7 Electric Dryers Without A Vent

In most American households, you'll find a tumble dryer. However, not all homes can accommodate a full-size dryer with a vent. Lately, ventless dryers have been taking the consumer market by storm. So we've researched for you and found seven amazing ventless electric dryers that you can try if you are looking for a new one.

There aren't many brands that manufacture electric dryers without vents. The following top seven electric ventless dryers have managed to stay on top of the charts.

  1. Bosch 500 Series WTW87NH1UC
  3. Miele TXR860WP
  4. LG DLEC888W
  5. Beko HPD24412W
  6. Asko T208CW
  7. Whirlpool WHD862CHC

Most homeowners and experts are raving about these appliances online. Continue reading to find out what the appliances are all about and if they are worth the hype.

Washing machine and with clothes ready for wash, 7 Electric Dryers Without A Vent

7 Most Popular Electric Ventless Dryers

The most popular brands dealing with appliances have not been left out of this race. The following list is the battle of the titans for the best ventless dryer.

Just a disclaimer, this list does not in any way rank these brands from best to worse, these are only the top brands that produce ventless dryers. They are not listed in chronological order. 

Although features in electric ventless dryers are relatively standard, each brand has tried to outdo its counterparts by fine-tuning some of the features to attract consumers.

Bosch 500 Series WTW87NH1UC

The Bosch 500 series is a 24" compact electric ventless dryer. It uses low temperatures to avoid over-drying your clothes.

The dryer is simple to install and is stackable. If you are looking for a spacious yet energy-efficient dryer, go for the Bosch 500 series.


If you are looking for an electric dryer that will thoroughly dry your laundry, invest in the GE GFT14ESSMWW. The dryer is ventless with a stainless steel basket.

It also boasts of a reversible door. The GE dryer has a capacity of 4.1 cubic ft. The temperature sensor helps you monitor your clothes from over-drying.

Miele TXR860WP

Miele's ventless dryer has steam-finish technology that lets you forget about ironing your clothes. It uses heat pump technology that reduces energy consumption.

The ventless dryer comes in lotus white with a chrome ring. It will fit in any interior decor. The Miele TXR860WP can be conveniently tucked away when not in use.


LG is another brand name that has a compact electric ventless dryer. The LG DLEC888W is a front loader dryer, and it's relatively cheaper than the other brand names.

This dryer isn't only compact but smart too! You can set the cycle of your laundry right from your smartphone. The LG dryer has upped the game with several drying levels.

Beko HPD24412W

The Beko electric dryer is an appliance to consider for your wishlist because of its two-year warranty. It has drum lighting that lets you see how dry your laundry is.

You can easily turn any nook of your home into a laundry with the Beko HPD24412W. It is a powerful and durable dryer.

Asko T208CW

The Asko dryer is considered a classic dryer with a standard capacity of 4.1 cubic ft. You can never go wrong with the nine dry cycles in the Asko T208CW. 

The dryer's butterfly drying method stops your clothes from creasing and tangling. It's ideal for beddings and soft toys.

Whirlpool WHD862CHC

Whirlpool is a household name in appliances, and the electric dryer is no different. The 27-inch electric ventless dryer can easily replace any other full-size dryer.

The Whirlpool has a wide and deep drum for large loads. It also has advanced moisture sensing technology that is very gentle to your laundry.

We know that choosing the right ventless dryer can also be difficult, especially with the brands that made our list are just exemplary with their products. That is why we recommend that you contact a licensed distributor or dealer to get the best deals for you. You also have the choice to directly order from the manufacturer. 

How Does A Ventless Dryer Work

2 washing machines with ventless dryers

As the name implies, ventless dryers do not have vents to remove the hot air. They work by recycling air that has been sucked in to dry the clothes.

Generally, the air is cooled and recycled until the clothes are dry. There are two types of ventless electric dryers on the market. We have differentiated the two below. 

Heat Pump Dryer

This type of ventless dryer doesn't require a heating element. The heat produced within the dryer is used to dry the clothes. Freon gas is what heats the cool air in the dryer.

