Does Craftsman Take DeWalt Batteries?

Say you're using one of your Craftsman battery-operated power tools, it ran out of juice, and your only backup battery with charge is a DeWalt battery. Can you use this battery? Or what if the reverse happened? You have come to the right place. We have done the research and have the answers you are looking for.

No, Craftsman products cannot take DeWalt batteries. It will not work the other way around either. The battery packs and chargers are manufactured to be different sizes from each other and are therefore not interchangeable.

Keep reading to learn more about DeWalt batteries versus Craftsman batteries, why they are not interchangeable, and about 20-volt batteries as well. Let's dive in!

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What to Know About Batteries Used for Power Tools

The batteries used in most power tools are 20-volt lithium-ion batteries. This does not necessarily mean they are interchangeable with other products or power tools requiring 20-volt lithium-ion batteries. You can use the 20V batteries for drills, weed eaters, circular saws, and more.

Craftsman, DeWalt, Porter-Cable, and Black & Decker are all owned by Stanley Black & Decker. The way the battery and charger fit together differs from brand to brand even though the same company owns all of the brands we just listed.

The difference in sizes of the batteries and chargers is what you have to consider. This is why you can not use a Craftsman battery in the place of a DeWalt battery and vice versa.

20-volt DeWalt batteries are all interchangeable within the DeWalt product line. These are a more recent development known as Flexvolt batteries.

Are all Craftsman 20V batteries the same?

Yes, all Craftsman 20-volt batteries are the same. These chargers and batteries are in the line of Black + Decker products. Craftsman, DeWalt, and Porter-Cable are all owned by Stanley Black & Decker. This does not mean that their batteries or chargers are interchangeable, though.

All 20-volt batteries have a nominal voltage rating of 3.6volts. This goes for 18-volt batteries as well.

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How long do Craftsman 20V batteries last?

This answer can be answered in various ways. Regarding how long they stay charged, the answer is for about forty-five minutes when used without stopping. In general, the longevity of Craftsman 20-volt batteries is said to be about three to six years. It takes approximately one hour to charge a Craftsman 20-volt battery.

Since 20-volt batteries do not last as long as sometimes we want or need them, you may want more than one battery on hand. If not, you might have to take a break from yard work or your project until the one battery you have is charged.

Your best bet is to order a two-pack so that you can exchange the battery that has been charged with the one that is depleted. Use one while the other charges to increase efficiency.

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You should always remove your battery from the charger after it is finished charging. If you overcharge a battery, it can become damaged and which will cut back its lifespan.

There are always safety precautions to take when it comes to power tools. It is also important to realize that not all chargers shut off automatically. Therefore, you should check your manufacturer's guide or original packaging to find out about yours. Doing so will prevent potential damage to your battery.

What cells are in DeWalt 20V batteries?

DeWalt batteries are high-capacity batteries that are made of 3.6V cells. They are lithium-ion batteries.

Most power tools use several cells at once. These lithium-ion batteries are wired to both charge and discharge all of the cells at the same time. This lengthens the device's run time because it gives it more power than one cell on its own would.

How long does it take a 20V battery to charge?

It only takes sixty minutes or less to fully charge a compact 20-volt battery. The V20* Lithium Ion Charger works will all Craftsman V20* batteries for their power tools. This one-hour charge time cuts back on the time you have to wait between using your power tool and, by doing so, increases its efficiency.

This one-hour charging time is rapid compared to some other brands and is one advantage of choosing Craftsman.

What is better, DeWalt or Craftsman?

There are pros and cons to both DeWalt and Craftsman power tools, but many people base their decision on personal preference. If you grew up with your dad using DeWalt tools, you are more likely to follow the same pattern and purchase DeWalt tools and vice versa with Craftsman.

Truthfully, the overall accordance is that DeWalt tools are superior to Craftsman tools. There are several reasons for this. Professionals lean more toward DeWalt tools while amateurs are more likely to choose Craftsman products.

We will compare details about DeWalt and Craftsman in a few ways to help you make this decision for yourself.

In general, people view Craftsman as the lesser of the two. This is in terms of quality. Craftsman tools do not last as long as DeWalt tools.

Craftsman tools are still durable, though. Just because they do not last as long as DeWalt tools does not mean Craftsman products are the wrong choice.

On the other hand, Craftsman tools are less expensive than DeWalt tools. The takeaway here is that DeWalt tools last longer, but Craftsman tools are not as expensive. Your choice might depend on how much money you have to spend on whatever tool you need at the time.

DeWalt's Most Recently Developed Technology

One more advantage of DeWalt, in addition to their quality and longevity, is that they offer something called Flexvolt Advantage Technology.

Flexvolt Advantage Technology results in more power than standard 20-volt batteries. This technology is available for angle grinders, circular saws, hammer drills, and reciprocating saws and is only available through DeWalt.

DeWalt seems to have more advantages than Craftsman overall. Whether or not you start with Craftsman tools when you start building your tool collection, you can always upgrade to DeWalt tools later.

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What Does DeWalt Cover in Their Warranties

DeWalt provides something referred to as a "no break guarantee." The only problem is that whether or not this is offered varies from state to state.

This company offers a three-year limited warranty. This coincides with an agreement for free repairs during the first year after the purchase. As long as the damage is done from normal usage, they will replace or repair your tool.

The warranty varies from product to product, but DeWalt tools usually last much longer than the warranty. This is quite possibly the main reason why the vast majority of people prefer DeWalt tools over Craftsman.

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In Closing

Possibly the most essential thing to learn from this post is that DeWalt and Craftsman batteries are not interchangeable. They are not the same size as each other. This is why the chargers and batteries are solely used for the individual type they were made for.

The size of the battery and charger vary from brand to brand. DeWalt batteries are usually viewed as better even though they are a little more expensive. If you are willing and able to spend the extra money, DeWalt products last longer than Craftsman products.

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