 8 inches above the window frame or you can install it halfway between the window and ceiling to achieve a sense of balance.

Then, measure the distance from your curtain pole to the floor to get the curtain size that you need.

For houses with tall windows that extend all the way to the ceiling or at least very close to it, there'll be no room for the curtain rod on top of the window frame.

You can mount the rod directly on the ceiling. There are mounting brackets that have been specifically designed to accommodate this arrangement since it is common to have windows that stretch to the ceiling.

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How wide should curtains be? 

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The curtain rods should also extend at least 3 inches from each side of the window. You can even extend the curtain rods further if you have narrow windows and you want them to look wider.

These allowances on the window top and sides will ensure that your window treatment will be effective in blocking light coming from these portions of the window and you can close it fully when the need arises.

There won't be a glare or any light seeping through which can be irritating, especially when you're trying to catch up on some sleep in the morning.

This is a major concern when we're talking about tall windows that allow a lot of natural light to pass through without the proper window treatment.

In terms of the number of curtain panels needed to cover the entire length of the curtain rod, it depends on the curtain type that you have.

  • For eyelet curtains, it is recommended that their total width is about two to three times the length of the curtain rod. This will give your curtains a full and ample look and provide good coverage from the sun and inquisitive eyes from the outside.
  • For pleated curtains, their combined width can just be around 1.5 times the curtain rod's length. This is because they already have a built-in fullness in them that will effortlessly provide the ample look, sun protection, and privacy that you want in a window treatment.

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Should Curtains Be Too Long Or Too Short?

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As we mentioned earlier, current fashion trends point to hanging curtains all the way to the floor. You might be wondering about the fuss with the length when you can just cover the entire window frame to block the light and achieve some privacy.

There used to be a time when hanging curtains short or right up to the window sill was the norm. But as with other fashion trends, that time has passed, and having short curtains nowadays will make your home look outdated and unappealing.

Shorter panels also look awkward because it makes it seem that you ran out of fabric. Short curtains also make a room appear smaller since they are out of proportion and cut the visual connection from the top to the bottom.

Long curtains serve the specific purpose of tying the whole room together. They connect the floor to the ceiling. The curtains are incorporated into the room. It is important to choose the right curtain size and design. Otherwise, they will look off, and the floor-to-ceiling connection will be broken.

Don't worry because there are extra-long curtain sizes available on the market so it shouldn't be too hard for you to get curtains of the right length.

You can also have your curtains customized so that you can get the perfect color, fit, and style that you want and have your curtains match the overall design of each room in your house.

Of course, there are instances when it is impractical to hang your curtains all the way to the floor. These include cases where there's a radiator underneath the window or a big piece of furniture that covers part of the window.

It is also not advisable to hang long curtains in your kitchen or bathroom as they can attract bacterial and mold growth. Other than these cases, it is safe to say that long curtains are better than short ones.

Remember that these are just guidelines. There are no textbook rules when it comes to hanging curtains. 

Final Thoughts

Hanging curtains on tall windows can be challenging but you can be guided by these recommendations so that you can enhance your home's overall look and make your curtains work for you.

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