When the hot air goes through the clothes, it is cooled in an evaporator. The evaporation process creates heat that is sent back to the heat pump and reused.

Condensing Dryer

A condensing dryer uses a reverse process of the heat pump dryer minus the Freon gas. Cool air is sucked in and then circulated through the heat exchanger.

The heated air runs through the drum drying the clothes. Humid air is cooled and moisture transferred to a collector. Once again, the cool air is heated, and the cycle repeats.

The following video demonstrates how a ventless dryer works.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Ventless Dryers

Any appliance has some pluses and minuses. Moreover, what might seem like a major setback for one homeowner might be a minor one for another. These advantages and disadvantages are based on several opinions and reviews from several consumers.


Any homeowner who cherishes space and comfort will find these ventless dryers the best compact dryers. These compact dryers fit perfectly in minimalist decor.

If you don't have time for installation, purchase a ventless dryer. You won't have to drill or deal with any ductwork! 

Experts have proven that ventless dryers cut energy consumption by 40% to 50%. The secret is the circulation of warm air. 

Surprisingly, vented dryers dry the clothes more gently because they use low temperatures. Your clothes won't experience drying with wear and tear. These appliances are relatively quiet despite working longer than traditional dryers.


Vented dryers need you to be patient. They take longer to dry your clothes. However, you could program the dryer to do the drying while tending to other chores.

If you use a heat pump ventless dryer in a small apartment, you will have to endure some noise. The working pump is noisy, and this might cause issues with your neighbors.

Vented dryers tend to be pricy. Of course, a good appliance is an investment, but these dryers are on the higher end.

Alternatively, you could purchase a second-hand vented dryer. Ensure that it is in good working order. Buy a second appliance from a local repair shop or a used-appliance store.

Ventless vs Vented Dryers

Ventless washing machine with dryer

Homeowners are always on the lookout for worthwhile investments for their homes. Whether you own a vented or a ventless dryer, you aren't missing out. Homeowners should pay attention to their requirements for the particular appliance, so we've compared both systems below.

Vented Dryers

They are ideal for large homes where ventilation is available. If you have a large family and laundry is in volumes, a vented dryer should be your choice.

Cleaning the dryer vent

Vented dryers dry clothes faster, and some have a wrinkle-free effect. If you are on a budget, choosing a vented dryer is the way to go as they are cheaper and more economical compared to ventless ones. 

Ventless Dryers 

For homeowners juggling space and comfort, ventless dryers are the answer. These compact dryers can be installed practically anywhere, even under the kitchen counter.

filter cleaning of a ventless washing machine

If you have minimal time for chores, such as cleaning the lint, do yourself a favor and purchase a ventless dryer.

Alternative Dryers

The choice is not only between a vented or ventless dryer. Consumers are presented with another option, portable dryers. Portable dryers are relatively smaller than the average dryer but just as efficient.

They can be vented through a window. Or, you could opt to use the heat to warm your house in the winter. They are ideal for rentals, hostels, and minimalist apartments.

Consumers can still have the luxury of having dry and wrinkle-free clothes with portable dryers. 

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How Long Have Ventless Electric Dryers Been In The Market

Even though dryers are popular in the United States, the first hand-cracked dryer was invented in France in 1800. Later on, an American inventor from North Dakota developed designs for an electrical clothes dryer in the early years of the 20th century. 

Over time, the need for more efficient dryers became overwhelming. It eventually led to the creation of the ventless dryer.

The electric ventless has been in the market for a while. From the 60s to the 90s ventless dryers have improved a lot. However, the most energy-efficient and compact electric ventless dryers appeared in 2014.

Final Words

Washing machine and with clothes ready for wash

Homeowners searching for electric ventless dryers will find the top seven picks in this post. These dryers have modern designs and fit in most home decors.

The drawbacks of electric ventless dryers aren't many, and most consumers love them because they reduce electricity bills. Despite that these dryers haven't been around for long, they have impressed consumers.

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