Garbage Disposal Mounting Ring Stuck – What To Do?

Even though it's probably the smallest appliance you own, the garbage disposal plays an essential role. Food scraps are broken down into tiny pieces by garbage disposals so that they can pass through the pipes without clogging or damaging them. But what if the mounting ring in your garbage disposal gets stuck? Don’t worry, we’ve done our research so that you know what to do if you find yourself in that situation.

When you’re going to remove your garbage disposal, you need to remove the mounting ring first. But if this mounting ring is stuck, you can use a screwdriver to remove it. However, if it is rusted, you can apply a vinegar, soda, and water solution or rust remover before screwing it out. 

It's crucial to know the causes and solutions of a stuck garbage disposal mounting ring. This mounting ring is prone to getting stuck. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about when your garbage disposal mounting ring becomes stuck.

Under the sink garbage disposal unit, Garbage Disposal Mounting Ring Stuck - What To Do?

Why Is My Garbage Disposal Ring Stuck?

The garbage disposal is a useful appliance to have at home. It has been used for a while and is a typical item seen in kitchens all around the world. It can reduce food waste to tiny pieces that are then easily removed with water.

However, when used improperly, a garbage disposal can have several problems. For instance, if you are thinking about replacing it, you will need to disassemble your waste disposal. 

There is a part of the garbage disposal known as the mounting ring that frequently becomes stuck, making it very challenging to remove. 

lumber Using Wrench Under Kitchen Sink

There are a few possible causes for a garbage disposal mounting ring to become stuck. Here are some of the reasons:


There's a significant probability the garbage disposal has rusted through if you notice rust on the exterior housing, such as in the region exposed beneath the sink. 

Oftentimes, water can seep from the top of the garbage disposal. In this situation, water may get trapped around the mounting ring which will result in rust forming. The metal components, which are meant to slide over one another, may become stuck due to rust.


The mounting ring frequently becomes stuck when individuals attempt to remove it. The mounting ring's design naturally makes removal more challenging.

Every brand of garbage disposal has its own design for its part that makes it different from others, so there's a possibility that the mounting rings are designed differently.

Improper Installation

When a garbage disposal is fitted incorrectly, the mounting ring may occasionally become stuck. If you are changing the garbage disposal, ensure that all the necessary pieces are installed correctly.

What To Do If Your Garbage Disposal Mounting Ring Is Stuck?

Man installing garbage disposal in home

The mounting rings must be taken off before you can remove the garbage disposal or try to rectify a leak. They might be stuck, and if so, you might start to feel frustrated. There is a way to remove a waste disposal mounting ring if it becomes stuck, which happens frequently.

The snap ring's inability to spring out is one of the possible causes of the mounting ring getting stuck. You should employ a thin, flat screwdriver in this situation. There is a break in the snap ring where a screwdriver can be inserted. Now, screw over the snap ring until it releases.

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Similarly, you can use a screwdriver to remove the mounting ring if it is stuck due to rust. You can pry it loose with the help of the screwdriver after removing the screws holding it in place.

If there is rust, you might also try removing it first with vinegar or baking soda and water solution. Even though this is unlikely to get rid of all the rust, it ought to get rid of a substantial portion of it.

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However, there are many rust removers available on the market—such as WD-40—that can make it easy for you to eliminate the rust surrounding your mounting ring. 

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The mounting ring ought to be simpler to remove once the rust has been eliminated. Use the screwdriver to help pull it free from the device if it is still stuck.

A video tutorial for removing the mounting ring of the garbage disposal is shown on Youtube below:

How To Remove A Garbage Disposal?

Detail of the plumbing system under a modern kitchen sink, with a plumbers tool tray and equipment

The process of removing the garbage disposal is not particularly tricky. You should be able to continue removing the unit once you understand how to free a stuck mounting ring. To remove the waste disposal, take into account the following steps:

1. Turn off The Garbage Disposal's Power Source

Turn off the electricity at the electrical service panel or circuit breaker. Flip the switch on your circuit breaker that controls the electricity going to the garbage disposal. If your garbage disposal is hardwired into your home, unplug it from the outlet.

