Can You Put Laminate Flooring Over Carpet?

Are you considering installing laminate flooring, but you're not sure if you can lay it over the existing carpet? Well, you've come to the right place. We've done the research to provide you with a guide on properly installing laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring can be laid over low pile carpet that doesn't vary in height.

You're probably wondering how to determine whether your carpet is low enough to use laminate over the top or what the benefits of doing this are. Keep reading to learn all about installing laminate over the carpet.

A tile setter placing a laminated flooring on the living room floor, Can You Put Laminate Flooring Over Carpet?

What Type Of Carpet Can You Lay Laminate On Top Of?

You can lay laminate over fragile carpets that aren't very plush. Thicker medium and high pile carpets will not offer the appropriate support required to act as a surface for laminate. Using laminate floors on medium or high pile carpets will result in gaps and may become a tripping hazard.

Why Lay Laminate Over Carpet?

Laying laminate over low pile carpet is a great option for renters who want to change the look of their home without making permanent changes. Installing the laminate over the carpet is also a way to cut down on work or labor charges for those working within a budget.

If you have a dingy old carpet in your home covered in stains and can't afford to replace the carpet immediately, covering up the old floor may be the best way to temporarily resolve the issue at a fraction of the cost. Laminate is also easy to install, even for most homeowners, removing the concern of installation cost.

Lamton Laminate Floor Planks

This rich wood-tone plank is perfect for a traditional wood floor look. These planks can be purchased in different package sizes depending on the surface space you're covering. It also has a 25-year residential warranty for peace of mind.

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Worker using a hammer and tapping tightly the laminate flooring

How Do You Install Laminate Flooring Over Carpet?

Installing laminate over carpet is a relatively easy job that most homeowners can accomplish with the proper tools. Use this step-by-step guide to help you get the job done right:

  1. Begin by emptying the room and removing all furniture and decor.
  2. Break out the vacuum cleaner and give the carpet a good deep cleaning. If you have the extra time, consider renting a carpet cleaner to get it extra clean before laying your laminate. Just make sure you give the carpet plenty of time to dry.
  3. Remove baseboards around the walls so you can achieve a nice snug fit.
  4. Lay the laminate in place following the instructions on the packaging.

Here's a video to help you through the process too:

What Are The Advantages Of Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring has many enticing advantages that would compel homeowners to cover or remove their carpet. Here's a list of the most notable benefits of laminate flooring:

  1. Affordability is one of the major driving factors contributing to the popularity of laminate. It's a low-cost product that is easy and cheap to install.
  2. Laminate flooring is typically very durable due to its manufactured nature.
  3. Variety is another factor that gives laminate an advantage. You can purchase laminate made to look like real wood, tile, and even marble.

A tile setter placing a wooden laminate on the flooring

What Are The Disadvantages Of Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring does have some disadvantages to consider before installation. Here's a list of the most common downfalls associated with laminate flooring:

  1. It can be slippery, especially when wet or if you're wearing socks. This can be problematic for the elderly.
  2. Laminate flooring contains plastics and other chemicals that are bad for the environment.
  3. It can be noisy, causing creaking when walked on.

Lucida Surfaces Flooring Tiles

These tiles come in a box of ten pieces, covering 24.5 square feet. They are available in over ten different colors and textures, so you're sure to find the perfect look for your project.

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Are All Laminate Floors Waterproof?

No, not all laminate flooring are waterproof. If you want to lay laminate in a room that sees a lot of moisture, make sure you purchase a waterproof laminate. Even waterproof laminate is not meant to be submerged in water or frequently exposed to wet conditions and will be negatively affected by prolonged exposure to water.

Selkirk Waterproof Vinyl Planks

These planks boast that they're 100% waterproof against daily wear, and they're available in four different styles. They include a 15-year warranty, and each box covers approximately 28 square feet.

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Which Is Healthier: Carpet Or Laminate?

Laminate is considered to be a healthier choice for homes than carpet. The smooth surface allows for quick and easy cleaning with a broom and mop. Some laminates are even coated with antimicrobial materials to help prevent bacteria from clinging to the surface.

Carpet traps dirt, dust, pollen, and anything else it comes in contact with deep inside its fibers. The only way to clean it thoroughly is by renting or hiring a carpet or steam cleaner.

M S International Vinyl Floor Planks

These planks are available in six different colors and can be purchased in multiple package sizes. They're waterproof and durable, with a lifetime warranty for residential applications.

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What Other Materials Can Be Laid Over Carpet?

Various flooring materials can be used over an existing carpet. Here's a list of options to consider:

  1. Sheet Vinyl
  2. Carpet Tiles
  3. Interlocking Floor Tiles

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl flooring is an excellent option for use over existing carpet. It's easy to install, looks nice, and is water-resistant. You can use a floating installation to cover the carpet without making permanent changes, and you don't have to worry about the floor being perfectly level because it's a more flexible material than laminate.

VVivid Adhesive Sheet Vinyl

This sheet vinyl roll comes in a single large 6-foot by 48-inch piece, and it's available in a variety of colors and styles. It boasts an air-release adhesive that allows you to easily lift or reposition the vinyl infinitely and without hassle.

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Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are exactly what they sound like: tiles made from carpet squares. These are a great way to change the look of your existing carpet without sacrificing the comfort of a soft carpet beneath your feet. Interlocking tiles are the way to go if you don't want a hassle when it comes time to remove these tiles.

IncStores Foam Backed Carpet Tiles

These carpet tiles have a foam back to grip the floor's surface and prevent them from slipping with use. They're available in a variety of colors and package sizes to fit your needs.

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Interlocking Floor Tiles

These floor tiles are incredibly easy to install and can be used over any floor surface. They're typically made from soft foam and used for exercise and play areas. They provide a non-porous, easy-to-clean surface with a cushy, slip-resistant surface, which is great for the elderly.

Yes4All Wood Grain Floor Mats

These floor mats are designed for exercise areas, but they work great as a quick and inexpensive alternative to cover your carpet. They have a charming wood look, and you can join together as many as you need to fill your space. They can also easily be cut to size with a utility knife.

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Should You Install Flooring Over Carpet?

You're never going to end up with perfect results when you use another flooring on top of an existing carpet, but it's a great way to change a space quickly and within a budget. When installing new flooring, it's always best to start by removing the old flooring and installing the new material directly to the subfloor. This will produce the best results and provide an ideal installation surface.

Carpet Conundrum

A rustic inspired living room with brown carpeted flooring, seamless white painted walls with matching white trims on the windows and a huge fireplace

Now that you know how to lay laminate over the carpet and the benefits and downfalls of doing so, you're ready to move forward on your next project. Make sure to use care when handling utility knives and heavy tools during installation. Good luck, and have fun renovating!

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