FedEx Home Delivery Vs Ground: What’s The Difference?

You are probably wondering what the difference is between FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground. If so, we have researched all about FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground and have all of the answers you are seeking. 

The main difference between FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground is that one is for home deliveries while the other is for businesses. If you are delivering to a business or you own a business, you will be working with FedEx Ground. As for home deliveries, that is what FedEx Home Delivery is used for.

There is a lot that goes into making deliveries successful to both homes and businesses. Keep reading to learn more details about the difference between FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground, which is one is cheaper and why, how many days each takes to complete a delivery, and more.

FedEx Corporation is an American delivery services company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.The company is known for its overnight shipping service. - FedEx Home Delivery Vs Ground What's The Difference

What You Need To Know About FedEx Home Delivery

FedEx Home Delivery is a ground shipping service. A typical FedEx Home Delivery in the U.S. takes between one and five days. Shipments from Hawaii to Alaska and vice versa take a little bit longer at three to seven days.

FedEx Home Delivery delivers all week long. There is an option to schedule a delivery by appointment and another option to request that FedEx Home Delivery delivers in the evening. As for holidays and operating hours, you should check their website before calculating which day the delivery should take place.

Whenever you use FedEx Home Delivery, you will need to choose the shipping label made for residential addresses. You can perform an address check to find out whether the property is commercial or residential. There is a button on the FedEx website that you can utilize to find the closest location to where you are.

Which Is Cheaper, FedEx Ground Or FedEx Home Delivery?

FedEx Ground is cheaper than FedEx Home Delivery. You have to consider the delivery to homes being more expensive because that is what it comes down to. Commercial addresses bring in more money than residential addresses.

FedEx delivery trucks crossing from Nevada to Arizona on U.S. Route 93 highway. Federal Express is leader company in the delivery business.

Why Is FedEx Home Delivery More Expensive?

The answer to this question is simple. FedEx Home Delivery is more expensive than Ground because the deliveries are to residential addresses. The effort expended to deliver individual packages to one location costs a little extra. Businesses tend to buy a whole lot more at once than individuals at home do.

Is FedEx Home Delivery Better Than FedEx Ground?

In some ways, yes, FedEx Home Delivery is better. FedEx Ground only delivers five days per week. On the other hand, FedEx Home Delivery delivers packages every day. FedEx Home Delivery actually makes more residential deliveries than UPS Ground does on the weekend.

The time frame for deliveries can vary a little bit. In general, FedEx Home Delivery is supposed to ship out somewhere between one and five days. FedEx Ground delivers within three business days. How long this actually takes can change based on the day you send out the package.

How Many Days Does It Take FedEx Ground To Deliver?

Most of the time, FedEx Ground delivers within three business days. Sometimes there are delays that cause the timeframe to be stretched out by an additional day or two.

The length of time that it takes for FedEx Ground deliveries to take place varies based on several factors. Inclement weather is probably the most common cause of delays in deliveries. Other examples of reasons for a delay include but are not limited to the shipping address being incorrect or documentation missing.

FedEx truck van parked on side of road to deliver ground delivery packages to someone who lives in an apartment building.

If you find yourself having FedEx say your package has been delivered but you do not see it anywhere, there are necessary steps you need to take. The delivery person may have left your package at a nearby address that is similar to yours. You can go on their website to report a missing package.

Does FedEx Home Delivery Go By Air?

No, FedEx Home Delivery does not go by air. Packages sent through FedEx Home Delivery are shipped through ground transportation only. Trucks and trains are the most commonly used ground transportation for FedEx Home Delivery.

Is FedEx Delivery Guaranteed?

Yes, FedEx Delivery is guaranteed and backed by a money-back guarantee. They offer $100 of insurance without you having to pay any extra money. If what you are shipping is more valuable than $100, then you should purchase additional insurance.

Both FedEx Home Delivery and Ground deliver packages that are 150 pounds or less. This means deliveries of packages that are 150 pounds or less are guaranteed by FedEx.

If your package arrives damaged or with items missing, you have 60 calendar days to report it. A claim must be filed within this timeframe in order for the guarantee by FedEx to be valid. As for international packages, you have to report within 21 calendar days.

The time restraint differs depending on what the claim is. If your package is lost or was not delivered, you need to file a report within nine months of the date that it was set to ship. 

Does FedEx Home Delivery Require A Signature?

The simple answer is not always. FedEx requires a signature when the sender requests for it. For specific items, a signature is always required, such as dangerous goods, pharmaceuticals, hazardous materials, alcohol, firearms, or packaged goods that are of high value

It is possible to use your tracking number to find out if your shipment requires a signature. If you see that your shipment requires what is known as an indirect signature, then you can sign it electronically. An adult signature or direct signature refers to a delivery requiring an in-person signature.

In the case that you are not home, the delivery person will leave a door tag to indicate when the attempted delivery was. There will be important information on the door tag, such as the date of the next delivery attempt, so that you can be prepared and the tracking information in case you want to track the package online.

 FedEx package at the front door. Delivery service.

There is also an option to have a person that is near your address, such as a neighbor, sign for you when an indirect signature is required.

The person expecting a package can sign electronically for an indirect signature as well. When it comes to the shipment of dangerous goods, the package must be handed from the courier to the receiver. This is due to both security and safety precautions.

Does FedEx Take Pictures Of Delivered Packages?

FedEx Ground does offer picture proof of deliveries that are able to be delivered without requiring a signature. This feature helps ensure that deliveries by FedEx Ground run as smoothly as possible. You do not have to have an account with FedEx or enroll in any program.

The tracking number is enough information to be able to have a picture of your package sent to you upon delivery. However, you have to subscribe to notifications through the FedEx Delivery Manager on their website.

At this time, only FedEx Ground and FedEx Express offer this picture proof of delivery. This feature helps both consumers and business owners feel more secure. If you are a business owner, your customers can track their package and get picture proof of their delivery. This is a good thing for businesses.

There are a few benefits of using photo confirmation. One benefit is that you can see the precise location where the package was dropped off.

Customers do not have to enroll in a program to be able to see the photo either. Another benefit to using photo confirmation is that customers will be more likely to feel like they can confidently order from you.

Photo confirmation is a free service. One more reason to use photo confirmation is that you will potentially get less calls about missing packages to customer service. This feature also makes it so you can file a claim more quickly if you do not get photo confirmation and need to report a package missing.

FedEx Corporation is an American delivery services company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.The company is known for its overnight shipping service. - FedEx Home Delivery Vs Ground What's The Difference

A Quick Recap

Whenever you are talking about deliveries to a residential address, you need FedEx Home Delivery. FedEx Home Delivery delivers daily unlike FedEx Ground.

FedEx Ground is used for commercial addresses. Commercial addresses bring in more revenue, therefore FedEx Ground is a little less expensive than FedEx Home Delivery.

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