Generac Generator Won’t Start – What To Do?

It's quite frustrating to discover that your Generac generator won't start, especially when you need it most. You may start to wonder what's wrong and would, later on, think about what needs to be done to fix it. Well, good thing you came to the right page! To know what to do, we've thoroughly researched the answer for you.

If your Generac generator doesn't start, you may do the following troubleshooting steps below:

  1. Check and fill in the correct fuel
  2. Properly place fuel valve
  3. Fill oil
  4. Examine spark plug connection
  5. Set the choke

Realizing how costly it is to have your generator get fixed by a professional, or all the more to buy a new one when you can fix simple generator problems with some troubleshooting steps. Continue reading as we go along and elaborate on each step. At some point, we'll also answer pertinent questions regarding the Generac generator.

A generac GP7500E 7500-Watt Gasoline, Generac Generator Won't Start—What To Do?

Troubleshooting Generac generator

Before contacting a certified servicing dealer to fix your generator, you may want to try some simple troubleshooting guidelines for your Generac unit.

Industrial Generac generator on concrete pad

Check and fill in the correct fuel

One of the most typical reasons why generators don't start is because of old, stale fuel. If your Generac generator has fuel stored in it for more than 30 days without a fuel stabilizer or more than six months with a fuel stabilizer, the carburetor may need to be cleaned by a certified servicing dealer.

Make sure to always use fresh unleaded fuel. It's better to only use 87 octane fuel or higher. Never use an E85 fuel or a mixture of oil and gasoline designated for two-cycle engines.

Once you've ensured that you have clean fuel and a clean carburetor, make sure there's at least 1/4 of a tank fuel to start your generator.

Properly place fuel valve

After you've checked the fuel level, set the fuel valve to the on position. Partially closing the fuel valve will not conserve the fuel, but instead, will only cause the engine to run improperly. Hence, make sure that your fuel valve is completely on.

Fill oil

To check the oil level, you should first make sure that your Generac generator is on level ground. This will allow the oil sensor to properly determine if there's enough oil for the generator to run. The oil sensor is attached below the oil cap. It has a letter 'H' and 'L' mark on which indicates high or low oil level.

Unscrew the oil cap and properly fill your unit if it has run low on oil.

Examine spark plug connection

Sometimes, the reason why your generator won't work is simply because of a disconnected spark plug. You should examine your spark plug and see that its wire is attached. If it's not, then reattach it and ensure it's secure.

Set the choke

For a warm recently run unit, set it to half or no choke. On the other hand, for a cold unit, set it to full choke.

Now, after all the troubleshooting steps you've done, check the generator to test if it will now start to run. But before that, make sure there are no appliances or extension cords plugged into your generator.

After you've unplugged all the appliances and extension cords, try to start your generator. If you're starting the engine with a pull card and it won't rotate, either remove the spark plug to release the pressure build-up in the engine or wait approximately 30 minutes for the pressure to dissipate naturally.

If you're using the electric start, make sure that the battery's charged and connected securely.

How do you reset a Generac generator?

To perform a hard reset procedure on your Generac generator, follow the steps below:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to switch off the controller by pressing the off button.
  • Next, for you to access the battery compartment of your generator, you must first remove its service end.
  • Disconnect both the T1 connector and negative battery terminal. The T1 connector has two pins white plug with one black and one white wire. In a battery terminal, the red one is positive while the black is negative.
  • After disconnecting, wait for about 15 seconds before reconnecting the T1 and the negative battery terminal again. Make sure that the battery terminal is tightened securely.
  • Now, install back the generator side panel.
  • You need to set the controller again like its date/time and exercise settings.
  • Set it back in Auto mode to prepare it to run again.

How do you clean a Generac generator carburetor?

Before you start cleaning your Generac generator carburetor, turn off the fuel valve and locate the fuel drain bolt on the bottom of your carburetor. The drain bolt may look slightly different depending on your unit.

Now, unfasten the drain bolt to empty your carburetor using a container and a funnel to catch the oil. Replace the drain bolt once done.

Now, to clean your generator's carburetor, do the following steps:

  1. Remove your carburetor from the unit. Start cleaning the outside of the carburetor using compressed air and carburetor cleaner (if available) to remove the dirt.
  2. Now, you need to remove the float bowl from the bottom of your carburetor. Some units have a solenoid mounted at the bottom. If it has a solenoid, remove the solenoid wire by unbolting the screws using a Torx wrench. Remove the bolt below your carburetor that's holding the float bowl.
  3.  If your unit has a solenoid, its bolt and the holes in it have to be cleaned using a small wire, carb cleaner, and compressed air.
  4. Deep clean the inside of your float bowl using a screwdriver or any similar tool if needed to scrape out any stubborn rust or sediments.
  5. Locate the float pin and slide it out to remove the float. Spray and carb cleaner into a cotton swab and use it to remove any debris or build-up inside the needle seat.
  6. For most units, the main jet is usually located inside the center post. Remove it to also release the main nozzle. Clean the main nozzle and jet using a thin strand of wire.
  7. Clean the pilot jet as well.
  8. Remove the pilot jet and clean it as well as its place using a thin strand of wire.

Check the video below for your reference:

Where do you spray carburetor cleaner on a generator?

You can spray the carburetor cleaner directly into the body of the carburetor itself. You just need to remove the carburetor out of the generator and start spraying the carburetor cleaner on the desired spots to remove all grime and gunk.

Check out this carburetor cleaner on Amazon.

How much oil does my Generac generator hold?

A Generac generator holds approximately 1.6 liters or 1.7 quarts of oil when refilling your unit using a new oil filter.

Do I need to break in a Generac generator?

Breaking in your Generac generator is a must to ensure its long lifespan and better engine performance. Aside from the lifespan and performance, breaking in your Generac generator will also help reduce its oil consumption. As instructed, the first 25 hours of operation must be the break-in period for your generator.

How do you charge a Generac generator battery?

Some larger portables such as GP15000E and GP17500E can charge their batteries during their normal operations when the load is applied. However, most units do not self-charge.

So to charge a Generac generator battery, you should properly and securely connect your battery to your unit. Next, plug in the wall charger of your generator to an outlet and plug the other end into the unit's charging point. Finally, make sure you have utility power to charge the unit.

See these steps in action, below:

You can charge your Generac generator every three months for 24 hours. You can plug the charger into the generator while running for no more than 24 hours during prolonged outages and repeated starts. Always make sure that you don't overcharge your generator.

What is the life expectancy of a Generac generator?

A Generac generator can provide approximately 3,000 hours of usage. So, with the standard usage and proper maintenance, your Generac generator would last for about 30 years.

In Summary

If your Generac generator won't start working when turned on, you may want to check its fuel level and fill in the correct fuel. Make sure that the fuel valve is fully turned on. Also, check the spark plug and make sure that it's securely attached. Lastly, set the choke to make the generator start.

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