11 Hardwood Floor And Wall Color Combinations

Flooring and wall colors are some of the most important choices that you will make for your space. Hardwood floors come in many different types of wood that result in various shades, textures, and finishes. There are endless possibilities for wall color and hardwood flooring combinations. Luckily, we've compiled a list of our favorite ideas for hardwood floor and wall color combinations to share with you.

Hardwood is an elegant choice in a flooring material that is versatile and timeless. This flooring type will complement both modern and traditional decor styles. Wood flooring adds an unmatched warmth and elegance to almost any room in your home. Different wall colors can bring out different undertones of your hardwood flooring, changing the look of your space altogether.

Wood flooring is versatile but absorbs moisture, so it isn't always suitable for everyone. Although hardwood flooring can be high maintenance, it is well worth the extra work. Because of all of the options, it can be challenging to find the perfect color combination for your home.

Modern and stylish inspired living room with hardwood flooring, white painted wlal, 11 Hardwood Floor And Wall Color Combinations

1. White Walls And Medium Brown Floors

White is the ultimate neutral wall color that adds an airy feel to your space and contrasts beautifully with warm wood flooring. Warm medium brown colored wood floors and the open floor plan in our example above only add to this design.

Luxurious modern open space living room with white walls and white ceiling

White painted pillars also add some separation to this open space but don't appear closed off. The many shades of brown used to accent this look add some variation in color and draw attention to this beautiful flooring.

2. Brown Walls And Medium Brown Floors

A gorgeous open space living room and dining area with hardwood flooring

Consider using a chocolate brown for your walls to bring out the deeper tones in your hardwood flooring. The rich brown color combined with the medium brown colored wood floors adds an elegant coziness to this space.

When paired with medium brown tones of hardwood floors, this chocolate brown wall color looks fierce and modern while bringing a homey feel to this living room.

3. Tan Walls And Medium Brown Wood Floors

Luxurious stylish rustic living room with hardwood flooring, tan colored sofas and dining sets

Another idea we have for wood floors is choosing a tan wall color. The tan walls bring a warm natural glow to this room while complimenting the medium brown hardwood flooring, which turned out nicely.

Clean white trim also adds some detail and dimension to this room and helps break up the different shades of light brown. Neutral-colored furniture acts as a buffer between the various shades of white and tan throughout this space.

4. Black Walls And Medium Brown Wood Floors

Wooden flooring of an open space living room with gorgeous rustic design

Black walls, although a bit moody, can also work great with medium brown wood floors. The black brick adds a sense of mystery and some beautiful natural texture to this living space.

The black brick wall also works well to open this space up, which is great for smaller areas. Furthermore, the natural wood posts create an urban feel in this space, while the bright grey couches add just the right amount of cool tones.

5. Red Walls With Medium Brown Wood Floors

A red colored wall with diagonal laminated flooring

You can also try red for your walls if you have medium brown wood floors. In general, red represents strength and power, so using this shade for your walls will add a sense of excitement and animation to any room.

The unique layout of the medium brown hardwood floors gives this flooring a modern twist and draws attention to it, which is a great conversation starter.

6. Blue Walls And Light Wood Floors

A blue accent wall with pattern laminated flooring matched with nice colored furniture's

Trying a calm shade of blue will also complement your light wood floors nicely. Blue tends to work well with softer hardwood while also creating an eye-catching final design, which we appreciate.

The green plants throughout this space are used to add a natural splash of color and contrast to this color scheme, so you may want to do something similar in your design.

7. Green Walls And Light Brown Floors

A green themed living room with green painted walls matched with a green sectional sofa and wooden accent chest

Green is jewel-tone inspired by nature that is the perfect shade to pair with your wood floors. Combining this jewel tone with your light-colored hardwood flooring can give your space a tranquil and organic feel.

Furthermore, adding natural greenery to this space helps create a textured and dimensional look that matches the wall color. Generally, wood and earth tones like green work well together, regardless of shade, so that's something to consider.

8. Purple Walls With Light Brown Wood Floors

A purple colored living room wall matched with laminated flooring and a white armchair

Another jewel-tone wall color option for wood flooring is a purple hue. The light hardwood floors and purple walls accentuate each other nicely in this space while each is grabbing our attention.

Crisp white accents and furniture bring in a splash of bright, clean color and add definition to this space. Using the same light shade of wood as the flooring for the furniture and accent pieces maintains a cohesive look.

9. Grey Walls And Dark Brown Wood Floors

Modern and stylish inspired living room with hardwood flooring and white painted walls

Considering that grey is one of the more popular colors for home design, trying it with hardwood is a no-brainer. Grey walls also do a nice job of complimenting darker brown wood flooring, adding a modern and sleek ambiance.

Furthermore, the white trim makes the light grey walls pop, and the addition of neutral furniture and decor give this space plenty of warmth, which is always good in the home.

10. Teal Walls And Dark Brown Wood Floors

Bright, vibrant colors such as teal beautifully contrast with deep chocolate brown shades of hardwood flooring. This sharp contrast makes for an alluring look that catches the eye and demands attention.

Black and white accents also add a dramatic flair to this color scheme. Natural greenery scattered throughout the room balances the look while adding a subtle layer of color.

11. Natural Brick Walls And Dark Brown Wood Floors

Hardwood flooring in the living room

To add a unique urban feel and a warm earth-toned color to your space, consider using natural brick for your walls. The earth tones in natural brick will complement any shade of hardwood floors but especially stand out against dark wood.

Another detail to note is the bright white trim and accent pieces, contrasting this darker design. You might even want to go further and add more light-colored pieces to your space if you're going to break things up.

To Wrap Things Up

Hardwood floors add a warm, welcoming feel to almost any space in your home and coordinate with many wall colors. The wall color you choose can help them stand out and bring out different tones in your wood.

Choosing a wall color can be one of the most critical decisions in your home decor project and can seem overwhelming. We hope that this selection of wall color and hardwood floor combination that we have provided has helped inspire your inner decorator.

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