Baby Wipes Instead Of Toilet Paper For Adults? Can It Be A Replacement Or Are There Other Alternatives?

Toilet paper is usually the tool of choice when cleaning yourself after using the bathroom. However, it can be irritating to use for people with sensitive skin. For this reason, they resort to using baby wipes instead. Can they be a replacement for toilet paper? Let's find out!

You can replace toilet paper with baby wipes, but avoid flushing them down the toilet. Otherwise, it will cause significant plumbing issues. Of course, there are alternatives to baby wipes too.

Here are some you can consider:

  1. Bidet
  2. Tissues/Napkins
  3. Repurposed Watering Can
  4. Portable Bidet

There are a few factors to consider when switching away from toilet paper. First, how will you get rid of this new alternative to toilet paper? Secondly, how much more will you spend on it?

These are some concerns we'll cover in depth. To learn more, keep reading. 

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Should You Choose Baby Wipes Over Toilet Paper? 

Let's start by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of replacing toilet paper with baby wipes. What sacrifices are you making by making the switch?

Disadvantages of Using Baby Wipes

Man throwing a wet wipe to the toilet

For one, you're sacrificing the ability to flush the paper down the toilet. It's not controversial to say that most people wouldn't want an item with feces in a trash bin. Baby wipes will add another trash bag you would need to throw out on a daily/weekly basis. 

However, what about flushable baby wipes? Although they market themselves as the safer alternative to standard baby wipes, they're still unsafe for your home's plumbing system. 

Plumbers advise avoiding flushing flushable wipes down the toilet because they can cause fatbergs. In other words, it can cause a massive blockage. Baby wipes can't dissolve fast enough to prevent clogs. 

For this reason, you're better off throwing them in a garbage can. It might sound disgusting, but it beats a future visit from a plumber. 

Advantages of Using Baby Wipes

One of the primary reasons people switch away from toilet paper is how harsh it can be to their skin. In contrast, baby wipes will leave you clean without irritation. 

Additionally, it's more hygienic. It will leave you cleaner than toilet paper; some baby wipes even eliminate odors! You'll also need fewer wipes to clean your behind entirely. 

Nevertheless, it is more expensive to use than toilet paper. If you don't mind taking out more garbage bags, you can make the switch without a problem. 

Alternatives To Toilet Paper and Baby Wipes

Baby wipes have some advantages, but the disadvantages seem risky. You might know the risks of flushing baby wipes down the toilet, but what about those who don't?

Since you can't monitor what someone does with their garbage, it might help to know the alternatives to baby wipes. This way, you can switch to something more appropriate for your situation. 

Let's start by looking at an extension you can add to your toilet.

1. Bidet

Bidet toilet spraying water for cleaning after poop or peeing

If you hate how toilet paper feels against your skin, consider getting a bidet. You can install a bidet on any toilet. 

Sure, they might be more expensive initially, but it's a worthwhile investment. It works by rinsing your underside with water to remove fecal matter. Therefore, the water is doing the bulk work of the cleaning. 

Of course, your butt will be wet afterward. So, you will need to finish by wiping it a couple of times with toilet paper. That's all it takes. 

It limits the amount of time the paper has to touch your skin. In addition, it leaves your behind much cleaner than baby wipes or toilet paper could.

As far as waste goes, you won't have to use as much toilet paper as before. There are many benefits you gain from installing a bidet. However, some of them depend on the features it brings. 

If you want to keep it simple, you don't have to break the bank to install a bidet. It can cost as low as $40 but goes as high as $1,500.

2. Tissues/Napkins

Blue tissue box on a blue

A similar product to toilet paper is facial tissues/napkins. However, they're not as rough on the skin. After all, you typically use them on sensitive areas on your face, like the nose. 

In terms of thickness, they are similar to toilet paper. However, that doesn't mean you can flush them down the toilet. Unfortunately, they're another item you should avoid flushing. 

Facial tissues usually contain a chemical binder that prevents them from breaking down quickly. So—just like baby wipes—you will need to throw them out in a garbage can. 

Nevertheless, it's an option you should consider if toilet paper irritates your skin.

3. Repurposed Watering Can

Bidets can get pricey, but there are alternatives to them! Water is the reason a bidet is effective. So, if you don't want to install a bidet, you can repurpose a watering can. 

The tricky part about using a watering can as a bidet is aiming it correctly. If you want a dedicated container for toilet purposes, look for a jug called a lota. 

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It will take some practice to use. However, the benefits are nearly the same as using a bidet. You won't have to spend a lot of time wiping!

4. Portable Bidet

There are also portable bidets you can use instead of a standard bidet. They're handheld devices that you will need to refill when it's time to use the bathroom again. It will add more steps to your bathroom routine, but it's cheaper. 

Of course, you will need time to learn how to use one. Nevertheless, it's worth it. You can leave your rear clean and without irritation. 

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Is It Better To Wipe With Baby Wipes or Toilet Paper?

Using baby wipes instead of toilet paper is a hotly debated topic. Some people like the comfort wipes offer, while others are more concerned with the harm they can do. 

Are baby wipes better for wiping purposes than toilet paper? The answer depends on what you prioritize. If it's comfort and cleanliness, baby wipes win. 

If you're more environmentally conscious, baby wipes are a nightmare. They're one of the major causes of clogging everywhere. Many people debate manufacturer claims of flushable baby wipes. 

Of course, you could avoid this issue by throwing it out in the bin instead of flushing it. However, this is only a partial solution to a larger problem. Some baby wipes aren't biodegradable

Thus, they end up in landfills and waterways. So, if you're making a switch, these are some factors you'll have to consider. 

How Do People Dry After Using a Bidet?

The odd part about using a bidet is dealing with the wetness. If you're using light toilet paper to dry yourself, the water will dissolve the paper quickly. 

So, you end up with toilet paper bits on your behind. It's an irritating part that some people might not want to suffer. It raises the question, how do people dry after using a bidet? 

You have two options: purchase a bidet with a dryer or use stronger paper. The former is the more expensive option; the latter is more cost-effective. 

If your toilet paper can't handle the water, use facial tissues. You shouldn't need more than one or two to dry your behind. Some people use dedicated washcloths to dry themselves. 

However, that's not the most sanitary option. Nevertheless, if you want to use a washcloth, you should disinfect it every few days. Additionally, avoid sharing them with other people. 

Do You Wipe Before or After Using a Bidet?

Bidet shower or toilet paper

If you're new to using a bidet, it's confusing figuring out what comes first—wiping or spraying. In that regard, it's generally a matter of preference. 

Some people find using the bidet first dirtier. So, they'd wipe first to remove a good portion of feces. Then, they'll spray water to take care of the rest. 

Others like letting the water do the whole cleaning. This way, they'll only need to use toilet paper for drying. Experiment with the bidet to find what works for you.

In Closing

You don't have to stick with toilet paper. There are several alternatives to consider. Which one will you choose? In any case, we hope you found this informative. Good luck finding a replacement for toilet paper. 

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