2. Loosen The Hose Clamp 

Dishwasher hose removal requires loosening the hose clamp that holds it to the barbed dishwasher nipple. Use a hose clamp driver to loosen it. 

Remove the pipe from the side of the dishwasher that is attached to the garbage disposal. This only applies to linked garbage disposals because not all garbage disposals are connected to dishwashers.

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3. Put A Bucket Underneath The Drain Pipe

There can be liquid left in the pipes after you disconnect them. Any wastewater that is still present in the pipes can be collected by setting a bucket underneath them.

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4. Remove The P-trap Fittings

To remove the fittings that are on the p-trap, use tongue-in-groove pliers, an adjustable wrench, or a pipe wrench. An effluent is transported away from the garbage disposal by way of a p-trap, a u-shaped pipe that connects to the disposal.

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5. Allow The Water To Drain Into The Bucket

Allow any water that is still inside the pipe to drain into the bucket.

6. Detach The Garbage Disposal

While some versions may have a snap ring, others may unscrew from the sink drain. Pry the snap ring free and off the flange by inserting a flat-head screwdriver beneath it.

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When removing the garbage disposal, be sure to grasp the underside with one hand. They weigh a lot! In order to protect your cabinet floor in case the disposal drops, place rags on the bottom of the cabinet.

7. Remove The Mounting Assembly

To detach the mounting assembly, loosen up the screws that held apart the upper and lower rings. Before removing the sink sleeve, flange, and fiber gasket, take out the ring that is wedged into the sink sleeve's groove.

Clean out the sink opening from any old putty, debris, or sealing gaskets. You can leave the mounting assembly in place if you're switching out your disposal with a similar one.

8. Install New Unit

You should now install the strainer if you are not adding a new unit. If a new disposal unit is available, you can install it in the same manner as you did when removing the old one (in reverse).

A video demonstration of removing garbage disposal is shown on YouTube below:

What Are The Best Garbage Disposals Out There?

Garbage Disposal under the modern sink, waste chopper concept

If you are planning to purchase garbage disposal to keep your sink clean and your plumbing free of obstructions, the top options in 2022 are: 

InSinkErator Evolution Compact

This model is best for wide sinks. This disposal can shred difficult food waste like chicken bones and melon rinds thanks to its 0.75 horsepower (HP) motor and multi-grind technology. Additionally, a LeakGuard liner for protection is included.

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InSinkErator Badger 5

Food waste is broken down by this garbage disposal's continuous-feed grinding, which is driven by a 0.5-HP motor. The tiny size of this garbage disposal allows it to fit easily under any kitchen sink. It is just over 6 inches wide and 11 inches tall.

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Moen GXS75C Host Series

This disposal can be the best option for those who need to grind tough things like cooked meats, banana peels, and small fruit pits. A 0.75-HP motor powers this appliance. It also has a 10-year warranty.

Click here to see this Moen GXS75C Host Series garbage disposal on Amazon.

Waste King L-1001 

A cheap option to avoid kitchen blockages is this garbage disposal. Small food wastes can be easily broken down with its 27.3-ounce grind chamber and 0.5 HP. The grinding chamber is constructed of a corrosion-resistant polymer for maximum performance and durability.

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Waste King L-3200

Any homeowner may easily operate this garbage disposal thanks to its powerful motor and twist-and-lock installation. It is tall and wide, which limits what sinks it may fit under. Its strong 0.75-HP motor aids in the grinding of large food particles.

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In Closing

You can use a screwdriver to assist in removing a problematic mounting ring. If you want to take the full garbage disposal out, you must take the mounting ring off first. Also, if you find that the mounting ring is rusted, apply a rust remover for it to be easier to remove.

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