Honda Lawn Mower Won’t Start – Potential Causes & Maintenance Tips

When unruly grass springing up in the yard encourages you to start your lawn mower, it's time to get to work! Homeowners with yards typically have a lawn mower lying around somewhere in the garage, and a Honda is a popular brand of choice. Are you wondering why your Honda lawn mower won't start? Well, we asked various experts, and they gave us some very intriguing answers.

Several things could cause your Honda lawn mower not to start. These are:

  • Loose dirt
  • Fuel not reaching the engine
  • Disconnected spark plugs
  • Old air-filters

Lawn mowers need constant attention like any other machinery. Continue reading to find out how to make sure that the above factors don't spoil your lawn mower permanently.

red Honda lawn mower on the garden ready for use. Honda Lawn Mower Won't Start - Potential Causes & Maintenance Tips

What Makes Your Honda Lawn Mower Not To Start

Any machinery needs maintenance from time to time. But first, you must understand how the above things tamper with your lawn mower's function.

Loose Dirt

When mowing your lawn, there might be dirt that the lawn mower's blades might dug into. The dirt can get stuck on the blades causing your lawn mower not to start. Before you store away the mower, ensure that you clean the blades thoroughly while the dirt is still fresh.

Repairman fixes the lawn mower engine with tools at the workshop

Fuel Not Reaching The Engine

Any engine needs fuel to work so, check to see if there is fuel in the lawn mower's tank. Another thing to check is the fuel tap. No fuel will reach the tank if the fuel tap is turned off. Alternatively, tap the carburetor to assist the gas flow to the engine if it's not getting there.

Disconnected Or Wet Spark Plugs

For an engine to start, it'll need a spark to ignite the combustion mixture. The spark plugs are the ones for this job. Therefore, if they are wet or disconnected, they won't spark to start the engine.

Ensure that you don't leave your lawnmower out in the rain to avoid wetting the spark plug. Check to see if the spark plug is properly placed before kick-starting the lawn mower again.

Replacing Lawnmower Air Cleaner

Old Air-Filters

Air filters in lawn mowers prevent dirt and debris from getting into the engine via the carburetor. When the air filter is old and worn old, it can't filter dirt and debris properly. Once the dirt gets to the engine, you'll have problems starting it.

For your lawn mower to serve you longer, always check the condition of the air filter. If it needs replacing, don't drag your feet about changing it.

Note: After use, refuel and clean your lawn mower before putting it away!

Signs You Need A New Lawn Mower

You know why the lawn mower won't start and how to check it. But, for a longer life span of your lawn mower, you'll need to go an extra mile.

You might have taken care of your lawn mower according to instructions, but you are still having trouble with it. It could mean that you need to buy a brand new lawn mower.

What are the tell-tale signs that your lawn mower is due for the scrap yard? Here are some things to look at:

Outdoor power equipment. Home depot. Showcase of new powerful red gasoline lawn mower.

Constant engine problems

Yes, the engine again. If you are still having trouble with the lawn mower's engine, then it's time to say goodbye! Repairing a lawn mower's engine can cost up to $600! Depending on the model, the money can fetch you a brand new lawn mower.

Expired warranty

Since lawn mowers serve a long time, the warranty lasts for a few years. With a valid warranty, servicing your lawn mower won't be costly. But when the warranty has expired, the cost of repair might shoot through the roof. Belt pull cords or cables don't cost much, but engine repair might.

Transmission issues

The lawn mower's transmission transmits the power from the engine to the wheels and regulates the machine's speed. If your lawn mower's transmission is faulty, repair might cost up to $500. It will be worthwhile investing in a new mower than repairing it.

Crankshaft damage

Rocks, tree stumps, and roots can be the death of a crankshaft. The blades may bend and won't spin properly when the crankshaft is damaged. The engine won't start, and this will be a sure sign that you need a new lawn mower.

Timely Upgrade

Newer models have several luxurious features which you might find pleasing. A riding lawn mower might be ideal for you if you still want to cut your lawn, but with a little bit more comfort. New and upgraded lawn mowers are fuel-efficient and will save you some money in the long run.

How Much Fuel Does A Lawn Mower Tank Hold?

The fuel tank of a regular Honda lawn mower has a  capacity of 1/3 of a gallon. A medium-sized riding lawn mower has a capacity of almost 2 gallons of fuel. Larger riding mowers have bigger fuel tanks that can hold up to 4 gallons of fuel.

Remember, not to stoco a lot of fuel for the lawn mower in the garage as old fuel can hinder the lawn mower's performance. Keep fuel in a cool, dry place because it is flammable. Ensure that you store fuel in a plastic canister. Rust from metal canisters might contaminate the fuel during storage.

Note: Never overfill a gas tank!

Do Honda Lawn Mowers Need Oil?

Yes, they do! Although they don't need a lot of it. The amount of oil needed is between 12 to 13.5 ounces of engine oil. The oil needs to be changed often to help maintain your lawn mower's engine in good working condition.

Here is how to go about changing the oil in a Honda lawn mower's engine:

  1. First, assemble all that you need for the process. The items you'll need are: fresh engine oil (not more than 13.5 ounces), gloves, paper towels, a container for the old oil, and a funnel.
  2. Secondly, start your lawn mower and use it to mow. This will heat the oil and will get all the old oil out.
  3. Thirdly, stop the engine and unplug the spark plug in the lawn mower.
  4. Next, open the oil compartment and tip the lawn mower to the side to drain all the oil inside it. Drain the oil into a container that will be used to store the oil before you dispose of or recycle it.
  5. Then, pour in the clean engine oil into the lawn mower using a funnel. Ensure that you pour the amount stipulated and not more. Here, less is better.
  6. Lastly, dip the dip-stick in the oil compartment to check the amount of oil in the mower. Clean any oil that might have dripped onto the mower while pouring in the oil. Close the oil compartment properly then, plug back the spark plug.

That is all that is required to change the oil in the lawn mower.

What Spark Plug Do I Need For My Honda Mower?

Honda lawn mower 2-cycle or 4-cycle engines are small. Therefore, the most suitable spark plug for these engines is the NGK spark plug. The NGK spark plug is meant for small engines. It is available online and in local hardware stores around the country.

Check out the NGK spark plug on Amazon.

Where Should The Throttle Be To Start A Lawn Mower?

Before you start a lawn mower, make sure that the throttle is in mid or high position. Don't overlook this step if you want to keep the lawn mower's engine running once you've started it.

In cold weather, the mower could get cold too. So, use the choke. This will give the engine a good mixture of air and fuel. The engine will be running until it has warmed up.

Some lawn mowers have a throttle that needs to be put in a starting position before you start the engine.

Lawn equipment needs to be in full throttle for the best performance. The blades run faster and hasten the cutting process.

Mowing a lawn with a old style petrol gasoline lawnmower. Red lawn mower cutting grass. Honda Lawn Mower Won't Start - Potential Causes & Maintenance Tips

The Verdict

Lawn equipment, especially lawn mowers, needs proper maintenance. When properly maintained, the engine will always work well. Over time, lawn mowers will become old. Therefore, purchasing a new one might be better than constant repairs.

Consult the user's manual for proper utilization of the model of lawn mower that you've purchased.

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