Do Bug Bombs Kill Ants?

Having ants in your home can feel like a nuisance, and even worse, one or a few ants can quickly turn into an infestation. If you find yourself struggling with an ant problem in your home, you may be wondering if bug bombs kill ants. We have researched the most popular brands in pest control to answer this question for you.

Many mainstream pest control companies offer at least one bug bomb that targets ants. Here is a list of the brands that we have found: 

  • Hot Shot
  • Raid
  • Black Flag
  • Spectracide
  • Real-Kill

While these brands have products that kill ants, not every product kills every type of ant. We've created this guide to help you find the bug bomb that best suits your needs.

A small colony of black ants gathering on the table, Do Bug Bombs Kill Ants?

Brands That Kill Ants

Hot Shot

Hot Shot offers two types of bug bombs. These bombs can be used to kill a number of different types of insects and include a list of which insects the bombs are effective for on the package. Hot Shot also offers sprays and baits specifically for ants and roaches.

Fogger With Odor Neutralizer

Hot Shot's odor neutralizer bomb kills ants but specifies that this does not include fire ants. This product does not leave a residue and reaches into tight spaces to kill insects where they like to hide.

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No-Mess Fogger

The no-mess fogger only kills carpenter ants. Again, this fogger does not leave any residue and kills insects on contact and for weeks after use.

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Raid offers four indoor foggers, all of which are effective against ants. Raid's products suggest using a spray as well to kill insects on contact and a perimeter protection product to deter them from returning to your home after you've treated it.

Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger

The concentrated deep reach fogger lists ants as one of the insects that it can kill and does not exclude any types. The mist reaches into hard-to-reach areas and does not leave a residue.

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Raid Max Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger

This fogger has all of the same benefits as the regular concentrated deep reach fogger but is designed for heavy infestations. One fogger also covers a larger area of up to 7,000 cubic feet.

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Flea Killer Plus Fogger

While this fogger is made specifically for fleas, it is also effective for killing ants. It is made with a water-based formula and works for up to four months after treatment.

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Raid Max No Mess Dry Fogger

Because this fogger uses a dry fog to kill insects, it is particularly recommended for kitchens, pet areas, and living spaces as it will not leave any kind of residue after the treatment is completed.

There is also a delayed fogging feature that allows you extra time to prepare before leaving your home after it is set off. Ants are listed as one type of insect that can be killed with this product and again, there are no exceptions for different types of ants.

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Black Flag

Black Flag's bug bomb can be used on ants, with some exclusions. Fire, carpenter, harvester, and Pharoah ants are listed as those on which the bug bomb is ineffective. Each can in the pack of six covers up to 2,000 cubic feet of space and leaves no residue.

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Spectracide's Bug Stop Indoor Fogger is advertised to kill ants except for fire ants. This fogger kills on contact and penetrates into small spaces. It should not stain any surfaces or linens if used correctly.

Outdoor Products

Since Spectracide is a company that primarily makes products for outside the home, they offer a number of products to help with pest control outdoors in addition to the fogger they have available for indoors, including a product for fire ants.


The Real-Kill indoor fogger kills ants with the exception of imported fire ants, Pharaoh ants, and harvester ants. While this product is the only one in this list not made by a company that specializes in pest management, it is a best seller at some retailers. This fogger is made with a water-based formula and has no lingering odors.

What Insects Do Bug Bombs Kill?

Bug bombs are a popular method of killing insects such as cockroaches, fleas, and bedbugs. They also are sometimes used to eliminate spiders. However, experts such as the EPA and pest control companies such as Terro agree that this isn't always the best method.

Can You Bug Bomb A Car For Ants?

A bug bomb is one method that you can use to treat your car for ants. However, the effectiveness of this method depends on where the ants are infesting your car. Bait stations are a safer alternative for ants in your dashboard, for example, while a bug bomb is an effective way to get ants infesting your engine.

Things To Consider

Because your car is a small space, you want to make sure that you choose a safe bug bomb for use in cars. You don't want the chemicals in the bomb to ruin anything in your vehicle or create a dangerous reaction to any vehicle fluids. Since many bug bomb manufacturers do not recommend their products for use in cars, consult a professional pest control or car care company.

How Do You Clean Up After A Bug Bomb?

If you use a fogger that does not have lingering residue, you will not have to do a lot of cleanup after using the bug bomb. If you want to clean up anyway, start by ventilating the area that was bombed. Let the fresh air dissipate any lingering odors.

Then, uncover anything that you've covered before using the bug bomb. Wash any sheets or towels you've used as covers and throw away any disposable covers.

Wipe Down Surfaces

A simple solution of gentle soap and water will be enough to clean your surfaces after a bug bomb. Create your solution and wipe down any exposed surfaces with a damp cloth or sponge. Wash any exposed dishes with your regular dish soap.

Cleaning Your Floors

Use a vacuum or broom to dispose of any dead insects that have landed on your floors. Use a gentle floor cleaning solution and a mop or cloth to wipe down floors and remove any residue.

Caring For Your Furniture

The easiest way to keep residue off of your furniture is to cover it before using the bomb. If you haven't done this or want to take extra precautions, you can use a fabric cleaner to remove any residue from the furniture.

Do I Have To Unplug My Fridge To Bug Bomb?

Yes. You should unplug your fridge and any other appliances in your home before using a bug bomb. The chemicals used in bug bombs are highly flammable and can cause a fire if there is electricity running.

Will A Bug Bomb Kill My Plants?

Bug bombs should not be harmful to your plants. They contain pesticides to kill insects, not plants, much like the pesticides that are sprayed on garden plants or crops. To be on the safe side, though, you can use a bug bomb that is listed as plant safe or bring your plants outside while you are bombing your home.

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There are many foggers on the market that are created to kill ants, so there are plenty of options to choose from to assist with managing them in your home. However, if you struggle with certain types of ants, such as Pharoah ants, fire ants, or harvester ants, you will have fewer options to choose from. Many of the products indicate that they do not work on these ants.

Foggers or bug bombs are not typically considered the best option for managing any infestations you might be experiencing in your home. More effective options can include setting traps, crack and crevice treatment, and taking preventative measures. If you are uncertain about how to proceed with your insect problem, do not hesitate to seek professional help or advice.

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